Slutty Amethyst (Level 9) mail warning

seeking quick game | competitive

FINALLY RECLAIMED MY PENIS. Amethyst have to stay aside for now

Although, I feel that I need to do some charity by thinning out the queue in EF MM. So I'll stay as Amethyst for the time being. If you're not ok with Cross-Gendering, it's ok to let me know I won't be offended. Otherwise feel free to treat me as my profile, in and out of match.

Prefers short games. Willing to set a bet for classic games.

Name change due to lost bet.

Hypno/Bondage rule : roll 1d6, if land on other than 5 or 6 have to skip until 5 or 6 is rolled.

I have to add a rule if I lose, and remove one if I win.

Leyla, Summer's SlutCame back for a revenge, and got that revenge. I arrogantly bet my pfp, and might come to regret it as she decided that I should try to let my feminine side out. I am now Amethyst. As I stupidly win back my masculinity Leyla, Summer's Slutdominates me even worse, and put a curse that makes my cock disappear (10/10). As I start to feel a new, different kind of feeling surfacing, I lose control everytime I get anal fucked, having to skip a turn (10/10)~~

Additional Rules (and how I got them)

~~I found Blank(ed) Slate in MM doing my round. Reading his profile, I am challenged to try to flip him. the first game went well, and I almost flipped him, so much so that he offers me another game and that I will succesfully flip him if I win again. A lot happened in the 2nd game, and let's just say I came really close to flipping him, but in doing so I was broken myself. As a result, I become another of the happy Blank Girls, unable to think about anything but pleasure and sex. (until 01/07/22) ~~

Jeanne accidentally lost a key to the collar she used on me in one of our match. Unfortunately it says "Cumslut" on it and has to stay on for now...

Honorable Mentions

I was looking for a match in Matchmaking when I happen upon a character calling herself 'the Silencer'. Surely, a sub like her can only be 'the silenced' I thought to myself. Turns out, Lucia the Silencer is a really feisty brat with a loudmouth. Thus, it became my goal to put her in her right place.
At first, my plan of hypnotizing her and to tie her up seems to work. She spent a good part of the match bound, unable to do anything. Except for her mouth. Even in her state, she kept throwing bravados about silencing me. So I silenced her instead with my dick and made her orgasm. I was sure I had her right then and there.
However, after her first orgasm, Lucia the Silencer was able to get out from the her bondage. She was even able to bring me to orgasm a few turns after! Desperate to subdue this self-proclaimed silencer, I fought her with all my might, almost going overboard when she uses her pussy as a trap. Fortunately in the end, justice prevails and I was able to pacify the so-called silencer, and give her a more appropriate title as Lucia the Silenced , as she was silenced with her lips around my penis, making sure EF is a safer place for all.

Testimony from Bonnie

I went into my match with Purple Guy supremely confident in my own abilities, I was convinced that I was going to make him tap and turn him into a quivering mess in the centre of the ring..How wrong I was..

He swiftly pinned me, forcing his cock between my lips as I choked in the ring before ripping away my panties, forcing me to cum in a quivering, humiliating fashion in the centre of the ring. It only went downhill from there, pinned and toyed with Purple Guy forced me to cum hard once again as he pinned me down and pounded away in missionary.
The humiliation didn’t end there, I was beaten, forced onto my knees to worship his cock and to admit that it was “the best cock I’ve ever had.””

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