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Title (dev): Standing 69 Femdom [f4m] [1 pic] (For Classic)
Difficulty: Hard (4)
Standing 69 Standing 69

Standing 69

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Description [POV Attack] (english):
You lift and flip him 180 degrees, into a standing 69, your mouth utterly dominanting his cock, as he tries to attack your pussy.

Bot dialog (english):
Mmpnh~ You like this, weak boy?



Description [POV Victim] (english):
She lifts you up and the world turns upside down! You feel her mouth blowing your cock relentlessly, your defenseless position turning you on as you desperately try to lick her pussy.



Kinks: Female domination


Type of action: | Sucking/Licking

Last updated: July 26, 2021 00:03


- Added a comma to the bot text.

- Even though I couldn't find a better image or gif, i think its a good action by itself, could be changed to something like, piledriver blowjob or anything like its wrestling counterpart

- Thanks for the pre-review! the re-balance looks really great as well, but I don't think this action should be banned for switches, the "femdom" on the name is just an indicative thats its the woman who's in charge of the position, and there are moves like amazon which are switch free, so please enable the action for both switches ^^

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