Shyla, Blank Girl (Level 10) mail warning

Pink ๐Ÿ’– feelz liek ๐Ÿ’žsoooo๐Ÿ’ž good๐Ÿ’—! hehe๐Ÿ’•

Cummed my silly brain away for Daddy Blank. I'm a good ๐Ÿ’žblank๐Ÿ’ž girl now! Hehe fuzzy pink edjj haze feels ssssuper good!

Tasks: 30 edjjss eech day and not aloud 2 cum til I win a gaem.

Appearance: 5' 5" (165cm), long golden blond hair, blue eyes with just slightly too much mascara on, usually red or pink lip gloss, 34DD natural breasts, a weightlifter's tight, round ass, long smooth legs, and feet with long dexterous toes. Nipples and tongue pierced by [Daddy Dion[( for his pleasure!

I love long walks on the beach... as long as the end up with good sex on the beach๐Ÿ’•, good food (Big cocks leaking precum and covered in pussy juice are my Fave!! ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿฅต), and being a good girl! Hehe. Super into hypno and bondage! Love to be molded into your perfect little whore!

Up for most bets, but I don't send pictures. If you completely dominate me, I'll let you give me a rule that I have to play with from then on. But, if I dominate you, I get to remove a random rule.

1. Optional Bondage/Hypno rules: When restrained or hypnotized, roll a dice. on a 5+ I resist the effects, else, I skip my turn and repeat the roll each subsequent turn until a 5+ is rolled.(Bondage/hypno effects reset after orgasm, my oppoment can select my action instead of skipping when hypnotized)
A. Can be both hypnotised and bound, requiring 2 5+ rolls to break free, but hypno/bondage actions do not stack with each other. Always roll for hypno first. A successful bondage roll removes ALL bondage devices.
B. Gags/blindfolds/chastity - roll for gags/blindfolds/chastity as normal, however, these items only prevent actions that would require use of your mouth or eyes or genitals(I.e. blowjob or "Stare at them"). If your opponent removes the device as part of an action (I.e. a "fucking" action while you are caged), the device is removed, stop rolling.
C. Collars - roll for collars as normal. While collared, you must select the most submissive action available.
2. Touching myself for you: Excluding stripping actions, anytime I play a solo action (e.g. masturbating, etc), I must edge.
3. Cumming HARD!: After orgasming, I must skip 2 turns while recovering.
4. Gag and Drool: Whenever I am forced to deepthroat, I must skip my turn, drooling like a good slut as I gag on the cock in my throat.
5. Losing Control: If my desire is above 90, I cannot use recovery actions unless I have no other options. If my pleasure is above 90, I must play a cum-test if possible.
6. Unfocused: -1 to rolls to resist hypno if I skipped my previous turn.
7. Whenever I am subjected to a cock sucking action, I must say "fuck my throat harder master/miss"
8. When "Fucked into Ahegao" using the Peace-sign gif, I must cum.
9. Edge everytime my partner calls me a "good girl". If the audience calls me a "good girl", I must ask my partner for permission to edge. (There's another ๐Ÿ’•Secret๐Ÿ’• way to make me edge too!)

I took a pretty long break from the game, so I reset my rules. I'm sure we'll have fun adding more together!

Don't send messages asking me to dom you if we haven't talked before. I'm not much of a dom (thus the 'Sub' tag), and spamming my inbox means you aren't a sub either. If you only care about your own pleasure and not your partner's, you aren't a sub. You're just an asshole. Doms and Dominas on the other hand... feel free to message me all you want! Let me know how I could please you! hehe

Removed Rules:
1. If you get me all worked up, I completely lose my mind when I cum. I'll skip 1 turn for each completely full bar (Desire, Pleasure, Cum) I have when I cum, plus 1 more turn if It's a "Special" action.
2. Edge everytime my partner calls me a "good girl". If the audience calls me a "good girl", I must ask my partner for permission to edge.
3. Only resist cock sucking/worship hypnosis on 6+
4. I am Obsessed with oral! Whenever a cock or strap or similar is forced into my mouth, I roll a die. On 1-3 I lose focus on the match and have to skip an action, 4-6 nothing happens.
5. Dominated in doggy. Whenever I face a cum test in doggy position, I roll a die. On 1-2, I must cum. 3-6, just test as normal.
6. That 'Filled' Feeling. I love having something in my ass. Whenever a buttplug is inserted into me, I must edge and thank my opponent for filling my ass.
7. Sensitive little buds. I must wear nipple clamps while playing and tug on them any time my tits are stimulated.
8. Cock is more important than air. If my mouth is fucked (DeepThroat/throatfuck), I must skip a turn to recover
9. 1. Edge every time you try to make me cum. If I cum in game, If I cum IRL, I must forfeit.
A. for every subsequent cumtest, I must hold my edge for 5 sec. First cum test 0 sec. Second 5 sec. et.
B. If at least 1 bar is at 100, I must do an additional edge. The holding time increases with every edge done
10. I just can't fight my submissive nature, whenever my opponent picks an action with the male domination kink, I must choose the most submissive action on my following turn. If I do not have a suitably submissive action, I must skip my turn.
11. Please make me cum! Every time I take a cum test, I must thank my opponent like a good little sub slut.
12. Edge everytime I initiate a cum test (This edge does not count toward edge holding)
13. Must rub my clit 15x for every nipple on screen.
14. Throatfuck slut: whenever my opponent uses my throat, I just can't help but touch my dripping pussy. Rub my pussy 20x when my mouth is used. After 3 instances, I must edge Nd hold for 10sec.
15. Painslut iniation: After every edge, I must spank my ass a number of times equal to the edges since last I came.

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