Cammy (Lina Lovegoods Lover) (Level 11) mail warning

Be carefull ^^ Lina is on the hunt...

Hey Hi,

That´s me ---> 28 years old, 170 cm tall, blond and quite fit.

Don´t mind me lurking around a bit, always looking for a fun time and oh yes some spirited sexfights.

My sporty self is convinced that you can´t keep up with me physically, so get ready to be dominated and then succumb to my sensual guidance. Maybe you will be able to subdue me in a sexual way, then I´ll be unable to utilize my prowess and will surrender myself to you.

Absolutely open for rules, bets and any other suggestions to spice things up.

Latest News

-> Cammy´s Kinky Library is now open. Come take a look 📚

-> If you dare... ask for bondage wrestling 🪢

-> That´s it, never will I ever try to get one of those darn titles. They are cursed for me 🙅🏼

-> Luna has the cutest roar 🙀

-> Dunia is back. She has the sexiest legs of them all :D

-> Note to myself: Don´t forget about Disha and Kendra <3

-> A tied up Leonie is a good Leonie ⛓️

Bets and Rules

-> I have a nice little tattoo of a white Lilly on my left inner thigh. It reminds me about the great time I had with Taylor.

The Best

Lina is my sweety and I am her darling. I absolutely dominated my little cutiepie in our first encounter, so I thought it would be a good idea to take on a bet for my profile-picture in our second game. I continued my onslaught and Lina was on the brink of another ignominious defeat, before she managed to pull off the most amazing comeback and bested me. Showing me my subby side and underlining it with a suitable picture, which I had to use for some time. In our third match, that was supposed to decide who is the better sexfighter, lover and sweetheart for good, I manged to flip the script of the previous battle and earned a last second comeback victory.
But this was only the beginning of the most stunning series of games I had here so far. In every interaction with Lina I feel this special groove, mojo or whatever you call it. At some point Lina took the Guardian of the Hill from me with a dominant one two combination of some sweet bondage moves. In my opinion Lina has the best profile-picture, period. I´m looking forward to many more breathtaking moments with you, sweety you are amazing.
Lina is the best, winning the race to 10 wins with a decisive victory in the critical game. You might seem to be clumsy at times, but I love that and in the crucial moments you always get the best of me. You are the one who makes me embrace my subby side to such an extend, I never thought to be possible. Rightfully you owned my profile-picture for some time, sweety I´m yours ... always ;^)

The score so far. Cuddle-Bunny Lina 15 : 14 Cammy

Awesome People

I truly like you Paige and want to hug you tenderly. I could roll around with you forever <3

My mind is yours Kate. I can´t think straight when you are around ツ

Dear Ava your goofy attitude genuinely made me laugh. Thank you kindly ^^

Wow Seductress, I´m still in awe of your playstyle. It was like trying to reach an apple on a mile high tree. Even when you lifted me up so to speak - by teaching me tips, tricks and giving me hints - I was never even close. You were extremely helpful, contemplative and kind. I learned a lot about role play and it was a throughout terrific experience -^_^-

I caught Day with both hands in the cookie jar, as she went for my sweet honeycomb. After one of my most dominant performances, she promised to get me next time. Can´t wait for that day honey 🐝

Holy Moly Jenna snatched my win streak of 11 games in LWR with a terrific performance. Telling me she won´t go down easy right at the beginning and darn, Jenna could not be stopped. Due to special rules I tied her up 4 times, but every time she escaped in the blink of an eye. Even when I was lucky and ended up with 1 hp left - no doubt in my mind that I got her now - Jenna managed to win somehow. This was a fantastic experience. Jenna I owe you (^.^)

Well Trix got me so subby that I completely forgot what I wanted to do to her. I feel an instant urge rising when I think of how she teased and pleased me. I can´t resist her at all 🦊

When Shy-girl surprises me in my matchmaking it always lifts my spirits. She turns supposedly dull times into an erotic adventure. Last time she pinned me and it was so sexy that I lost track of time and space 👉 👈

Red, Jericho, Isabelle and Tanya teamed up to give me the best subby experience I had here so far. Never thought something like this would even be possible 🚩🚩🚩

Chantal your RP is amazing. And don´t even get me started on what you did to me... twice 👀

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