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Welcome Traveller, take a seat if you like.
My name is Eron and I fight monsters in all forms and sizes but you can hire me for all sorts of tasks.
I’m a pretty good cook and a formidable teacher, for example.
I´m older than my appearance may suggest and every scar on my body, that I gained over all those years, tell a story of my many adventures.
The scar on my left cheek originates from my fight against a Golem in the mountains in the north, while I took a big scar a little too close to my groin area from a jealous husband, because I maybe had an affair with his wife….the unfortunate circumstance that she was a queen and he was a king didn’t made the situation a whole lot less confrontative.
So if you need a Witcher you know now who to contact, but remember I don’t work for free.
Right now I serve in the army of Queen Lucy as a Leutnant.
For the first time in my life I fight not for money but for a cause alone and it feels so good to know that I’m on the righteous side.
I consider myself an open minded switch, who likes to be competitive but fun nonetheless. I got told that I´m a good balance between kinky, bold and kind and that it´s fun to both win and lose against me. If you want to challenge me... throw a coin to your witcher!

I have a perfect little princess, she takes care of all me needs and makes the happiest daddy In the world
I have a little sex slave, her name is Katisara Cox I beat her in a match and now she has to do what ever I tell her to. She is addicted to my cock and needs it in her as 24/7. she is such an good little slut for her master and eager to learn new things

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