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Up for any Hentai matches! (RP in DM's allowed too!)

Disclaimer: This is a fictional roleplay character. Any dialogue out of parenthesis is completely said by her and not the author. The author and the character are both separate entities. (an exception was made for this profile details). Roleplay only, not interested in IRL or attracted to IRL profile. If you want to refer me as the author, just call me Ai

Hi! My name is Haruka. I'm a former wrestler who seeks for fun matches with anyone. Nice to meet you, I hope we both will have a good time together!

Full Name: Haruka Miyazaki
Age: 27
Race: Japanese
Gender: Female (can turn into a Futa with a specific potion)
Height: 167cm
Bust: 90cm (D)

Hentai game mode (Kinks and much more):
Terms: Equal (Occasionally switch, usually when doing competitive matches)
Preferred style: Semi-literate RP (Normal) or Dirty Talk (Competitive)
Kinks: Basically all selected below, with strong fetish for licking body parts.
Limits: IRL, Bondage, Watersports, Non-consensual rape, Toys, Slavery, Scat, Vore, Gore (Just be a normal human being that's all I ask XD)
Weaknesses: Any oral attacks (To body parts and breast, passive move. To genitals, skip 1 turn)
Venue: Cafe bathroom, Bedroom, Empty Dojo, Beach (Will wear her bikini), Onsen (Will be naked)
Hentai Champion Record: 1 time
Normal OutfitBikiniOnsen

Wrestling Game Modes:
Nickname: Crimson Haru (Kurenai Haru)
Character: Babyface (Will turn heel sometimes)
Style of Wrestling: Brawler (Will prefer physical assault rather than sexual assault)
Signature Move: Corner Dropkick
Finisher: Diving German Suplex

Canonical Story (Up until January 2023)
Haruka was born with only her mother, that she didn't knew who was her father. One day, A gang of Yakuza captured her away from her mother, and she was forced to work as an underground fighter, fighting in a cage against other unfortunate and forced fighters. She eventually discovered that her dad was the Yakuza who held the event but she couldn't do anything as she was tortured everyday to not let her escape from Kabukicho. One day, a group of an unknown force that looks like the FBI, raided the underground facilities and the Yakuzas hideout. Her father was shot dead in front of her, but instead of remorse, she felt happy, and smiled. After the Yakuzas got arrested while the 'fighters' were taken to a nearby hospital for healthcare examinations, she was visited by her mother once again with her stepbrother, who was just a kid. Her mother married another man and they had a son together while she was tortured for years. Her mom took her in once again, to live with the family peacefully, with her new little brother, Haruto. They eventually moved to Osaka, where Haruka started working part time in a small Cafe.

One day, Haruka wakes up, still feeling tired.
Woke up
"It's still 7am.. I have time to get dressed.." She stutters to herself. She then checks her phone, in which she noticed there's an app called 'Erofights'. She tried to remove it several times but it wouldn't work. She then goes to her brother's room and wakes him up. "Haruto! Wake up! We need to go to the cafe early!"

After they reached the Cafe, they took their seats, and Haruka starts asking Haruto about the app. Turns out that he also had the same thing. They experimented with the app, just to discover that its just a normal web tease app, and nothing more.
In cafe

The next day, when she wakes up, her mirror was glowing instead of reflecting. Seemingly curious, she tried to touch the mirror, but it sucked her inside, leading her into an unknown forest. She walk for an unknowingly really long distance just to discover a really quiet shrine. It was quite phenomenal, yet that's when she met Jamie, Glacy, and Kaylie. Jamie introduces her to the world that she's in. It turns out that it was the city for EF in which she could challenge anyone without the usage of the app. But she didn't knew how to return back to earth, until she fell asleep in the shrine's onsen and wakes up on her bed next day, like it was a dream. From then on, she explored the EF city every weekend, challenging anyone that she desires. She'd eventually win a Hentai Champion title unconciously, but she was too scared to defend it. She then challenges Phoebe, in which she ultimately loses against her, but she regretted nothing.

One day, words of her would reach another world and suddenly, a carriage appears out of thin air, offering her a ride. She rides the carriage, in which she travels into another world, meeting a vampire who offered her to be a champion in his arena, along with Phoebe.

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