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Feeling kinda confident today

Hello, I am a 23-year-old uni student who is about to enter his last year.
I came here for the classic and wrestling matches, but I am starting to like interactive and even hentai matches too. (I've dommed once now and have to say I liked it a lot, Not too fond of hard degradation though but don't mind a little humiliation and I like to tease)
I am 6'0' (1,83m) tall, Play football, do a bit of Kickboxing and go regularly to the gym. I'm kinda muscular build, but it's bulk season so... I don’t have a sixpack right now ;)
If it isn't me after a workout in the profile pic, I probably lost a bet.

2 X wrestling champion 🏆
❤️ DK x MC ❤️

Open for a lot of things.
I like competition, but don't mind a different kind of setting! I am a switch, so it does not matter if I win or lose but I am not the person that just gives in and sub, If we end up in matchmaking, just tell me what you like, and if you have preferences don't hesitate to ask! I am here to try new things anyway

I also want to try Interactive mode but haven't done it before, so if anyone wants to explore together don't hesitate to send me a PM.

Love betting, with a punishment for the loser. It makes the matches more exciting.
Examples could be something simple, like changing profile picture or a small text, or something more daring. so... wanna spice things up?

Started to try RP sessions and I really liked it but I'm not a professional so if you don't mind rookie mistakes I will be more than open for an RP session.
I like Creative & interesting Scenarios (Don't be afraid to ask for your fantasy), Sometimes open for IRL and don't really care if the game is private or public.

Side note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry if I make some mistakes

I can speak Dutch and English
Limitis: Blood, scat, toiletplay

See you around if you feel ready to try me ;)



Things I like: Role-playing, teasing, anything with the mouth really, edging, a little bit of humiliation, giving pleasure and probably a few more things… but you have to ask ;)

rules I have to follow

If a girl fucks me, I have to roll a dice. 5/6 keep playing. Anything else skip (2/5) ~ thanks to Laura

Notable wins


My subby darling Viki, when I challenged Viki for a match I kept teasing whether she wanted me to finish her gentle and sensual or if she rather wanted me to take her on all force and get rough with her. At first she tried to stay tough telling me she could easily handle me, that I was gonna be sorry for talking to her like that… I think it only took me 10 minutes before she eventually started moaning and begging, telling me that no one has ever done this to her. It was only a matter of time before I had her cumming all over and over again, taking her from behind while I pulled her hair… I even made her admit all kind of things (but that’s something between us). After that it was a small back and forth untill I finally won the match, took her in my arms and cared for her. Honestly after this match… it only gets better and better with her 😅 and I’m sure we’ll have a lot of matches to go still!


sooo I don’t even know where to start with this girl… how about the fact that she’s always wayyy to confident, trying to act all tough and making sassy remarks all the time. So it should be clear that it was pretty humiliating for little Mel when I completely dominated her in one match, I had her easily wrapped around my finger and even made her beg on her knees to finish her off. This was pretty much how all our matches went (maybe she got lucky in one or two more). Until our last match… I still don’t really know how she did it, and I’m still trying process everything that happend, but damn does this little nurse know how to take care of someone… I kinda thought I had her and that I was in her head with a dirty trick of mine, only to figure out she’s so much better in this… she teased the hell out of me, crawled deep into my head and had me flying from that point, there were some moments I thought I could turn it around, thinking it would make her want to give in if I reminded her enough about our last match but it was already done… the fact was my head was not in the game anymore, all I could think about was her and in the end… all I could do was admit that I loved her before giving her my all. After a few more matches we decided we don’t need to be competitive anymore, we’re just enjoying each other… so much that I can even proudly call her mine. 😘

sassy Selena

This hot and spicy Latina is everything a man needs 😍, she will always have a special place for me since she's one of the first girls I've outwrestled on this site. Although it's hard for us to find the time for matches, we managed to do a two-parter recently. She as the undefeated queen of the ring and I was a rookie with only the matches behind my name. It was supposed to be an easy win for her... but boy did it not go her way. It was cute how she was trying to keep her dignity, but damn was I determined to show everyone, that not only could their queen be broken... but completely humiliated as well. I pushed her body through the ropes and start with having some fun with her ass, giving it a little squeeze here... and gentle smack there, making her confess that a rookie could not only out-wrestle her but out-fuck this so-called queen of the ring as well. No surprise she wanted a rematch after 5 months although I was really excited to dominate her once more, and even though it started that way... after her first orgasm we just enjoyed each other body's, not really trying to put each other in these humiliating positions but just coming to an amazing end... oh and if you ever match her, don't let that pretty mouth get wrapped around your member... or do 😉

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