Ganyu (Level 4) mail warning

Rp games with Dirtytalk and a lot of teasing! ୧(^ 〰 ^)୨ (also RP in DM´s)

Hello Cuties

Im Ganyu and here to give out a lot of plesure!

I love putting on a fight and try to outfuck the other person as hard as I can. Im a switch (sometimes really subby if you hit the right points) so dont be suprised, if I even dominate you in a match.

I love Rp but not too long since im quiet busy sometimes between matches and sometimes I think that it gets boring over time. You can always DM me if you want to and Rp there, I Just love it.

Im lesbian, but also love to play with futas that I can plesure with blowjobs! Im a very horny person so be prepared that I wont always go for the win, more likely to see you squirm in plesure! If you want me to be a futa if you want a futa vs futa match^^.

Im really new to the whole owning someone so, if youre good enough and completly humiliated me I will maybe ask you to make me youre assistant or something further....

Also I love Rp with my horns lately so...if you want msg me and we have some fun~

About me:

1,70cm tall
65 kg
Tits: D
Thighs: very huge ;)
Ass: Medium
From Germany 🇩🇪 (still prefer english speaking matches)

Things you wanna know (that maybe help you against me!)

Boobs: will get me anytime I will suck them dry or cant ressist when I get sucked.
Forced orgasm: Getting someone over the edge forcefully hearing the person beg you to stop even if it feels so good is just ahhh I love it!
Sexfight: This is why I love this site!

My weaknesses:
- Getting breed: Im so down bad to get breed please just do it!
- Hair: You can do everything with it I will love it (but no cutting)
- if you see this: my horns: (i will regret it so hard writing this) if you lick, kiss, rub, touch them i will instandly stop what I do and you can dominate me till I get myself together if I even can >.<

No toilet play!
Brutal pain! (With both I will give you one chance to change it and stop it!)
Try or even think about breaking my horns! (With that if I see that i will leave instant and report you!)


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