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Title (dev): tentacle suck [TS] [a4tf] [1 pic] (For Hentai game)
Difficulty: Hard (4)
Tentacle mouth! Tentacle mouth!

Tentacle mouth!

star star star star star
star star star star star


Description [POV Attack] (english):
You secretly order a tentacle mouth to ambush her, and it works perfectly! You watch as she writhes in ecstasy as she desperately tries to remove that tentacle from her cock before she feeds it!

Bot dialog (english):
Take a chance, feed me, yeah! You know the kinda eats, the kinda red- hot treats, the kinda sticky licky, sweets I crave!



Description [POV Victim] (english):
You didn't pay enough attention to your surroundings and in the next second, a tentacle mouth, designed to inflict immense pleasures to cocks, swallows your dick! You throw your head back in ecstasy and try to get it off!



Kinks: Monsters


Type of action:

Last updated: July 25, 2021 08:20


- Added bot text, a reference to Little Shop of Horrors.

- Corrected the spelling of ecstasy, as well as a few other adjustments.

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