Compound 14 (Level 2) mail warning

Abandon hope all ye who enter here

(Disclaimer: Everything written or acted out happens within DECLARED consent between all attendees. If somebody is offended by any content or sees the code of conduct violated, please don´t hestitate to dm me.)

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Soundtrack for your visit

Welcome to Compound 14

Supervisors on duty:
Frikka (CEO/ security approval: total)
Red (1st Assistent - 2cond in command/ security approval: blue)
Warden Ruck (Executive officer/security approval: red) Note: Ruck performed excellent at his review and got promoted to a new security level.
Huntress Eva (security approval: green)
Messageboard: clean

In this facility we store the defeated and broken exhibits that have been fucked into compliance or are admitted for educational measures.
All of your personal rights remain at the front door. Same goes for your belongings and your clothes.
Report at the front desk to be enlisted and receive your collar which will stay locked as long as you are property of the compound.

Rule: The C-collar: You will wear this collar until your superior (insert name of your opponent) takes it off. You are now a slave of Compound 14
Until that day you have to keep this passage in your bio.

Medical contact person: Dr. Jen
Employment : permanent.

It is oftentimes hard to find loyal and discreet employees for a venture like mine. It's always the same annoying chitchat from medical staff i have to deal with all day long! "You cannot milk him non stop! She needs a break after all that orgasms! Keeping them naked on display with a blindfold isn't species appropriate!" Yada yada yada!
So we invited Dr. Jen for a short medical consultation, stripped her of her clothes, trained the basic positions and edged her into a cute little heap of begging lustfulness.
Brainwashed doctors that tell me what i want to hear are so much more helpful and in our next session, we will beat the 30 edges for sure.

Exhibit 41: Mel Level green. Release 06.12.22

Warden’s Log

I was just strolling through one of EF’s lovely gardens, near a well-known mansion, when a voice piped up from a flower bed.

“I’m gonna make you edge like crazy!” this aggressive plant said. I stooped down to look and saw it was a yellow rose.

We’re not really supposed to go looking for them, but when a rose picks a fight with you… what can you do but pick it??

And admittedly: I would pick this one over and over again. Her mouth had me shuddering… I came first for her ass… and she was just one sultry touch away from turning me into the edging mess she was looking for.

But one touch can be everything, especially when that touch is eight inches deep. After a barrage of fucking, the crowd got to see her ahegao face, and the Compound had another collared, obedient kitty, purring and begging for just one more cum.

By the end, she crawled into the cage by herself – it’s so nice when they come housebroken!

This is a good time to talk about the Compound’s charitable work. Sometimes, for the good of the community, we’ll take a girl with a special skill and convince her to give it out to everyone for free!

In Mel’s case, her mouth is really incomparable… so we tied her leash to a pole and set her up with some immersive blowjob hypnosis videos on every wall. She only gets to cum when she pleasures the training dildos just right.

Something tells me we’re going to run through a lot of those before she gets out in four months…

UPDATE: Mel tried to fight for her freedom - we encourage all our guests to try that! Also: Mel is now spending a month in our red cells! Our new huntress can't wait to get her hands on her...

Exhibit 42: KL1996 Level green. Release 20.11.22

The moment you realise that you should have listened to your female intuition to not expand the compounds storing area to cheaper, more desolate areas of town to maximize on profit is, when the fuzz is knocking on your door.

I was halfway ready to set up a little warehouse of tormented cuties when officer Kevin came sniffing around.
Okay.... i have to admit that he looked sweet in his uniform, not knowing if he should follow his orders and fine me for a noise complaint in the neigborhood or just strip, drop to his knees and woreship my strap on.
So i stripped him, forced him down his knees and made him woreship my strap on.
It took quite a while.... i gotta tell you that boy took his job way too serious! Holy hooters!
... but in the end it went like it always does: He joined in on producing that noise, i had fun ramming that strappy into his cute butt and everybody was satisfied.
Okay. Maybe not the neigbors and maybe not Kevin in the long run.
It is just too valuable to own close up video material that shows a helplessly moaning copper squirm impaled on my dildo, begging for a break.
But i stick to my credo:
To punish and enslave - Serve and protect is for sissies!

Exhibit 43: Gwen Level red. Release 20.02.23

Old love never dies
... so they say. Gwen was my very first victim back in the day as the compound was still in its infancy. I just loved to stick around and watch her muscles work agaist that restrains while I vibed her pussy into countless orgasms. But all good things must come (or cum?) to an end and so sweet Gwen ended her sentence and stumbled into freedom at some certain day.
Boy was i surprised when Red brought her back through the door! Beeing the experienced veteran Gwen is, I thought she would pay better attention and not be caught again!
I also know Red and there is a reason to be my right hand. She seduced Gwen slowly, lured her into her honey trap and made her an obedient slave who´s only desire is to serve her new mistress. There are days we can even relinquish the cuffs! I will enjoy that state Red forced her into again. And this time she really brought herself into a long time of beeing our toy!

Exhibit 46: Joe Level green. Release: as soon as useless


I really have to admit that I have a fondness for Red mystery girl.
She looked so joyfull as she was dancing through the door light-footed, dragging Joe behind her on a leash.
Normaly I dont take people into custody that haven't deliverd a worthy battle but the pleady eyes of Red cuddeling that leash and the ones from Joe, kneeling naked and submissive just melted my heart (yes! I own one! Stop complaining already!) and let me decide to make an exception.
Of course that doesn't mean that we will go easy on Joe!
Why should we? His dick is now property of C14 and therefore we will torture him whenever we feel like to.
His rule now is that he has to offer his services to the C14 officials at every opportunity and the second he stops beeing usefull I will boot this slaves butt out the door personaly.
Welcome to slavery, Joe! And now sit.

Exhibit 47: Corbin Level green. Release 18.12.22


Huntress' report
I was on my daily patrol around the extended perimeter of the compound as I notice this cute boy standing close to the fence.
As a C14 huntress i could have taken him into custody just for breathing close to our boarders but I decided to be mercyfull this time.
But then he dared to challenge me to a sexfight! Oh boy did his curiousity brought some trouble upon himself!

Even if he fought back I overpowered him several times, tieing him up and using his ass to sink my strap on into.
In the end he couldn't endure the onslaught anymore and so he orgasmed on my command.
Lesson learned : Never refuse the mercy of the huntress or end up as my fuck puppet.

Exhibit 48: Jess Level blue. Release 22.02.22


Warden's log

Why are Compound matches public? Because sometimes the right person will be watching and start drooling, thinking about the collar snapping shut around her neck. “forced” to orgasm over and over as they secretly get everything they’ve ever dreamed of.

Just like our cute Jess here! After seeing her girlfriend mumble mumble cowgirl in a match against me, she started taunting. You get to know the girls who really want a fight and the ones that just want to be collared, and this was a slave-in-waiting if I’ve ever seen one.

The match itself was more of a formality – she kept laying back and spreading her legs anytime the ropes and cuffs came out, and spent most of the time begging for it in the ass. Even at the end, waddling out to the compound with an 8” vibe taped inside her backdoor, she was in heaven.

She needs to build up a little resistance to it! So we’ll keep her like this for a couple months and see if we need to rotate her.

And if her girlfriend starts sniffing around again -- looks wistfully at the forced oral machine, still unused, in the corner - well, we’ll deal with that, too.

UPDATE: Poor Jess - she got lonely and called for me. I don't know if she really wanted her freedom or just needed to feel something warm inside her - but either way, Jess is the newest prisoner in our blue cells!

Frikka: Since Jess entered the blue level, it might be time we pick it up a notch!
During her time in blue cell she has to deliver 80 edges a week and is only allowed to cum on even dates. Lets see how long it takes to make her beg.... more than usual!

Exhibit 49: Kate Level green. Release 23.12.22


Warden’s Log:

Looks like the advertising budget is paying off! I was minding my own business, just looking for someone to pass the time with, and Kate walked up asking for a personal tour of the compound.

All the words from the social ad buy came spilling out of her mouth: “Exciting!” “Fascinating!” “Terrifying!” With so much loyalty to the brand, how could I not offer her a long-term stay??

Pretty soon, she was screaming other words that we hear here often. Words like “nnn nooo please”. And “fuck meeeee-- dont stop-- fuck me harder”.

And my favorite: “ahhh ohhhHHHHHHh noo ohhhhhhhh fuck mmmmmphhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssssss~ yesyesyesyeses”

Of course we have stills and videos for the next digital campaign.

As for Kate herself – the match attracted quite a bit of attention from the current inmates, so we’ll have a bit of an orientation period and let her get acquainted with her new friends before settling her in a permanent cell. Selena seemed particularly interested…

Exhibit 50: Lea Level green. Release 03.01.23


Warden’s Log

Ok, I admit it – I was nervous for this match. Not because the consequences would’ve been so bad, but because my head and my body wanted very different things.

My head wanted Lea captured and collared for the next few months – bound close, there whenever I wanted her, her screams of pleasure echoing down the hallways.

But my body – my body just wanted to melt for her, to take and give pleasure until I burst.

And when she walked in, in that stunning burgundy dress… well, my body took the lead, and after some mesmerizing words, my head was almost ready to give in.

The rest of the match… blurs. Her warm mouth around me seemingly the whole time… a mysterious woman, pressing herself against both our faces… our moans and the crack of my hand against her ass, the only sounds.

She came for me. I came for her. And at last, it ended the only way it could: us locked together, and someone giving in to the other’s protection. She would’ve made a lovely Miss – but now I’ll never need to miss her at all.

Now this lovely girl is tied to the luckiest headboard in the building. When it’s time to visit her, we can attach it to the rest of the bed in seconds. And the rest of the time… well, it IS the compound, after all.

See you soon, darling…

Exhibit 51: Felicity Level green. Release 20.01.23


When our little guard dog Joe came through the door with Felicity, i was sincerly surprised to be honest. I would have thought that our pup would have fallen for her aura and charm the moment she had dropped her first piece of clothes but here she goes. Naked and chained on all fours behind him on her way to one of our racks. Life is full of surprises!
That sexy dark haired lady with her stubborness and delicate beauty is just to tempting to break, so i cannot focus on some supernatural nonsense but i could swear that all CCTV showed a constant flicker as we tied her to the rack! It´s just like she emits some sort of spirit..... Never mind.

I listened to her self confident chatter while we tied her up and set anything in place.
Maybe you can imagine the smile on my face the moment she realised that those vibes will be controled automatically. I set the timer to "random" so she will never know when the next barrage of pleasure will hit her helpless body.
She haven´t begged for mercy yet - which is quite an achievement after.... 96 minutes! But she will soon. Not that it will change anything for her...

Exhibit 52: Boundupone Level X. Release ?

Image Title

All those long corridors in our venture seemed so empty and naked so i decided to decortate some of them with something appropriate and.... naked!
Boundupone lingered around the Compound long enough to be seen like a piece of equipment, so the step to turn him into a furniture wasn´t too far fetched.
The rack for him is custom made because I thought that a little interaction for guests of the compound might be an entertaining idea.
The switchboard in front of him gives several options to torture his cock and balls for a random ammount of time, so Boundupone never knows when or for how long the pleasure gets changed with pain.
The virtual reality mask he´s wearing constantly is an own development from those we were using for quite some time now.
It´s pretty astounding what results we can achieve with exposing his conciousness with humiliation porn and images of people playing with his controls 24/7! But let me give you a very warm recomendation first:
My personal favourite is the "flogging balls while E-stim the cock"- option! It´s really addictive to just stop by and use his helpless body like an arcade cabinet for some time.
Another positive aspect is that he became extremely loyal since we conditioned him in the above mentioned way. Whenever I need a servant to get the hard work done, he gets released from his bindings and the VR gear switches to battery powered. In combination with his C14-collar he is controlled ultimatively! The perfect sex drone.
But now and without further undue : Feel free to push some buttons!
(Once a day you are allowed to send a DM with the command "spin!" [and as much rp as as you like of course] to him. He has to spin the wheel, screenshot the result and DM it back to you after he executed his task)

Exhibit 53: Lina Level green. Release 28.01.23


I always say that quality prevails and Lina is one of those cases that illustrate my point perfectly. She simply keeps comming back every time she just blundered back to freedom.
So I was minding my own business while feeding ducks in the park... I mean doing some innocent paperwork.... I mean designing a new pattern for the fucking machines in the red level cells as all of the sudden this little bunny knocked on my door.
She chattered and chattered anything about revenge and my behind... i didn´t paid too much attention to be honest but out of the blue she tried to tie me up.
Me. Yes me. Imagine my facial expression. Long story short, she spend half the evening embraced by comfy ropes and the other half obediently on her knees, learing how to be a good slave girl finaly. I had some sympathy for a few heartbeats. The pleady eyes... all the begging to not enslave and torture her again, her cute moaning as she realized that she is merely training for me...

After her humiliating second orgasm, she trotted back to her familiar rack. By now i have put her into a nice little suspension bondage, so both her pussy and butt is accessable.

Its time to finaly make some progress because I have a special plan for her! She will be of good use for a little classified operation later! But that is all top secret for now! Certain factions in Eroland seem to need my attention.
All i can reveal for now: Our little free use bunny is now available to be fucked and edged for everybody interested.
What a nice fact that she didn´t specified the content of her bet beforehand.... A champion of europe shoulde be more careful.

Exhibit 54: Grace Level red (´till her dept is paid.) Release 07.02.23


Networking is so important nowerdays!
So thought I would just organize a little event, have some fun, show some business cards around... maybe take some compromising pictures from important people on all fours... but the stress i tell you!
The catering alone took me hours to organize. On the plus side I found a very helpful enterprise that was willing to sell me the full dossier of Grace and even delivered her to my doorstep.

When I first saw her, I was sure that she was worth ever penny of bribe I´ve paid.
I mean: just look at her in her short sexy waitress costume, so unaware about which venture was paying the band! I let her dance to my tune after stripping her naked in front of the whole crowd but kept the fun surprise until the end. You know that good parties always need to end with a bang!
I wont speak about the fact that she forced me to orgasm early... i told you! The stress!
But after the cheering crowd stood witness of Grace´s enslavement, we really had a fun rest of the evening!
I let her serve. Drinks and also blowjobs. Her pussy was wasted from the torture I had put her through already but that didn´t keep her from offering her soft lips and skilled tongue to my guests.
Why I caught myself a sexy waitress you may ask? Do you know how conviniend it is to have a cumdrunk servant around that obeys your every wish just to be allowed to orgasm? Let me answer: Very!
Since she was cocky enough to place a very vague bet for me in the beginning, we came to the fun idea to combine her talents to serve drinks and to edge her brains out.
Just have a look into her bio and have fun with her as much as you like! The first drink is on the house!

Exhibit 55: Elisa Level green. Release 03.03.23



Oh, how the mighty fall…

Elisa had been angling for a match for months. Some girls just leave notes – Elisa was capturing and subjugating staff, leaving them broken and cumming on command! The interns I didn’t mind so such – most of them weren’t going to make it anyway – but when she started capturing actual guards, I had to put myself on the line.

Close up, I could see why they fell – the full chest, the dazzling eyes – and yes, the security footage MIGHT show me falling to my knees for a minute and begging to be a good boy…

…but like so many of our acquisitions, Elisa was only confident until she started dripping. Once her little hypnosis trick stopped working, she was humping toys and offering herself up like she’d been here for months. She did manage to work a load out, but by then it was already over, and she was finished on one of the compound’s many machines – not even getting to cum on the cock she was begging for.

So what to do with our new prize? Sadly, we haven’t been making much progress restoring the minds of those broken guards, so we’re trying a new plan: immersion therapy! They’ll get as much of her as they’d like, and Elisa… well, Elisa seems to be having a great time, too.

Lesson: don’t threaten our guards! The training expenses are WAY too high to accept that kind of turnover.

Exhibit 56: Arrogant Alice Level green. Release 10.03.23


Warden’s Log

I’ve been haunted, lately, but the feeling that the girls I’ve been fighting haven’t really been trying too hard – that they’re mostly looking for a dom and toy with them.

And sure, that has its attractions – but when I was a young sexfighter, looking up at the sky, I didn’t dream about easy pickings. I wanted to break the real brats and dommes, the ones who want to see ME squirming at their feet…

And boy did I find that when Alice, our old Huntress, came poking around again. I had heard how good her inductions were, even seen one or two, and she seemed like the perfect would-be domme to test. I was even willing to put up some time in a cell myself to get her into a fight.

It seemed like such a good decision at first – her submissive smile, her cute summer dress, her body rubbing up and down me…

It wasn’t until I was helplessly worshipping her and pumping wildly into a fleshlight that I realized I was in trouble. And when she tied me up and milked me onto the floor with a vibe… I almost lost myself to Miss Alice for good.

But as Frikka says: a well-tied knot can solve any problem! Once wrapped up, the former Huntress became MUCH easier to handle – watching her bravado fade and her eyes well up with lust as I used hole after hole. She went for domme to “do me” in seconds – and by the end, the only things holding her up were the cuffs.

There might’ve been nicer ways to end it – she was barely awake at the end, drooling from both ends – but this was a homecoming, and deserved a ceremony! After some of the crowd jumped in and showered her with cum, our newest slave came screaming on me, taking her “good girl” reward unconscious face-down in her own puddle.

Since she asked me so many times to impress her, I had to have her wake up to a surprise… I hope she enjoys her new position! If she starts trying to bewitch the guards, we can always speed it up a couple of levels.

Welcome home, “Huntress” – don’t get too comfortable, plenty more plans to come…

We and our shareholders strive to establish an efficient and industrialised process. Therefore only state of the art installations are employed. Beginning with the location beeing covered by a regular residence to the latest security tech including retina scanners and high security full frame steel door constructions on an industrial level. We are EN9100 - qualified and take audits periodically.

We house four major cells down below in the basement .
1. Green: High security gallery with the possibility of displaying exhibits in a varition of styles and positions. (Just gallery)
2. Red: Here we've established a fully equiped playroom to use the exhibits in a secured environment (Inmates have to edge in public)
3. Blue: Complete control over all exhibits is given 24/7. (Inmates have to follow commands within 1 hour and approve them via dm. Orgasms when sanctioned via dm only. Polls are optional.)
4. Black: Our most valuable and strict cell and the pride of our venture at the same time. Here we reprogram the exhibits to match the values and perceptions of the company. (Complete profile change, all previous rules apply)

Rule of parole: To reduce the sentence of an exhibit, it is possible for a sponsor to speak out for her/him and negotiate the terms of the parole. This is usually done in a match of classic or wrestling. If the said sponsor loses, it is common practice to become an exhibit himself. Only one sponsor per day.

Every connection to the so called Ror Zar Strain is purely arbitrary and will be denied at any time!

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