The LumberSnack ­čŹ┐ (Level 7) mail warning

Testing TWR balance feel free to come play and chat.


This account is mostly for testing out balancing in TWR (The Wrestling Ring) game mode.

If perhaps you want to play a game of classic or something else feel free to ask me~

Height- 6'3
Weight- 205lbs Musuclar Build
Hair- Brown slicked back medium length hair, with a nice full beard.
I generally do enjoy RP, while I'm totally fine with a just dirty talk approach please give me more than 1 word responses.

Special Shout Outs

Green Velcro
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After a very heated back and forth Halloween Tournament match.... Vanessa finally gave in to having her pussy double stuffed, by my cock and Weiss's strapon. Claiming my prize after the round, and sadly removing her from the tournament. (Apologies to everyone for that) I can't wait to find this little cutie again.

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e36 e35 $$69BATTLE$$ Aggressive Licking From Bottom ForcehertosuckPinchhernose e34 While grapevining his legs, you slap your hand over his mouth to gag him. Hand gag and grapevine e33 $$69BATTLE$$ Figure 4 Get Him Hard e32 e31

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