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Electrosex addict

Hetero / Sub


Game maintainer for Interactive mode. If you need support or have any questions drop me a DM

So, you see me in matchmaking, what am I looking for?

Well, you could read everything below, but who can be bothered with that :)

So to make life easy, here is the summary

-Happy to play most game modes
-Like fast paced games
-I am sub (although I used to be a switch)
-Edging is OK, but I prefer to mix things up rather than just endless edging
-I like it harder so ballbusting, CBT etc is great
-Electrosex? Yes please, you can take control and drive my electrics
-I enjoy some banter and interaction, I like to have fun and will do my best to make sure you have fun too
-Want to know something else, just drop me a DM

My Likes

Let's start with what really turns me on. Hard kinks? Now we're talking! BDSM, tight bondage, forced orgasms, ruined orgasms, ballbusting, CBT, POT, CNC - you name it, I'm all for it. And my absolute favourite? E-stim. That's right, electro stimulation. The sensation of electricity pulsating through my most sensitive bits sends shivers down my spine.

For more ideas on what I am in to, check out my gif Vault (now rebuilt after bdsmlr stopped linking everything!)

And roleplay? I'm all about it. I love fast-paced games and I'm always up for a fair fight. Even though I'm a sub, I'm more than happy to give you a run for your money if that's what you're into.

My Dislikes
Now, let's move onto what I don't like. Cum eating? Not my thing. Permanent damage? No thank you. Feminization? Nope. Ass play? Meh, not my cup of tea.

My Toys
My toy collection is always growing (you can’t have too many toys right?). I've got an ET312b power box and various electrodes for my cock, balls, and ass. Plus, I've got all sorts of ropes, shackles, and restraints for some tight bondage action. Don't forget about my penis pump, ball crusher, leather slapper, and wiffle bat - perfect for some intense ball busting. And let's not forget about poppers, they always add a little something extra to the mix.

What is E-stim?

You can learn more HERE

This gif shows a lucky sub being forced to cum from just e-stim!

Image Title

And this nice clip shows a good fun session (I wish I spoke German! No idea what she is saying)

Can you take control of the E-stim?

Yes, you can, and it is actually very simple.

Feel free to DM me for more information, but if you want to actually control my e-stim, I can send you a link, and you can then take control of my e-stim directly through your web browser!

Notable Games

Vivi M. After a few edges and an impossibly long hold Mistress ruined my first orgasm, but she was not finished with me just yet. With my cock and balls wired up and a steel probe in my ass I had no chance as in her skilled hands the estim milked my cock and pummelled my ass until the second and incredibly a third orgasm were forced out of me. I was a very lucky sub that she picked me from MM and I hope she picks me again soon.

Cammy is the most amazing role player. Detailed, funny, challenging and super sexy. She made me spill my secrets by edging me over and over using estim before forcing me to cum by slowly turning up the power again and again until I exploded. Cannot wait to play again! Game Log

Orgasmic Torture We had an amazing session where she took control of my estim. She pushed my limits, had me beg for mercy more than once, then forced me to a earth shaking orgasm by slowly turning the electricity up and up until I could no longer hold back. An amazing experience and I can't wait to do it again. Game Log

Jen Welcomed me as the first test subject in her lab where she used a series of scientific experiments on me to find my edging limits. Then out came the electrics before she was finally kind enough to grant me an orgasm

Frikka After a hard fought and close match, where she had to thank me for every cum test, she defeated me. She ruined my orgasm twice, and left me tied spread eagled on the floor. Walking away and turning the lights off and leaving her pet in the dark until she chooses to return and continue with me ...

My Full Kinklist
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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Wand vibrator, Vibrator, Nipple clamps, Fleshlight, Cockring, E-Stim, Shackles, Rope, Rubber band, Shoelace, Ball Crusher, Crop, Paddle, Wax


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You thank her and await her next instructions. Thank your Mistress You want to scare them, so you taunt them with a stun gun - where would be a good place to use it on them? Taunt them with stun gun You take some initiative to try and please your mistress. Lick mistress' boots Let's clamp your partner’s nipples. Clamp your nipples You order your partner to start making use of their mouth. Suck your dildo Your tell your partner to start teasing their thighs... soft touches and with fingertips only! Tease Thighs Let’s make them even more helpless! You instruct them to tie up their feet before you continue! Tie up your feet He exhausted himself and needs a drink. Take a drink Make them feel pain in their nipples until it changes to pleasure. Pinch and twist your nipples You tie her down with her legs spread wide, then set up your devious machine. The whip cracks down on her pussy and she screams, striking again and again and again while you watch. Bondage: Pussy Whipping Machine

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