Liv (Transgender) (Level 5) mail warning

On Hiatus indefinitely; IRL stuff got very hectic

Sorry if I take long to reply, my irl life has been really hectic lately

My Basic Info:

Height: 5’6” (about 168 cm)
Weight: 135 lbs (about 61.2 Kg)
Boobs: B cup
Ass: below average in size but very firm and perky

I have medium length light-brown hair and green eyes. I am a dancer and a runner so I have a slim but fit physique with good muscle tone and nice proportions. If you prefer to fight a cis-girl, I can edit my character for a match! At “full mast” I stand at roughly 10”.

Trans switch. Lately I’ve been craving a futa v futa match. I lean more towards being a domme, but I become a needy brat when I lose a match. I most likely won’t do femdom or joi games as I loooove competition, but classic, hentai, and lwr/wr are fair game! I love a close back-and-forth match, but can also enjoy a more one sided bout if your submissive side gets too eager! Trash talking and degradation are accepted and even encouraged! (Don’t worry I’ll lyk if you’re pushing my boundaries, but I’ve yet to come close to being uncomfortable)

Anything you wanna know about me that wasn’t covered? Feel free to send me a message! My dm’s are always open! Still new to this community, so advice is always appreciated!

A few of my favorite matches, in chronological order

I exposed Stephanie for the pervert she really is and used my feet to make her cum over and over again. She even licked my feet clean afterwards!

I had a decent start when I first fought against Alyx, but she proved too much for me and slowly milked me of all my cum. Humiliated, I even begged her to take my ass with her strapon and she did!

Things went much better for me in my second match with Alyx as I was able to submit her very quickly. After making her cum twice from her pussy during the match, I decided to take her ass and give her her very first analgasm, in front of an audience none the less.

I thought I could easily beat a sissy like Sissy Amine, but she proved much tougher when she pulled out her strapon. despite her biological cock being shrunken to the size of a clit, she was able to pound my ass with her strap making me cum over and over again.

Aleph Was barely a challenge for me when I faced her. I made her cum over and over again, leaving her begging and humiliated. After her loss, she decided to become my personal sissy fuck toy.

After one win and one loss against Alana, I won the tie breaker. Having won the trilogy, I got to use her however I pleased. After the match I milked her cock over and over again, leaving her cock red and swollen, almost breaking her poor girlcock. I finished her punishment by creampieing her pussy and leaving her used and abused.

My Harem

This is a list of people who've have agreed to serve me, letting me use them whenever I please. My harem is fairly inclusive, and I may even let you join if you ask nicely ;)


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