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Looking for a competitive match with possibly IRL bets

6'2 tall guy who you can find almost every day at the boxing ring.

I am a switch, leaning to dom so it does not matter who wins or loses, and if you have preferences just ask and I'm sure we will figure something out. I even like subbing from time to time. I am here to try new things after all!

I enjoy a good bet/wager, so if you want to make it interesting I'll be game! Sexual domination over the loser, writing on profiles, tasks for the loser, or tying up the loser post-match and doing whatever you want to them! (concerning each other's limits/kinks, of course)

I just started with RP and I'm still a rookie, but I really like it and would want to do it a lot more.

something for your imagination


Extra Optional Bondage Rule

If we're playing and one of us makes a move where it would realistically take effort to get off of (like when I pull your hair, hold you tight or pin you by pinning you in place, or you sitting on my face or got me on my back while you're on top, for example), then the person being held, pinned, etc. has to do a strength check with the dice and roll higher than the person holding them in order to move on their turn. Otherwise, their turn is skipped. This is a temporary hold if the person holding switches their position for their next turn.


"I was feeling particularly desperate for some intense humiliation, so like a fucking dumbass, I decided to challenge the greatest fighter I could find, 'Lucia' herself... I started out by trying to act all smart and stuff, using 'explaining how all this fighting stuff works' as an excuse to kneel before her and earn the privilege of sniffing her panties, though she saw through my ruse... I tried my best to put up a token effort, but she had no patience for my subbie ways, and made me cum all over myself, showing me my place on the floor like a proper little loser".



*== Results from bdsmtest.org == *
100% Switch
90% Brat
80% Dominant
80% Experimentalist
75% Primal (Prey)
74% Submissive
65% Primal (Hunter)
60% Degrader
55% Rope bunny
50% Degradee

I speak german and Engish, but the second one it not really good

wc Is hetero
autorenew Is a switch
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