Dalia (Level 5) mail warning

No RP in game please, may do something after match u.u

Hello, my name is Dalia, I have been lurking in this place for quite a bit and finally decided to join the crew. My favourite games are Hentai and Lesbian Wrestling. I mostly play to get on top, but I can admit my defeat.

I usually fight against bots (mostly because I'm a bit shy) but if you don't mind me not answering feel free to talk in spectator chat during my matches. Also, if you don't mind not chatting during a game, I could also fight you...

I'm up for running any bets or agreed rules as long as the other person is the one proposing them.

I have one self imposed rule: that I must pick any wrestling action if it is open.

-Disclaimer: my gender may not match with that of my character. I dislike private message rp or irl. English is not my first language. Thank you-

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