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horny and ready to beat you :) dm me

Hétéro / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

im a 20 years old student from germany,
being around here for some time now i found out some things about me:
- Im highly competitive and i love to win (youll see that in my stats)
- If you come up with a nice rp idea, youll catch my attention
- The riskier the better (most of the times), so im always up for bets
- i prefer longer games over short ones

Losses i am forced to display:

Being long enough on erofights by now, you´re starting to know your opponents. One year has passed since i last fought Ritzy. Thinking i would be in for an easy win i accepted the challenge, beginning an rarely competitive game. After a tensed back and forth, where my throat was stuffed like never before, i couldn´t help but cum with his cock deep inside my rare end. For now i have to serve my new master as his fucktoy and cocksleeve.... but ill be back on top :)

After losing to LuckyShot as his secretary, i had to pose for his camera and set it as my avatar, to make sure it reminds me of my inappropriate behavior at the office.

I challenged BiancaTS to teach her some manners. Even though it was a close figth, i ended tied up with er semen covering my face, after being defeated. For now i am her "Cum Dump", but there is more to come...

Even though i knew his reputation, i was confident that i could beat Blank Slate. But the higher you rise, the deeper you can fall... So after an intense beginning, he somehow managed to get me caring less about the actual game and more about my own desire. Ashamed i have to confess that he left me being a horny mess and also one of his Blank Girls. For the next 3 days he changed my Avatar and my name.

As he searched for new staff members Adam came across my profile. Of course i couldn´t otherwise and accept his challenge. After winning the first match, he provoked me to do a double or nothing rematch. I´ve might been a bit overconfident there, cause after a close fight he made me cum like a slut, by aggressivly penetrating my ass. As a revenge he gave me the most embarassing role at his house. For now i am his slave, waiting to be used in the basement.

Thinking his recent loss weakend him, i decided to challenge Master Prince to a high stakes bet. It was a tough game with me cumming first while being in bondage... Even tough i could make master cum once, he decided to show me my place by putting me in bondage again, and watching me lose control over my body, as i came with my body restrained in ropes. Due to that loss ill have to serve master as his new Pet- Toy, worshipping his cock, until 28.12.22 (European date :) ). Also master gave me a more appropriate profile picture and a new rule, which is emphasizing my place as a bondage slut. I may only refer to him as Master,Daddy or Sir.

Thinking that nobody around here could beat me anymore, i challenged many confident fighters.. one of them was namedCyrus. Considering my recent streak i obviously didn´t believe him as he said he would humble me. Little did i know that i would finally learn what it really means to be helpless in bondage. Being in ropes half of the game i could only watch as i was slowly brought closer and closer to the edge and finally over it. And since i was so forward from the start, it seemed to be even more fun to leave me a humiliated mess. For now im just what is written over my whole Body "Property of Cyrus"

Active Rules
Finished Rules

~~ "Desperation" from Chad Cocky Every time someone takes an action with a cock in my mouth, I need to roll a 5 or 6 otherwise i´ll have to skip my turn and tell how much i love the taste of it and how bad i want you to erupt into my mouth.(3/3) ~~

As a slave in Adams house, i gained 3 rules which are activated when you tell me the trigger word. ( This rule is currently inactive, until Adams shows up again.)
1. I lose every cumtest that involves anal
2. I must skip my turn whenever an anal action is played against me
3. I have to beg for more everytime someone fucks my ass

From Prince
Even when the game has a turn limit, every bondage action is affecting me until ive rolled a 5 or 6, no matter what the limit is.(until 28.12.22)

FromBondageman If I get bound in latex, only rolling a 6 will allow me to escape (in place for 10 games).

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