Romantic (Level 17) mail warning

Romantic as a name and as a lifestyle. I hope to give you good times.


Hello, dear friend. And thanks for coming by to my mansion. Are you good? Would you like a glass of wine? No? Well, let's start.
I am Romantic. That's my name and that's my lifestyle. I am a kind and polite gentleman, whose goal is giving pleasure to my partners. I do it because I am kind and I do it because pleasure is power, and there is no more great sign of power then make someone to cum.
My preferences you ask? I usually play as a polite dom character, but I am open minded: as I said before, my goal is to give pleasure and, If my partner like to dominate or to be treated meany, why should I refuse her request?
I really love roleplay and I love create stories and situations for me and other players (irl I am a Dungeon Master and a writer for hobby) but I am always intrested in ideas and suggestions of other people.

I am heterosexual and i like women, but for games and roleplays I am open to face cross-gender characters and transexuals.

So, am I satisfied your curiosity? No? Do you want to know more about me? Well, I can talk you about my kinks.

- Sexfight;
- Competitions;
- bets;
- roleplay;
- almost anything the partner likes. At the moment I have only a few situations that I prefer do not use (rape, toilet play, pedophilia, necrofilia and similars)

I like being dom, but, I can be sub if you play it well. Until now, just two ladies were so skillful to make emerge my sub side. Their name is secret and I will not tell anyone.

Do you want to know about the noble _ Malaspina Family_? Ah, this is an intresting story

You ask about my work? Well, a boring topic, my friend but maybe I have something intresting to tell you. My wife Aria and I have decided to join the Scarlet's House of Lust and now we are one of her couples of worker, reserved for threesome.
After the "coup d'etat" that Cherry, Scarlet's daughter organized against her mother, we decided to join her new brothel
Feel free to contact us to ask for our service!

*I am also the "Talent scout" of the brothel Cherry asked me to look for the best workers around. If you think you are worty, let me test you... *

And now... ah, about my roses: I knew that you would have asked it!!

Black roses:

Black roses are all women and transgender who have lost a match against me. I give them a black rose, not for mocking them , but as a sign of respect. Some of them will be forever my favourite.

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White roses:
White roses are the one who were able to defeat me. All of them earned my respect. Some of them my servitude. I hope to challenge all of them again, to test my skills once more.

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Yellow roses
Yellow roses are black roses who are submitted into servitude. Some of them are black roses defeated more than once, others bet their freedom and lost. For all of them, "Sir Romantic" is a owner kind but severe
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1) when we meet in a chat or we talk in dm you call me "Sir" or "Sir Romantic";
2) write in your bio that we fought and you lost and that now you are my yellow rose;
3) if I call you for a game or I ask to have a game with someone else, you have to do it. Obviusly, if you have other things to do irl o planned match, you can refuse;
4) do whatever you want, but don't humiliate or enslave people of my family or friends. If you have doubts, ask.
5) if someone enslave, humiliate or torment you, you can ask my help. I will take care of it mysef or I will send another yellow rose to protect you.

Mia was a wild hunter and breeder. I noticed her and challenged her in a competition to see who was the apex predator. It was a one side match as I broke her and force into servitude. She is the first yellow rose and she is my master executioner. My enemies will fear her scyte.
(In loving memory of Mia. Missing in Action)

Jessica Barton after been defeated a first time, she tried to get her revege with a servant rebellion and betting her own freedom on a new fight. After I defeated her, I made her my Abra, my mistress of female servants. Now she wear a yellow rose belt which can be used as a whip, so she can make sure that no other servant will ever dare to rebell against me again.

Fucktoy defeated me when we first met. This made her so cocky that, when I ask for a rematch, she bet herown freedom. She lost and now she is a yellow rose. She is the first maid and she takes care of the most important rooms of my mansion.

Luisa Stone give me a one side but funny match. She was so sweet and, after I defeated her, we couddle a little. When I propose her to become a yellow rose she was so happy!! Now she is my second maid, the one who takes care of my meals, expecially my breakfast.

Ariana she beated both me and my protegee Lisbeth, but she accepted to be a yellow rose. She is now the assistant of Lisbeth in her work as detective and I know that they are an unstoppable force toegheter.

Nicole met her destiny in the sixth match of Day's Tournament, where I fucked her into submission and servitude. Now she is a Whip-Girl, the one who is punished instead of Jessica Barton and the one who is punished by Jess to show other servants that rebellion is useless. I am almost sad for her. Almost.

Angel Maddie the shy and lovely angel came to to my mansion in need of protection and training. I accepted her as one of my servants and I give her all the love that such a beautiful person like her deserve. Being and angel, she is the Chaplain of the house. Since she has been with us, we have been able to feel the peace of the heaven in our hearts...

Lust was the first opponent I fought here on Erofight. A proud succubus, ready to make me submit. I won and for much time our paths didn't crossed. Then she become Hentai Champion and I challenged her. We fought a great battle: charm against superhuman strenght, lust against kindness, man against demon. And, in the end, I prevailed again. We were still rivals, but also friends and lovers. Since she betted her own freedom, now she is a yellow rose, my loyal Enchantress . Thanks to her, the secrets of magic will be no longer a mistery for me...

Naotsume, the sweet kitsune, challenged me for the Hentai belt and gave me one of the greatest fight of my life. I was barely able to overcome her and she earned all my rispect for her skills. After the fight, she swored loyalty to me and become my yellow rose, wearing it as a bracialet. Now she is the Personal Chambermaid of my wife Aria. I bet they will become friends soon.

Jane the Sexfighter challenged me twice and lost both times. Despite this, I appriciate her strong will and her determinations, so I decided to make a yellow rose out of her, giving her the role of my personal Herald. Now all the people who will be defeated by her will be defeated in my name.
My sweet rookie has grown strong enough to challenge and beat me, gaining her freedom back. Despite the sadness for having lose her presence, I am proud of how much of a champion she has become.

Lilith the rough mercenary was so sure that she could overcome me that she accepted to become a yellow rose. We had a close fight, but I defeated her. She respected her words and accepted to become my Gunsmith . I will keep wy words too and I will give her the opportunity to take her freedom back. She deserves it.
Despite all my efforts, Lilith was able to defeat me: I kept my words and now she is no more my gunsmit. This makes me sad, but at least we are still in a good relationship. I hope this will not be the end of our adventures...

Vivian is a cute subby who offered herself to me as yellow rose maid, despite she winning against me. She is lovely, cute and sweet. I am sure she will give something more to my mansion.

Elena is a girl so cute and polite, a sweet lovely angel, but don't let her appearence fool you about her great skills. There is a reason if I have decided to make her my personal chambermaid

Jeanne is a stubborn and skilled girl, who learned to play hentai by costantly fighting against me. Now she is (almost) at my level and, as yellow rose, she is my Hentai Sparring Partner

Anaìs is a quite proud LITTLE girl, that faced me willing to become the first "diamond rose", since she lost, she become a yellow rose instead. She proposed herself as my bodyguard, since she said she is great at martial arts and fighting... well, at least I am sure I am safe now... at least from my belly goind down!

Jack the Ripper is a fersome warrior. When I met her, she has already conquered a little group of pets, but I was still able to defeat her and tame her pride. Since i recognize her combat skill, I have offered her the role that was of Mia: now she is my new Master Executioner

Golden Rose
I have two Golden Roses as I have two Goddesses. The first one made me submit without a fight. The second one submitted me more than once, both with her incredible strenght and with great kindness. Now I am their loyal worshipper. I will give all myself to satisfy their will.
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Wild Rose
The night when the hunter met the prey none of them tought that their lives would have changed forever. Aria my beloved wife. I met her when all my hopes seemed lost. We were destined to kill eachother and keeping the hate that had poisoned both our species... still, something else happened and love found a way to unite what should have been separated. We made love. We swore to always protect eachother and we became husband and wife. Now she is pregnant of our first daughter, Dian.

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Cherry three flower

The first time I saw Lady Oscar she seemed to me beautiful and far away like a star in the sky. Before I could realise it, I was burning of love for her, conquered by her cute body and powerful mind. A senseless love, since I thought she could have never loved someone like me. But I was wrong. I dunno why she loves me back, but I am happy. Her heart full of passion can give me the highest pleasure or make me sink in the deepest despair, but I can accept it. She accepted to unite her life with me and Aria and, until I will be able to make them happy, I will be so.

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After the orgasm, you both hug each other and rest. The time for sexfighting is over, now it's the moment of love. A night to remember... Your last attack proves too much for him. He moans helplessly and spurts all his cum. You look at him with a mocking gaze. Were you too much to handle, or is he weaker than he looks? Premature bursting