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let's make locktober hard🥰 (lovense, listening to hypno RN)

About me:

I'm a very laid back guy who is easy going with pretty much everything. That's stereotypical right? Yes, you think but it's true. Nearly impossible to offend and a full blown Switch I'm as happy being on top of the situation as I am when the situation is topping me.

With a strong hypno and bondage kink and well as hentai, regular, futa.....well come to think of it, a real kink for anything that's hot. You'll be able to find a reflection of what you're after with me.

I'm open to all kinds of RP and can set up a scene in any way you might like

That includes just chatting and chilling too:)

Nice to meet you in advance and come say hi!

My only limits are:

Permanent damage/harm
(this list may grow but I am completely open to exploration)

About Zen:

I have met a few of the local people and after a kindly chat with Lizzie and Noahb and after enjoying lizzies magical popcorn. I walked into a wall while attempting to make an impressive smoke bomb exit.

How embarrassing......😅

I found myself in my first confrontations...a chance to test my hypnosis skills in real combat... with Brie I was not much challenged and she dropped quickly for me, thoughts of filthy things, sensations and smells flooded her mind rendering her incapable of fighting off the climaxes that overtook her.

Louise Stone accepted my challenge. The fight started strongly with both sides competing for dominance, I managed to ensnare Louise with the strongest chains I had but once bound Louise had the mental fortitude to fend off his hypnotic assault. I took Louise to the brink but was nearly forced to succumb myself due to her strong fighting spirit. Alas, I squeaked through this one and neatly tucked the next victory under his belt.

I came across Tay in a bar one night and saw her kick the Sh*t out of her opponent. Such a strong rookie was worth approaching, even if it was just to say hi and make an ally. Before they knew it they were getting along merrily and soon the talk became more competitive....and we all know where that leads....
The fight started in earnest, both ready to prove how strong they could be, the match was even for a good while until Tay revealed her trump card! Hitting Zen with her bewitching tone, spellbinding figure and hypnotic eyes she soon had Me easting out of the palm of her.....well not her hand, she put him to work eating other things 😉. By the time I came back around I realised that I was in deep and I had to fight to get back on an even keel. Tay kept up her assault though and made me Cum, claiming the first milestone of the fight. While she was still celebrating however I pounced and managed to return the favour.
In a heated contest that dragged on and drove them both to their limits eventually She had me moaning her name as she coaxed a final orgasm from me. Though defeated, I ensured we parted as friendly rivals and began to gather my thoughts in my addled brain about how I could pay her back.

Succubus tried her best to snack on me, but she soon ended up being left trapped in a tentacle pit and still hungry....
She has promised to pay me back for that one....
After teasing her when she failed to help a stranger to beat me, Succubus snuck into my bed at night and got me to the edge before I even woke...by the time I woke up there was no chance to gain control and she drained me thoroughly, bringing herself back to full strength. Accepting I had been bested we fell asleep in each others arms, accepting this brief respite in our fight for dominance for what it was...a brief moment of calm we could share before the next fight..with Succubus back at full strength it would be an intense fight before us...
An intense fight it certainly was....Succubus made me cum first, squeezing a trigger out of me in my vulnerable state, but despite this I managed to make her cum out of her magical cock twice in a row...Thinking victory was mine I took pity on her and kissed her, with a mouthful of her own cum....This rejuvinated her and allowed her the strength to subdue me and squeeze a second trigger from my psyche....I woke up in her house, the last thing I remember was tasting her sweet pussy and my mind going hazy, but the feeling of being a toy are inescapable as I try to get my bearings.....After a few days of recovery I was drained again, very few strands of resistance cross my mind as she keeps me under her spell and in her service......

Optional bondage/hypnosis rules: When subjected to a bondage or hypnosis actions, players must roll a dice ("/dice"). On a 5-6, they resist or break free and can take their turn as normal. on a 1-4, they must skip their turn or let their opponent choose their action. Continue rolling on each subsequent turn to break free (max of 3, or max of 4 if collared).
I also have a grounding in hypnosis if this is something you would like to experience then you can ask

  1. Hypnosis dice role 1 equals turn control 2-4 equals skip turn 5-6 equals no effect
  2. Bondage dice role 1 equals turn control 2-4 equals skip turn 5-6 equals no effect

*If you beat me I will give you one of my many triggers. I give full consent to those who have them to use them as and when they see fit*

My trigger effects are listed below, but there are more not mentioned here.
  1. The first one on this list will drop me deep into a highly suggestable state.

  2. Another one will forcibly disorganize all of my thoughts making it hard to think.

  3. The third will erase all thoughts to leave my mind blank and empty.

  4. This one is tied to an action that makes me unquestioningly submissive and obedient.

  5. A fuzzy mind and state of confusion follows the use of this trigger.

  6. A state of arousal is inevitable after using this.

  7. Electric shocks of pleasure roll throughout my body after this is activated causing an extremely strong reaction.
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Will play along if available, just ask:)

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Switch
100% Rope bunny
84% Rigger
83% Non-monogamist
79% Primal (Prey)
66% Dominant
66% Experimentalist
63% Submissive
62% Boy/Girl
59% Primal (Hunter)

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