Katss (Level 7) mail warning

I love dirty talk, IRL and bets

Bi / Sub


Last match I pathetically lost and became David 's little bitch. I nearly escaped on the second round when I didn't cum even when chances were high, but luck never favors more than twice so I lost.

For losing, he gave me the following rules for the next 10 matches (1/10):
**** For all pin, choke, hold. I have to roll dice. 4+ I can play otherwise I skip. This is only applicable for that turn

**** If someone touches your pussy, you get your vibe on irl. If someone touches/spanks/fucks ass, you put a plug in there. If someones fucks you in pussy, you fuck with the dildo. The duration of this act will be for 30 seconds. If at any point you cum, you lose the game

I'm Ichiru's concubine.
I thought i could tease him and make him edge and cum all over, but the tables were turned...
He was almost losing it for me after seducing him and making him edge over and over.
But I couldnt control myself and he captured me until i break free.

This game can be so much fun sometimes!
I'm a switch and love teasing and playing around and love IRL games.
When I'm doing wrestling, i want a fun fight, so no total subs, that's incredibly boring.

I'm open for lots of things and having new experiences.
Bets can be fun too, but once it didn't end so well and then was in chastity for master Arnold for a whole week :'(
I didn't like that very much :(

After our introduction, I took a bet with Brian.
He's showing off too much and I knew I could wipe the floor with him easily.
We had a little back and forth and I decided I'd make him into my pet.
Things were going well, I had him pinned and was teasing him all over.

...and then I accidentally got a little carried away and came all over his face while I was riding him.
He took advantage and wouldn't stop fucking me!
I ended up coming two more times and was left a wet mess while he came all over my lips.

I was on a tiebreaker with Connor so I was determined to bring my best game.
Turns out I was quickly bound in tape and no matter how much i struggled, there was no escape.
Teased and tortured, i became desperate for a win and called help from my friends, destroying my opponent in the shower.
Though in the end I made him cum once, it was nowhere near enough as he repeatedly claimed my ass until I came screaming.

Then I met Alex and I had him wrapped around my finger immediately.
Seducing his submissive side, he never had a chance with me.
I made him edge for me over and over until he completely gave in to me.
In the end I won by pegging his ass, making him my slutty pet and leaving him on the edge of his climax.
As he was such a good pet from the start, I gave him a treat and let him cum all over himself, thinking of me.

Fighting the bad end dungeon, I worked my way through demons and orcs to fight the big bad boss Aaron.
I was in a bad shape after all the minions, but I managed to keep my focus and was ready to fight him!
But I didn't expect what happened next. He pinned me down and fingered me so much I came immediately all over his fingers.
I tried to fight back, but no matter what I did, he fingered me so much I just kept moaning until he made me come twice again.
Desperately, I tried to regain control, but he resisted my charm and made me come on his cock, making me his personal slave;
Claiming his victory over me, he made me rub until he allowed me to come.

I had a rough match with Ruck. I had him between my thighs, making him my little pet.
Until he started rubbing me and wouldn't let me go. I tried desperately to make a come-back but he kept spanking my butt and rubbing me, until he made me come like a cute little sub in missionary and put his collar on me.

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