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Looking for either rp sessions to get lost in or quick fights with flirting/trash talking.

Hétéro / Dominant(e)

Hello there! My name is Ace, and I am here to fuck you. We can discuss how before hand if you like but what I find most fun is finding out what turns you on in the game. I can adapt easily to any style you may like but one thing is for certain, I am in control, always.

Do you like role-playing? I can weave words into pictures so well that I fuck your mind and body at the same time.

Rather a short fun quickie? I can flirt and charm you out of your panties before you even know you're naked.

As mentioned before, I am always in control as I am a Dom. I can, however, be very fluid here too. I can be a strict Sir, putting you in your place and showing you what it means to be a good slut.
I can be a harsh Master, using and abusing you as the fucktoy you ache to be.
Fucked Silly
I can also be a gentle Daddy, caressing your body into bliss in my strong, caring hands.
Gentle Love
Feel free to message me and/or chat in my games. The more we get to know each other, the better I will make you feel.


I have taken a bride. Thicc Mommy has said yes to being my breeding bitch and we could not be happier. All our hard fucking has paid off and my cumdump of a wife has taken my seed and made a baby, fulfilling my duties as a husband and base needs as a man. She will be fucked constantly while she is pregnant, and after so that she will keep fulfilling her wifely duties and satisfy her base needs as a woman. Love you, my breeding bride.
Don't worry, I still have more than enough for you and she is perfectly fine with sharing.

I found this naughty woman named Jessy in a public chat recently. I sent her a message and we really started to hit it off. A day later and I had her in a game. She was absolutely wonderful, everything I expected and more. The match was slow and sensual with a great strip tease from Jessy and her getting a collar like i told her she would... until just after my cock came out. Once she lubed it up with her mouth, there was no hope for her aching pussy. 3 orgasms later, 1 for me and 2 for her, I placed her real collar on her neck and made her my Kitten, a perfect pet for Master Ace.

Challenging Ahri to a match was anything but a challenge. She tried to resist but, all it took was a hard cock in her pussy to show her where she belongs. She crumbled under my powerful form and succumbed to my large cock stretching her inferior pussy. After a flawless victory, she begged for me to stop, admitting that I was more powerful and that she would do anything. I had already given her a chance however, and she didn't take it. So I kept going, ripping orgasm after orgasm from her till she could no longer speak except one word... COCK!

I've been fucking this slut on and off for a bit now. This last time, I fucked her so good she wanted me to hypnotize her into becoming mine. So I did, fucking her mind till she willingly gave herself over to me. Welcome to the harem, neko slut.

I am incredibly lucky to call the one and only Jeanne a good friend, lover, and even my Queen (when she rocks my world from time to time). An incredibly skilled player and all around great time.

After teasing each other in dms, I finally got a chance to play against Shirley. It was an intense back and forth battle, but the EF veteran escaped with the victory and two of my orgasms. The teacher may have won this time, but I’ll be back to teach her a lesson soon enough.

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