Lojack, Jeanne's pussy slave (Transgender) (Level 10) mail warning

<3 read my profile please~ not playing mostly empty characters!

Warnings: I WILL NOT play against completely empty characters (if your profile doesn't include what you're into, what you like, even a little bit about yourself, or if you're just too lazy to put that in regardless, do not bother with me, I will leave. Apparently I have to make this CRYSTAL clear that I don't mean "no text". Writing "I am X from X and I have X" is EMPTY. Having only bets on your profile is EMPTY. If you come to me with the dictionary definition of empty you will be blocked.), or against people who do not have an acceptable grasp on the English language. I'm not a native speaker myself, so I do understand the struggle, but there is nothing more off-putting than standing waiting in matchmaking for 2 hours, only to find someone who speaks in 'me start trusting in wit cock' broken levels of English. If you fit any of these descriptions, I have no faith that you will be able to put any amount of effort into role playing, or playing out a match to completion.

I DO NOT TAKE KINDLY TO HARASSMENT. and I will report if it starts pissing me off.

I also do not take kindly to sudden messages that try to pull me into a match or try to get me to be your domme. If we've never met, and you're asking me into a match, without introducing yourself, without justifying why you're doing it, I will most likely ignore and block you. Sending me a message saying 'Hi' and then only replying again 3 hours later is also a good way to get blocked.

About Me

Now that you passed the unpleasant area of my profile, welcome to the pleasant one! Hiya~! I'm someone who enjoys RP on various levels, and am comfortable with a lot of things. I do prefer using first and second person pronouns during matches, if role playing. An example would be: * I kiss you gently on the lips. * but of course, I am able to adapt, if you're not comfortable with first and second person, and if previously discussed, I can also role play as someone else, as long as we agree. One thing I will have to say though, I prefer RP when it's more than just talking along with the actions. I understand wanting quicker games, but if you can't put in more than a single phrase into an action, we're probably not going to be a good match. If I want a quick match, I will say it before the game. I always make sure to go over what will be going on and what won't be going on before the match begins, so if you want a quick match, say it beforehand. ^-^

I also always keep a tab open with EF for the purposes of messages, so if you need to talk to me in private in a public match, that option is always open. Or even if you need to talk to me while I'm in a match, I will respond whenever I can.

I am a big fan of taking bets for the purposes of playing the game, I do not accept bets relating to IRL, I also do not accept requests regarding anything IRL, only thing I would even slightly budge on is edging and orgasms, if I know you really, really well.

I'm also a switch, more domme leaning, but subby if horny enough, though I am not looking for any mistresses or any masters, daddies or mommies. I enjoy spending my time being the more dominant half, but I'm okay being a temporary sub if you turn me on enough~!

Kinks and Rules

*Kinks I like:* Domination play, struggling, bondage, hypno, some chastity play, audience participation, some impregnation play and breeding. Basically a lot of things, I do have a few things I really don't like, those are what you have to look out for, everything else is debatable.

*Kinks I don't like:* Most if not all the messy stuff (scat, vomit, etc. Smells might be the only exception and even that is a sometimes thing.), cock and ball torture, anything related to severe pain (with some exceptions, like piercings at the end of matches on occasion!). I don't like inflicting it, and I don't like taking it. A slap is one thing, asking for a kick in the nuts, or god forbid a "kicks you in the trans bits" is me leaving the match instantly at the very least!

I do like hypno play a lot, using /dice to break out of it, but that is the sort of thing one can elaborate more during the match. As far as hypno rules go for me, /dice on a roll of 5 or 6 I break out of the hypno. Doing two hypno moves stack making it so I have to break out only on a roll of 6. Due to how frequent the actions are, I'm starting to set a 3 turn limit, but that is up for discussion. My preferred method for hypno is checking the dice result. On a 1 and 2 opponent picks my action but not the result. (So cum tests you can't say 'cum' and expect me to fail on the test, even if I control it. Though if we've played before this opens up for discussion, just like a lot of other things ^-^), on a 3 and a 4 (or 3, 4 and 5 with two hypno actions stacked) I skip my turn. Bondage rules for me follow the same rules, except two bondage actions for me don't stack, so it's still out on a 5 or 6, and the result is me skipping my turn until I break free!

Rules and Bets in effect (And hall of fame):

Jeanne drained me completely with her pussy and ass, making me addicted to her. I am now Jeanne's pussy slave until I can beat her or until I can win 7 games. 2/7 (0/1)

Linlin Mira is a wonderful partner and an incredibly sexy opponent, I have "Linlin's Lover" painted on top of my left breast in her honor.
Also for losing to her loving embrace, I have the urge to hug and be close to someone, and have to pick actions that allow for that the first two times in a match. 2/5

Oriana beat me fair and square in the wrestling ring, making me cum with her wonderful pussy and milking me for all I'm worth. Until I take 6 trophies from my victories in the ring, I am hers, and must call her my 'Mistress' and serve her however she wants. 6/6

I had an intense and close match with Alis but in the end, her wonderful, delicious booty defeated me. Until I am cleared from Oriana's bet and claim one additional set of panties, if anyone smothers me with their booty I must worship them with my tongue and lips, and thank them for the privilege! 1/1

Special Mentions

Some people in this website are great, and lovely, and deserve my support and attention! ^-^

Alyx is a wonderful cutie and I love her a lot~! I love making her feel super subby, and spending time talking to her. She's a wonderful, cute, amazing person with a nice peachy butt and I cannot recommend her enough!

Roe is another wonderful cutie, and one of the people that kept me interested and making me come back over and over again (As well as cumming over and over again ^-^) and I love every second I spend with her.

Skyler is an amazing little sub to tease, and super cute to boot! My only regret is I can never tease her enough~!

Oriana had to be included on this list. Because if you've ever been with me in a public match watching another, chances are you've seen me and Oriana claw at each other's clothes and play with each other during the match! I love this slutty, squirty, fierce competitor, both in classic, and the wrestling ring, and any chance I get to taste her, I will take it!

Linlin Mira is the one person that made me reconsider editing my previous rule of not taking challenges from fresh characters, to empty ones. Love spending time with this lovely girl, and if you ever see a public match between me and her, you can bet we want you there to participate~!

Alis is so snuggly~! ^-^ I love it, every time I can, I make sure to snuggle up with her! Even in the middle of a match against her, I just can't resist~! She makes me feel wonderful every time.

Armaris is worth every second of your time, you should check this cutie out whenever! Wonderful RPer, great company, and wonderful to tease~!

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