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Thanks for looking at my profile and please drop me a DM to set up a game or just chat

About me

I am British, 6 foot 2, muscular
I have changed my profile to switch. I am still more sub, but this site is bringing out my switchy side!!

I enjoy making actions, especially fetish/BDSM ones. If you have any ideas for more actions drop me a DM and I will try and add them.

I lost a bet to Ellika and now I need to do a bot bondage dare.

I will be tied (wrists cuffed together and legs tied wide) and gagged. With e-stim (tri-phase, channel A to cock head, B to balls, with common to anal trode) starting low power, and every cum test the power increases (I have Erostek ET312b and will use intense setting).

I have to win 3 times against the bot. BUT, for each loss, the wins needed goes back up by 1!!

Wins - 19
Losses - 15
Wins Needed for Freedom - 0 = I AM FREE AT LAST!!!!

Ellika decided to up the ante. Now I need to also mark my wins and losses on my body when I next play. Also, should I still have wins needed by end of next play session, I need to cuff my hands behind my back for 5 minutes multiplied by number of wins still needed! I did get my own back when she lost the game she was playing, check out her profile to see details on what she has to do.

My Likes

I love hard kinks. BDSM, tight bondage, forced orgasms, ruined orgasms, ballbusting, CBT, POT, and my favourite of all is E-stim (electro stimulation)
I like edging, being taken to the edge again and again, only to be denied at the last second or have the head of my cock teased until I beg for mercy!
At the end though it is up to Mistress if I can cum, should be ruined, punished, or made to suffer long post orgasm torture

My Dislikes
Cum eating, permanent damage, scat, piss

What is E-stim?

You can learn more HERE

This gif shows a lucky sub being forced to cum from just e-stim!

Image Title

Can you take control of the E-stim?

Yes, you can, and it is actually very simple.

Feel free to DM me for more information, but if you want to actually control my e-stim, I can send you a link (either for Hardstim or xtoys), and you can then take control of my e-stim directly through your web browser!

HardStim is a simple app that allows you to take control of my estim. I will send you a link that opens a web page and you can control everything from there. It is pretty simple point and click interface so very easy to use.

If you want to know more here is the manual -

Notable Games - Only public games shown

Jen Welcomed me as the first test subject in her lab where she used a series of scientific experiments on me to find my edging limits. Then out came the electrics before she was finally kind enough to grant me an orgasm

Frikka After a hard fought and close match, where she had to thank me for every cum test, she defeated me. She ruined my orgasm twice, and left me tied spread eagled on the floor. Walking away and turning the lights off and leaving her pet in the dark until she chooses to return and continue with me ...


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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Wand vibrator, Vibrator, Nipple clamps, Cockring, E-Stim, Shackles, Rope, Rubber band, Shoelace, Ball Crusher, Crop, Paddle, Wax


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You put them on to the wooden pony in tight bondage.  All their weight crushes down on to their pussy and clit.  You smile as they beg for mercy. Wooden Pony Torture You look him in the eyes and start to move your mouth towards his cock.  Just when he thinks you are going to give him a blowjob you bite down, hard! Cock Biting You get out your ball crusher and start to tighten it, let's see how slave copes with estim and crushed balls. Estim and ball crusher You order him to get out the electrodes and wire up his cock and balls, it's time to have some electrifying fun. Wire up the electrics It is time to show him who is in charge. You order him to attach the electrodes to his cock and balls and a final one up his ass.  You then tell him to turn on the power and turn it up until he can just start to feel it. Get wired up for estim You tie them down for some tit punishment.  You softly slap first one tit, then the other, each slap a little harder then the last, getting fast and faster. Tit slapping punishment You tell him to get down on all fours, legs spread wide, leaving his cock and balls exposed.  Time to make him hurt, you wait a second to build the tension, then kick him in the balls, HARD! Ballbusting from behind You present him with your foot and instruct him to lick, suck and nibble upon your toes. Male Foot Slave You want to scare him, so you taunt them with a stun gun - where would be a good place to use it on them? Taunt him with stun gun You tie her down with her legs spread wide, then hand a vibrator so it just touches her clit, but every time she tries to get more stimulation the vibrator swings away from her so she is endlessly frustrated. Bondage and vibrator tease.

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