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I faced off against Tim in a USA vs France match, I tried hard but the size of his baguette quickly forced me to cummmm all over it twice!!!!!.

At the time of writing this, I have had 3 fights against Jake and I have been dominated in all 3 matches. In two back to back matches, he made me squirt everywhere both in game and IRL and I couldn't even make him cum once! I desperately need to beat him one day, I might become my personal pet 😩😩

After a lot of back and forth taunting with BWC_Jay I decided to make the dumb mistake of challenging him to a match! We fought long and hard. From the get go, he took every opportunity to fuck my pussy. I desperately tried to fight back only to have him hammer my pussy to orgasm from behind twice and in the end I begged him to impregnate me and are now I'm his preggo bitch and learned my lesson

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