Haruto (Level 6) mail warning

Most interested in rp.

Interested in enjoying your fantasies together. Creativity and kinky stuff can go really well joined in a nice adventure~

Have been checking out some games and really interested in the ERP( erotic roleplay ) aspect of it

Hello! I am Haruto and I'm here to have fun times and make some friends. Usually pretty shy around new people but want to open up and enjoy listening to rp ideas even if it's just a rough idea.

I like the idea of this place and the idea of teasing each other until we can't help but want to jump on the other seems really appealing. I like to be able to flirt and build at least some friendship with people I come up against so be it rivals lovers or just friends I like being able to have a little connection when possible I think it makes the experience more fun and entertaining for everyone who is involved

Roleplay wise I like to experiment stuff be it fantasy or just a random encounter I hope we click or at least both leave satisfied. And who knows if it comes to that we can create a history together and see where it goes~ .

Kink wise I'm pretty vanilla but I like to get to know more ideas and more fantasies around here that people like or can come up with

Kinklist -- https://i.imgur.com/LXnzFhj.png

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