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Looking for role-play in either classic or hentai games, like other types and bets as well.

In matchmaking for Hentai game...

Hi nice to meet you, I'm Luna. You might also know me as Jay I decided to give cross play a shot, still love doing bets so let me know if you're interested in playing and doing a rp.

After losing to Lynda if my butt gets plugged in in a match, my opponent can make it vibrate for cum tests and if I don't roll a 5 or 6 I have to cum.

After losing to Remora I have to skip whenever someone fucks my ass until I win three games

After losing to Icy Cumslut I have to apologize and skip my turn whenever I fail to make someone cum.

One thing you should know about me is if all you wanna do is click actions and not RP, I will quickly lose interest. Also, please don't poof on me.

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