Leia (Transgender) (Level 10) mail warning

Always Looking to RP, Come See Me in DMs ~

Note: This is a character with a few of my traits added in, this is not the real me. Though it's not required I'd appreciate if you read the majority of my profile to know what you're getting into. If you see me playing with bots, feel free to message me, I much prefer the company of a real person ~

NOTE: I will not bother answering you if you have no PFP or if your PFP is just some muscular guy, I personally find people with no PFP's off-putting and I find muscles disgusting rather than attractive. I do prefer guys and any fellow trans but girls are always welcome too. Just ask if you'd prefer to play with me with a dick or a pussy ~

TL;DR: Scottish Trans Girl who's big into Roleplay, particularly enjoys playing the Mommy or Older Sister or caring Girlfriend types but is open to nearly any RP idea you may have. For a cheatsheet of my kinks: I loooove to clean cocks with my mouth and have a biiiiiiiiiiig thing for sweat and musk, I like feet, prefer anal over getting my pussy used, deepthroating, romance and affection, step-family RP, vore, and giving any kind of outercourse, among many other things, and I'm a switch who can easily take any role. I'm also trying to pick up domming in JOI again, still learning so don't expect me to be amazing at it but I'd be open to practice ~

Well, uh... Hm... This is kinda embarrassing, I don't even know how to start... Oh wait, I got it! Hello, person reading this! I'm Leia!

I suppose I should describe myself a little, huh? Well, I've found myself as being most comfortable being a soft and cuddly power bottom type. I don't usually like being rough, I feel bad about it unless I end up getting REALLY into it which isn't common..

Short Introduction

I'm a 6' 3" tall Trans MtF (So technically cross-gendering, just in case it's not your thing ~) from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 with small breasts, a decently plump ass with the thighs to match, though in-character I suppose I'm the same thing. As stated in the last bit I prefer to be more affectionate and less rough so do not come to me expecting to be tortured or anything, the worst I'd do is maybe tickle you before showering you in kisses. Don't be fooled by the pfp, I just chose it cus I find it hot, I'm very much a power bottom, but I don't mind taking a different role if I have to. I'm super big on mommy play and would just love to take care of you ~

Note that if you wish to play against me as a futa or trans, or if you'd prefer I have a pussy instead of a cock, either way just ask! I'm more than happy to accomodate ~

Officially one of Queen Valentine's foot slaves ~

One of Romantic's Yellow Roses, specifically a maid ~

Jack Straw's Personal Mommy Sex Slave ~

Former Proud Fucktoy Working At Cherry(s) & Sex Brothel

My Other Characters <3

= S.L.U.T Prototype - Wanna fuck a robot? Well here's a robot to fuck ~

Ceres, My Special Little Pumpkin ~<3

After messaging him after being convinced by The Merchant and seeing his profile forr myself, quite literally overnight we had gone from complete strangers to, well, I still don't quite know what to call it.. He turned completely subby on me without any pushback whatsoever, and I can't be mad, he's just too adorable. And now I have a cute little subby who I can smother in kisses anytime I want, I've never felt so lucky ~<3

Bets and Restrictions

ERP Stuff

Here is my Kinklist, to get a feel for my turn-ons, limits and what not

Note: This is an updated kinklist to match my current opinions on some kinks and fetishes ~ I've since changed my mind a bit and would consider Beastiality a favourite, as long as it stays in the realm of fantasy of course. I also love cum inflation and feet but those weren't on the list so, y'know.. My personal favourite kink would have to be gentle femdom/mommy play tho. The idea of domming someone but being nice and caring with them rather than harsh or controlling, just kinda taking care of them as we passionately indulge ourselves, is my absolute favourite ~

I'm open for all kinds of games, whether they be short and trash-talky or long and descriptive, though I do prefer longer RP games personally, typically in either Casual or Hentai game modes but I'm open to trying other modes too. Also I'm happy to play either female or futa/trans, just go ahead and ask if you have a preference ~

I'm open to try different RP scenarios, I'm really big on RPing as a Step-Mom myself, looking after their step-kid or their newfound hubby in the most caring way there is ~

IMPORTANT: No play regarding one or more participants being underage, at all. I will not tolerate that shit in the slightest, and I will not hesitate in the slightest to report you if I suspect you of being a minor or trying to play a child character

Cheatsheet if you were too lazy to look at my kinklist, I don't blame you lol, stars next to them mean they're particular favourites:

- Anal*
- Anthro (I'm more of a scalie but I like furries too <3)
- Audience Participation
- Blowjobs (Giving)*
- Breeding
- Creampies*
- Cuddling, I just like cuddles :)*
- Face Sitting
- Feet*
- Free Use*
- Futanari
- Generic cheesy porno plots*
- Gentle Femdom (As the Dom ;) ~)*
- Handjobs (Giving)*
- Mommy Play (As Dom)*
- Rimjobs (Giving)*
- Romance/Affection*
- Sleep Play (Victim)*
- Step-Family RP*
- Sweat Play*
- Vore*
- Watersports

Big Turn-Offs:
- Ageplay or Loli/Shota, I will not hesitate to report you if you try and ask for a game involving this
- Blood or Bleeding
- Scat

Here are the results of my BDSM Test:
100% Switch
92% Experimentalist
83% Submissive
71% Dominant
69% Slave
69% Brat
68% Voyeur
67% Pet
67% Vanilla
63% Owner
62% Primal (Prey)
62% Degradee
60% Rope bunny
57% Master/Mistress
51% Brat tamer
49% Rigger
48% Primal (Hunter)
38% Degrader
36% Non-monogamist
33% Masochist
26% Exhibitionist
17% Sadist
10% Daddy/Mommy
0% Boy/Girl
0% Ageplayer

Casual Stuff

If you just wanna chat about stuff with me, then here's the stuff you'll wanna know! If you'd rather chat over Discord just ask for my tag

I'm Trans MtF, a scalie (I like furries too tho), and a massive film buff who also loves music and Tabletop games like Warhammer 40k, DnD, Call of Cthulu, Pathfinder, Age of Sigmar, Cyberpunk: Red, ETC, and I'm the world's biggest and only Um Jammer Lammy fan. I hate political discussion, I can't wrap my head around politics and usually talking politics only leads to people getting angry, frankly no thank you. If you ever see me fighting bots, feel free to come talk with me and we could even have a game! I love meeting new people on here and playing with them! But please, get a profile pic, it's not a huge deal but it's just a little off-putting...

If you would perhaps like to have a game of Warhammer over Tabletop Simulator with me, feel free to shoot me a message and we can set up a game ~

I'll take care of you <3

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