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Personal Toy For Hire Always Up For RP, Come Say Hi <3 ~

Bi / Switch

Quick Intro: I'm a Scottish trans girl, 6' 3" in height and chubby in figure, A Switch leaning Bottom, I don't play games or matches but I love RP through DMs, I typically only play against bots for publicity. Don't be afraid to say hello, even if you just want a casual chat ~

Kinklist Cheatsheet (RECENTLY UPDATED AS OF 06/06/2023):
My Kinklist ~
NOTE: Ageplay is Red as I despise ageplay regarding child characters and general pedophilia. However I do like ageplay in terms of people on the older side, silver foxes and all, no problem there

Hello! I'm Leia, I'm 20 (Ooc anyway, Leia the character here is in her early 20's to late 30's depending on the RP), Scottish, Trans MtF, 6'3" and chubby in figure. I'm a switch with a bit of a preference for being a bottom or power bottom, and I favour roleplay and creativity above all else ~

I can do a variety of RP scenarios and work with different personality types fairly well, and I've got a wide amount of interests with very few limits, so I'm sure we could find something we'll both enjoy that we could play out! In particular I'm big on romance and wholesome stuff in terms of in-character stuff, either that or the complete opposite end of the spectrum and just being used as a fleshlight and nothing more... But I do prefer the wholesome stuff ~

Kink-wise I love using my mouth, any kind of oral play I could give is a plus with rimming being my particular favourite, scentplay and musk particularly involving sweat of unwashed bodies really get me going, I also love giving pretty much any form of outercourse or letting people freely use any part of me from my feet, to my thighs or belly, to my armpits or even just my face or hair. And of course, my tight, puffy lil' butthole is always hungry for some hot cum, or if the RP has me with a pussy, breeding is also a big one for me. Oh and generally just being filled and covered in cum really gets me going too. If you're going harder on me, I like a bit of namecalling, being called a fat bitch and whatnot, as long as you don't get too mean ~

Forcing me to rim you or persuading me to do so is a big turn-on ~<3

In the more fetishy or taboo areas, Vore is my particular favourite, although if you are interested just know I prefer to be pred, and I only really like soft, non-fatal vore, in particular oral and anal vore are my favourites. Free Use or Consensual Non-Con is another favourite, I love being used or made to work on someone without being asked, and I'm open to Incest and/or Step-Family play if that's wanted, in particular either playing (step) daughter or (step) mum ~

As for hard limits, blood and violence is a no-go, with the exception of some light pain like spanking or choking. I also dislike scat, vomit, chastity play, toys (not a hard limit, they can be fun but I just prefer the real thing ~), and necrophilia are the big ones, if you have any particular kinks or fetishes you'd want to try with me but don't know if I'd dislike, just ask ~

But most importantly of all... I LOVE creativity. If I have an idea mid-RP, I'll certainly try it on you, and you are open to do the same to me. For example, why just take my panties off and toss them aside when I could wrap them around your cock or shove them up my ass as a makeshift tail to better look like your personal pet? Or In a public-play RP, why just have me blow you and give me a facial when it'd be much more exciting, at least I'd think so, to cum in my mouth and make me go into a shop to get something while I have to keep it all there? Or how about a footjob wrapped under my sock that gets taken off and re-used as a condom or a gag? Long-story-short, I love weird kinky ideas in the heat of the moment, don't even ask me to try them out, just go for it ~

Oh, and just let me know if you'd prefer I have a girlcock or a pussy beforehand, I'm fine either way ~

So, if you like what you see, or read in this case, gimme a message! Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon <3 ~


Wanna just chat casually? If so, here's what you'll probably wanna know:

I'm big into Tabletop play with TTRPGs (Pathfinder, Call of Cthulu, City of Mist, ETC) or Wargames (Warhammer, Marvel: Crisis Protocol), I'm also big into films and cinema, and I wouldn't call myself a music buff by any means but I do have a large and strange Spotify playlist and I'm always up to hear about what other people are listening to. Also, video games, duh. I've recently also gotten back into reading ~

Here's a cheatsheet of all my casual interests ~
- Favourite Video Games: Portal 2, Spiritfarer, Guacamelee, Rayman Legends, Psychonauts, Sekiro, Dark Souls III
- Favourite Music Artists: Gorillaz, Mcbaise, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Radiohead, David Bowie, Jack Stauber, Crumb, Pomplamoose
- Favourite Literature: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Warhammer, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Trainspotting
- Favourite Films: I'm Thinking of Ending Things, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Oldboy (2003), Mary and Max, Coraline

If there's one thing to avoid it's politics. I have no political knowledge or know-how whatsoever, most of it flies over my head, and usually when politics is talked about it tends to be in an argumentative or angry manner that I just generally hate, so none of that thank you ~


= Will you please dom me/Take control of me/Play in IRL or JOI? Sorry but no, I much prefer RP, so unless I am in the mood to get some practice in with JOI, as I do want to try and work on my JOI commands, then I'm not bothering. I have very few people I'll practice with and I'm very rarely in the mood to practice anyhow, but who knows, you might get lucky if I like you enough ~

= Cock size? 7" in-character playing Trans Female, 5" IRL ~

Achievements and Accolades <3

Officially one of Queen Valentine's foot slaves ~

One of Romantic's Yellow Roses, specifically a maid ~

My Other Characters <3

Ceres, My Special Little Pumpkin ~<3

After messaging him after being convinced by The Merchant and seeing his profile for myself, quite literally overnight we had gone from complete strangers to, well, I still don't quite know what to call it.. He turned completely subby on me without any pushback whatsoever, and I can't be mad, he's just too adorable. And now I have a cute little subby who I can smother in kisses anytime I want, I've never felt so lucky ~<3

RP Ideas:
Here's a small list of RP Ideas I've had that I really wanna try, feel free to nick them for yourself ~

Far more to be added soon, probably ~<3

Bets and Restrictions

Here are the results of my BDSM Test:
100% Switch
92% Experimentalist
83% Submissive
71% Dominant
69% Slave
69% Brat
68% Voyeur
67% Pet
67% Vanilla
63% Owner
62% Primal (Prey)
62% Degradee
60% Rope bunny
57% Master/Mistress
51% Brat tamer
49% Rigger
48% Primal (Hunter)
38% Degrader
36% Non-monogamist
33% Masochist
26% Exhibitionist
17% Sadist
10% Daddy/Mommy
0% Boy/Girl
0% Ageplayer

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This whole situation has gotten you so hard, you don't have the patience to wait until she's taken all her clothes off! You start fucking her tight hole through her pants, and you can tell she's loving it too! ~ Fuck Her Through Her Clothes! You've bested her sexually, and you've decided that her slutty mouth would make for just the perfect thing to lick up your backdoor. And the best part is that she doesn't seem to mind, all things considered... Rimming Slave You jam your cock into his cute, tight ass and start pounding. You're not at all surprised to find that he loves this just as much as you do ~ Fuck His Ass Your begging worked a little too well on her, and now you can feel her throbbing inside you as she pumps you full of her spunk. Cum in his ass You dominated her fair and square, but all that work you put in has left you stressed, exhausted and a little achy... What better way to celebrate your victory than to turn her into your personal healslut? Now she's going to do all the work in looking after you for the rest of her days! Go enjoy your "recovery time", you earned it champ ~<3 Hypnotise Her to Be Your Healslut Relax While He Fucks You Having milked his cock, you figure he'd make a splendid addition to your collection. Now he's yet another cock amongst countless others who only exist to wash you in their hot, tasty cum ~ Use Him For Your Cum Bath