Cammy (Lina´s darling) (Level 8) mail warning

I don´t believe in the moon, I think it´s just the back of the sun...

Hey there,

I am a 5´7´´/170 cm tall, blond and quite fit, 28 year old woman - wanting to act out my kinks - looking for a good time and some spirited sexfights.

My sporty self is convinced that you can´t keep up with me physically, so get ready to be dominated and then succumb to my sensual guidance. Maybe you will be able to subdue me in a sexual way, then I´ll be unable to utilize my prowess and will surrender myself to you.

Absolutely open for rules, bets and any other suggestions to spice things up.

I proudly present to you the POUNDING POTATOES 🙌

Darky triggered the idea to honor every potatohead I stumble upon here. If you wanna get added to (or get erased from -.-) the list of those who are mighty of the most erotic language in the world - hust hust - just hit me up.
Without further ado here are the PoPo´s: Lina, Frikka, Lucy, Lisa, Celine, Moki

Stay tuned for more to come...

Hey Paige I truly like you and want to hug you tenderly <3

Dear Ava your goofy attitude genuinely made me laugh ^^ Thank you kindly.

Gash Kate my mind is yours. I can´t think straight when you are around ツ

Damn ReLaXinKa got me good. I was extremely subby in our game ´\/(^^)\/`

Lina is my sweety and I am her darling. I absolutely dominated her in our first encounter, so I thought it would be a good idea to take on a bet for my profile-picture in our second game. I continued my onslaught and had her on the brink of another ignominious defeat, before she managed to pull off the most amazing comeback and bested me. In our third match, that was supposed to decide who is the better sexfighter, lover and sweetheart for good, I manged to flip the script of the previous battle and earned a last second comeback victory.
But this was only the beginning of the most stunning series of games I had here so far. In every interaction with Lina I feel this special groove, mojo or whatever you call it. At some point Lina took the Guardian of the Hill from me with a dominant one two combination of the same bondage move. In my opinion Lina has the best profile-picture, period. I´m looking forward to many more breathtaking moments with her, you are amazing sweety ;^)
Lina is currently in the lead (Lina 8 : 7 Cammy). Reaching 10 wins first will unlock a secret reward.

Wow Seductress, I´m still in awe of her playstyle. It was like trying to reach an apple on a mile high tree. Even when she lifted me up so to speak - by teaching me tips, tricks and giving me hints - I was never even close. She was extremely helpful, contemplative and kind. I learned a lot about role play and it was a throughout terrific experience -^_^-

I caught Day with both hands in the cookie jar, as she went for my sweet honeycomb. I taught her a lesson or two, showing her my iron will. After that she gathered a supporting staff around her (imagine a Rocky practice montage) and promised to get me next time. Can´t wait for that day honey 🐝

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