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Sorry folks. Just chatting atm. No games

About me

Hi everyone! I’m Shirley, the “slutty teacher”. I’m 5’6” with 36DD boobs. I’m definitely a switch because some days I love wrecking people and others I love being wrecked. While I sometimes do RP during a match, oftentimes I prefer just dirty trash talking.

I’m very very competitive and the fight itself turns me on most. So if you’re gonna play with me, I want back and forth. Not a fan of one-sided action or giving up too early. I also settle all wagers BEFORE a match begins. I do NOT do any photo wagers.

I only play Classic and Wrestling.

I am a 4-time Lez Wrestling Champ
I am a 2-time Wrestling Champ
I am a 2-time GOTH

Kinks: still really exploring. Doggy, hair pulling and dirty talk for sure. Also learned I love love Spanish dirty talk. All my Spanish-speakers, lmk you’re there. Especially you Latinas!

Limits: anal, hard pain, non-sexual bodily fluids, clamps, whips, wax, and extreme derogatory terms (skank and any non-human terms e.g. dog, cow, pig, etc)

The Teachers List:

When I joined EF, I wanted to be the best, and to be the best I need to beat the best. So with the help of Freya and Ben Bravo, I created a list of the top 12 female EF fighters.

(Please don’t be offended if you’re not on the list. If you feel you or someone you know deserves to be here, send me a message. I’m very flexible)

Beaten - Means I won at least once
Conquered - Means I have a winning record

Alya was a lovely competitor. Although she put up a tough fight, she succumbed to me twice, cumming all over me like a good student should (2-0) CONQUERED

Seductress seemed intimidating at first, but once I pushed past the outer layers, I saw that deep down she was still a naughty girl that needed to be taught a lesson (3-1) CONQUERED

Lady Chery, another cutie who seemed powerful with her Lady status. But as I taught her, the only true powerful lady was me as she gave in twice (2-1) CONQUERED

After seeing what Zia could do in the Lez Tournament, I knew I had to face her down. The Pirate Queen was a feisty one, but after a long intense match, it was the teacher taking her treasure (her cum) (1-0) CONQUERED

Isabelle, the fiery red-head, has been rising the ranks recently. While I did beat her in our first meeting, she got lucky in our rematch. I look forward to our tiebreaker, where I’m sure I’ll break her (1-1) BEATEN

Laura and I have been dancing around matches for a while. She may have gotten lucky in our only match thus far, but she hasn’t seen the full power of this teacher yet. She’ll be mine soon (0-1)

Lolli and I also danced around matches. Our only game was what she called a “training match” for her tournament fights. Though she did get the better of me, I’ve been training too, and I can’t wait to show her everything I’ve learned (0-1)

Valeria taught me first-hand why she’s called the Slut-Goddess. Though I did keep pace longer than anticipated, I eventually had to give in to her. I’ll need some more training before I can make her mine (0-1)

After so long on EF, I was surprised I hadn’t faced Freya. I went in too overconfident against a co-champ of the Lez Tournament. She was in the drivers seat all match. More training needed (0-1)

Countess Sasha was my first match against a highly ranked competitor, and she proved why. Though she narrowly beat me in match 1, she destroyed me in match 2. I once thought her unbeatable, but I know someday soon, my time will come. (0-2)

Skyla is another dominant force rising the ranks. She truly had the better of me, beating me 4 times including 3 back to back to back. After a long time, I was able to beat her. But it’ll take much more for me to conquer this cutie (1-4) BEATEN

Gwen is a new cutie that Freya suggested be on this list. Though we have yet to meet, I look forward to matching with her (and hopefully conquer her) (0-0)

Other memorable cuties:

Amathyst was one of my first wins on EF. While I was dominant at first, she’s getting better and is coming back with a sexy fire. (3-2)

Ever since I arrived on EF, I’ve wanted to go toe to toe with the Latina Bombshell, Gabi Garcia. My wish finally came true, and she while she won our first meeting, I taught her a deep lesson. Hope she comes out of hiatus soon! (1-1)

Ben Bravo is a master of words as well as actions. We match each other so well, that our matches can go either way. He’s currently on top, but I’ll tie things up again (1-2)

Paige is another cutie who taught me lessons early on, but I’m learning and coming back (1-2)

Rafa, aka the Puerto Rican papi, and I have had a rivalry brewing. And with 1 win each, I put my wrestling title on the line. Although I was able to make him cum twice in a row, he would not go down, and it only took one orgasm from me for him to take my belt. The “Latina Slayer” may have slain me this time, but I’ll get him back (1-2)

I challenged Tiffany to see who the biggest CumSlut truly was. So much back and forth. So much edging during the fight, but in the end, she outlasted me, making me cum in game and irl. I swear I’ll get her next time (0-2)

Axel is another true master of words. He’s dominant and strong physically, but his words cut deep into the mind, causing him to be irresistible, and causing me to be orgasmic (0-2)

Bradley James is a wonderful person. From our first match, I knew he was special. I could not stop playing with him. While at first we were competitive, he confessed that he didn’t care about wins and losses. That he only cared about me.

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