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Bi / Switch

Hi 😁

I'm a submissive girl who also likes to play as a softdom from time to time. I can speak french and english although my english is ok at best^^

As a sub, i don't really have limits, you can be rough, call me names, slap me.. i kinda like being used 😊

I'm not as comfortable as a dom however, so don't hesitate to tell me if i'm too soft with you, i'll do my best^^

My only big no is irl stuff and questions. But as long as we keep it virtual i'm open to almsot anything, so don't be afraid to ask if we can play around an unusual kink 😉

I play mostly classic and hentai, can play wrestling if you want me to but i really don't like interractive, joi and caprice. I've also tried some full rp games (without using actions) and had a great time doing it

Lastly, sorry if I don't answer your message, i sometimes miss some and realize it a few days after^^
Hope to see you in game, bye 😘

A few notable opponents:

I want to tell you about my lovely Jess. First time i saw her, she was getting fucked hard into submission in front of the crowd. Seeing her drooling and craving for more made me understand what i really am inside, and before realizing it, I was on my knees with one spectator's cock in my mouth. Jess came to help me and teach me how to become a slut just like her. It was a wonderful moment and she's now my beloved girlfriend and mentor 🥰
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Ayden, my french partner. Anytime I need a good fuck i know he will be there for me, ready to rip my clothes and treat me like the needy bitch I might be 🙈. I love the way he takes me, grabbing me with his strong hands and pounding me like a piece of meat, plus being called a dirty slut in french just hits different ^^
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I couldn't tell how many times I got fucked by Hawk nor how we didn't get bored of each other. Every game with him seems so similar yet so unique. He just has that special way of talking to me, triggering my kinks, making me feel so sexy when he removes my clothes, when he gropes me, when he whispers in my hear, then so weak when he grabs my throat tightly, pulls my hair or, obviously, when he pounds any of my holes. Everything he does just drives me crazy and everytime we meet we both know how it will end up: with me shaking and screaming on his cock then him grunting, unloading his load wherever he wants because he knows that my entire body belongs to him 🥰
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I've worked a few years as a french teacher and there was that boy, Gale, that couldn't stop staring at me during class. It didn't really bother me, indeed, being the youngest teacher in that school, I was used to spot students checking me out. One day he asked if i could give him some private lessons and of course i've accepeted. He was so nervous, we could not do any progress, his hands were shaking and he was barely daring to talk to me or look at me. So I decided to try to help him relax. I dropped my hand on his leg, asking if he was alright, slowly got my mouth close to him then kissed him. I will never forget his face as i broke the kiss, he was speechless, probably wondering if he was dreaming, and he looked even cuter when i removed my top in front of him, starting at my body with his mouth open 🤭
It's needless to say that we didn't work that much on french grammar this day, however we started to meet eachother regularly and his grades went through the roof in a few months. I think I started to have a crush for my shy student and feel lucky to have such a kind and obediant boy just for me 🥰
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I remember entering Alexander's mansion full of confidence and hope, determined to start a new life. The rules were simple, he bought me off my previous owner, meaning that I had a chance to be freed if I managed to defeat him. Things were not going so bad at first, he was going rather easy on me and even fell into submission for a few turns, obsessed with my body. For a moment I really thought the win would be easy, but then he decided to get serious. I had no more control on anything as he locked my body in his strong hands to forced me into the positions he wanted. He started pounding each of my holes one by one, not letting me any second to rest and enjoying my moans of desperate pleasure, until my body could not take it anymore.
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When I had to leave Smite in the middle of a game, I knew I was going to pay for it sooner or later. A few months later, he bursted into my room, rock hard and still frustrated from what I'd done to him. I felt guilty so I let him use my body the way he wanted and, let's be real, I could not have stopped him anyways even if I wanted to. My memories of this day are a bit blurry, I remember clearly hearing him opening the door suddenly and rushing to my bed to grab my hair and slap me, telling me that I was gonna pay. Everything else that I can remember is an endless flow of slaps all over my body and rough thrusts in every of my needy holes, with a constant grip either on my throat or hair. I also remember him opening the window and bending me over it while he was pounding my pussy, making me moan for everyone that would cross the streets. I was barely counscious when he was done with me, he left me on my knees in a corner of my room, with my holes gaping and his cum all over my face and breasts. Even tho I got a bit scared at the beginning, I think constantly about that day from now on and start to think of a plan to get him in that same state of frustration so he can use me again the exact same way he did that day 😍
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After winning a few matches in a row, I guess I got a little bit too confident. Seeing Abdallah's profile, I thought I had found the perfect victim to keep my winning streak going. All that shit talk about trainining girls into submission seemed pretty fake to me and I was convinced I would make him surrend in no time. I could not have been further from the truth, as it never seemed I was a threat for him during our match. He easily handled me, making me cum over and over again, pounding my holes, vibing my clit, torturing my tits. After defeating me, he forced me to do one of his trainings, and my brain slowly melted as he put me in a state of constant orgasm. Now I spend my days sitting in my cage, impatiently waiting for him to train me again
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I don't really remember how I met Blackbull nor how I ended up in his bed. All I can remember is that as soon as he got me in his room, he treated me like a worthless bitch only good to pleasure his cock and to be bred. I tried to protest at first, wanting to put him back in his place but he kept humiliating me more and more and made me cum again and again on his huge cock, to the point that I started to have trouble thinking. At that point it was already over for me as he kept throwing loads and loads of cum in my needy holes, with each drop of these reprogramming more of my brain until my willpower got completely erased. I am now his dumb bimbo and follow any of his commands, always ready to pleasure him whenever he needs me and carrying his childs as he keeps breeding me whenever he can.
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I met The Gambler on a lonely night in a bar. He to me from behind and grabbed my ass without warning, but I quickly managed to tame him and teach him manners. At that point I thought I just had found a new pet to play with when I get bored but a few days later he asked for a rematch. We played this game at my place and it was a very disputed match that turned into a threesome when my roommate decided to join us, teaming up with me first then betraying me, leading to my defeat. A few months later, I messaged him back asking for a 3rd game to finally know who's on top. I gave all I had to dominate him but it felt like he was always in control. When I finally managed to make him blow one load, I was already exhausted and about to give him my second orgasm. He quickly put me on all fours and pounded me into submission before grabbing my phone to record me cumming on his cock while he was claiming my pussy then uploading the video on my instagram for everyone to see
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(Oh and i really have a thing for rough oral 😝)
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