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Looking for role-play in either classic or hentai games, like other types and bets as well.

Hi nice to meet you, I'm Luna. You might also know me as Jay I decided to give cross play a shot, still love doing bets so let me know if you're interested in playing and doing a rp.

After losing to Lynda if my butt gets plugged in in a match, my opponent can make it vibrate for cum tests and if I don't roll a 5 or 6 I have to cum.

fter losing to Diana I have to cum whenever given an anal cum test.

After losing to Remora I have to skip whenever someone fucks my ass.

After losing to Icy Cumslut I have to apologize and skip my turn whenever I fail to make someone cum.

After losing to Colonel Jeanne I have to ask for a headpat every now and then when I'm called cute, skip when I'm spanked, and whenever my ass is used I have thank my opponent and ask for more. I also can't escape bondage except if I roll a 6.

After losing to Ashley every time my opponent fucks my ass I have to edge.

After losing to Kate I can no longer remove panties or bras.

After losing to Milk I have to start in bondage for 6 games.

One thing you should know about me is if all you wanna do is click actions and not RP, I will quickly lose interest. Also, please don't poof on me.

Also not into guys or femboys. Mostly into ladies futas and maybe shemales.

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