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Seeking some competitive games with some heavy flirting and Role-Playing

I go by Ace and I am a Dom. I enjoy taming bratty subs and I have a few years of IRL experience. I quite enjoy something like this, especially with the right people. I'm into quick games with heavy flirting and role-playing stories. I can match and jive with you depending how you would like to role play. Looking forward to fighting you!

Redits: 100

Jeanne and I finally met in a classic match. She had proven her superiority by trouncing me twice in hentai but I really thought I would get the better of her in classic. I was wrong and she proved dominance here as well. There was an amazing back and forth and I honestly thought I had her. I made her cum first, I took advantage of our set rules and her own personal ones, i even took on her friend with ease. I was doing everything I could and was feeling confident. Too confident it seems. I went over my limit trying to make her go over hers and she drained me a second and final time with her magnificent ass. I didn't want to lose, but if I was going to, this was the way to do it. I must of done something right though as she rewarded me with a title and position... under her of course.

Jeanne and I "fought" several more times after this. For the most part, I fell deeper and deeper under her. She is always so fun and incredibly talented. But I used her luck against her this last time. She made me cum, as we both enjoy so much, with her perfect tits. They always get me, I'll never be as weak to anyone else's but hers. I turned it around though and made her cum twice in a row. She is still the best, but I emerged with my own name again. Maybe next time we face, I'll make her mine instead.

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