Ceres (Transgender) (Level 11) mail warning

Chat, RPs, Fights, Bets... All are welcum~❤️! This Femboy's DMs are opened~ Soft spot for Dommes ❤️

Warning: Writer is non-binary/femboy! I can play as girl, femboy, or futa/trans depending on my partners' wishes!

Why hello there! Make yourself at home~ No matter what your business may be, do know that all are welcome within my dwelling abode! As for who I am? I go by the name of Ceres! You may also know me as the happy owner of The Gloryhole, a new establishment in town. If you wish to discuss any inquiries regarding my delicious estate please do let me know, I will be sure to entertain your requests and inquiries happily! And if you come to talk and spend time with me, then even better~<3...

Table of Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Game & Information
  3. In Game Rules
  4. BDSM Test
  5. Meaningful Encounters
  6. Kinks & Limits
  7. Parting Words


Having arrived about a year ago, I've slowly became more and more accustomed with the delicious place that is EroFights City. Throughout my time in this land I have met countless different persons of all origins and personalities, some of them having left long lasting marks upon me ~ Some have given themselves over to me willingly and some have tried to make me surrender myself to them, but one thing is certain, I never go down without a fight! I've had to fight hard with tooth and nails, putting my everything to build onto my success...~

Do know that while I have certain tendencies to enjoy the presence of strong and powerful dominant guys and gals, I do remain a switch above all! Do try to tame me if you dare but never forget that a wrong step might mean your demise and the start of a new life as my subordinate and pet~ I have to confess that I might have sent some of the spoils of my battles to the Gloryhole... And what about it? You've got to do what you got to do in order to have a prospering business around these lands! Mmph~...

Ladies and Goddesses hold a very strong image in me and will always receive the finest of worship when they stand upon my properties~ Something about treat how you would want to be treated you know? I just know when to pick a fight and when to bend the knee to show devotion in front of superior beings~ The true key to success is being able to differentiate a worthy opponent from a fight that is lost in advance!

Careful though~ Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer! If you underestimate me you will quickly find yourself begging for mercy underneath my boots~ Do know that while I might be a femboy, I have a shaft I'm unafraid to use in order to teach respect to unruly pets~! If you would to ever leave a mark and be a memorable opponent, may it be in victory or defeat, you will earn yourself a note on my profile to denote your exploits~

Fuck~ Come and use me <3

The Game & Information:

  1. Hentai Games remain my all time favorite by far! I've even started submitting actions recently, make sure to check them out!~

  2. I also do enjoy playing in Classic and Wrestling Games~ Please do inquire for a match regardless!

  3. Coupling play with roleplay/dirty talk is a must! I am not really into silent matches and prefer to have a partner who enjoys teasing just as much as I do!

  4. Literacy is not a must but please try to limit spelling mistakes! There is no bigger turn-offs than "push my cock in ur hole" or starting off a conversation with "hello" and nothing else. Please try to approach me with a proper opener <3

  5. DMs are opened and messages are encouraged! I don't bite!

  6. I'm pansexual (Femboy IRL!) and love receiving company! I have a soft spot for girly figures but I do enjoy myself some strong men as well! Everyone is welcome~ <3

  7. I absolutely LOVE to take bets! From altering profiles, to profile pictures, or even simple in game rules, I will gladly take ANY of your bets~ <3

In Game Rules:

Rules are to be agreed upon before the start of each matches, all rules are not active by defaults.

  1. General Bondage/Hypno Rule - When under the effect of a bondage or hypnosis action, players must roll a dice ("/dice") in order to decide its outcome and repercussions. In the case of a 5-6 roll, they resist and/or break free, resuming their turn as normal. On a 1-4 roll, the victim is forced to skip their turn or let their opponent choose their action. Continue rolling on each subsequent turn to break free (Can set a maximum of 3-4 turns).

  2. Cum Addiction - Whenever Cum lands onto my face or my opponent tries to swap cum with me, I must skip my turn and take my time to lick and/or swallow it all up as I crave the taste of a fresh load.

  3. Burning Desire to be Humiliated by Femboys:

    • - When hypnotized by a femboy, I must roll 6 to get free (Instead of 5-6).
    • - The first time I'm penetrated, or forced to suck a femboy's cock, I must roll a die. If I roll 1, I grow addicted to the taste and/or feeling and become hypnotized.
    • - If a femboy teases me with their ass, I become hypnotized
    • - If the option to kiss or lick a femboy's ass arise, I must take it no matter what
  4. Outstanding Overconfidence - Whenever I successfully tie up, hypnotize, or make someone cum, I mustn't attack and have to take one turn to laugh at them (Can only regen my energy or skip my turn)

  5. Exhibitionist - At the start of each game, I must try and strip myself naked as fast as possible.

  6. Weak to Anal Creampies - If an opponent cums in my ass, I will cum on every cum tests I get.

  7. Chastity - I begin every match in chastity. Once my undies are off, I have to begin rolling to take off my chastity, until then I cannot use my cock for anything. Once I roll 5 or 6 I can take it off but I must apologize to my opponent for having such a small cock.

  8. Forced Oral Play - Every time I am forced to suck a cock or lick a pussy you have to roll a dice. 1-4 rolls mean that I can play normally but a 5-6 roll means I have to skip my turn. (0/6 Matches).


The sky's the limit! Give me new rules as part of bets or send me messages with rules you enjoy adding up to your own roleplays! If I like it enough I might just adopt it permanently~

BDSM Test:

My Butt is Waiting

100% Brat
100% Rope bunny
100% Pet
93% Submissive
87% Degradee
80% Switch
64% Dominant
63% Slave
60% Brat tamer
49% Exhibitionist

Meaningful Encounters:

Dominant and Neutral Marks

  1. The cute little Juan was recently made into my submissive catboy pet ~ Beating him in a fight, I effortlessly made the overconfident little toy serve me and obey my every needs, keeping him as an instrumental piece of the Gloryhole, sometimes serving him to customers when he misbehaves or feel needy~... Putting him in his proper place, I've made sure to leave him a nice little collar and tailplug in order to remind him of his true allegiance towards me~

  2. I've recently met the beautiful Leia and quickly found in her a most delightful Mistress~ No fights were needed in order for me to know that I wanted her by my side and experience countless pleasures giving myself away as her weak little boy~ While we may not talk often, I look forward to each of her words and properly spend time to pamper her every needs

Losses and Submissive Marks

  1. Serene came barging in to Ceres' office and showed her the true meaning of submission. Before long, Ceres was made into a total bitch for her new boss and now serves her as a loyal secretary and maid. Serena has complete dominance over the poor femboy and acts as the boss of both her own person and establishments.

  2. Ceres has found a new purpose in life, her face buried between the legs of a glorious goddess, captured in a state of endless pleasure as she worships at the altar of the Lady of Light, serving as her new throne of pleasure... and when she is good receiving the goddesses warm and blissful regard.

  3. Mia managed to make use of my confidence and bend me over, making use of my weakness for femboys as they used up my tight little hole, pushing against my prostate and weak spots only to make me leak and cum from my small cock. I couldn't help but cum twice in a row as they buttfucked me hard. Once the match was over, they caged my tiny clit to teach me a lesson after I had came prematurely from their fucking.

  4. Facing the sissified genderbent Adam Hex, I thought I had my work cutout for me, starting off strong and tying them up, putting them into a state of arousal that one could hardly equal. Once more, I must have been overconfident as they quickly ended up turning the tides, giving me a taste of my own medicine and using me up. Thankfully, I managed to fight back, the match being closer than any other I had fought before until the very end. Sadly the humiliation from having my ass filled up and being made to cum all over myself proved too strong as they broke my spirit and made me into another one of their conquests.

  5. After a long long wait, I've finally got to play against Alyx. At first the battle started pretty well in my favor and I managed to teach the cutie her place underneath me but quickly, she found an opening and tied me up before brainwashing me to the point of making me go silly. Before long, I was completely entranced by her words and under her control, cumming twice in a row and losing so pathetically, becoming her personal little fuck toy.~


Kinks & Limits:


• Ageplay
• Scat
• Watersports
• Blood/Gore/Death


• Femdom
• Bondage
• Strap-ons and girl cocks
• Humiliation & Degradation
• Uniforms & Dress-up
• Spanks
• Petplay
• Feet Play
• Cumplay

Parting Words:

Well? What are you waiting for?

Come and serve me~

Whatcha looking at? ~

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The nearby atmosphere grows steamier by the second as your opponent and yourself keep on your respective lustful assaults at each other. Feeling yourself losing control of the situation, you decide to take a short break to put yourself back together. Trying to find a distraction, you pull out your toy collection and show off the extent of it to your opponent. Rest up and show off your toys You rapidly bind her with a few ropes and attach a leashed collar to her neck! Before she can complain, you give her a walk of shame in public, giving her the humiliation of a lifetime! Tie her up and leash her around in public! You bind her tightly in a latex catsuit, gag her noisy mouth, and restrain her eyesight, before fingering that dripping needy slit of hers. Bind her in latex and finger her You swiftly pin him down and restrain him, preventing his movements and struggles. Once you are well settled, you move your crotch right onto his pretty face, pressing it directly onto his nose. He won't be so noisy now! Sit on his face and pin him down