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Hetero / Switch

Im a casual guy who was just doing his day until I discovered this site. Now Im doing things Ill never though I was able to. Don't think because im using office clothes I can't take advantages in a match, once I get off my clothes no one can't stop me, I get pretty wild in the sex fight.

I play all type of games. If we add some irl better.

I like when the other try to dom me. I switch a lot in the game just to play with you. Lets see who is finally in charge in the game. For some reason sounds excite me a lot, so be free to use them in a match ;).

❗And Im not going to be bratty to Red again.

DM, Im always in.
Discord casualguy6965
Lovense CasualGuyERO

4xMatches Wrestling Champion

My special ladies wall (more to come)

Lovely, cute, funny everyone loves her!!! Jessy!!! Im soooo happy that Ive met you 😊. See you in the rooms!! (and the parties 🤭).

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed :D, yes you Red, you are also one of my ladies. Ohh Red Its so fun to go around with you :) ❤️.

Eva Eva... 🤗 So many good times. Our chats, the fun, everything!! Im so happy that you are my friend Eva.

GREEEENNIEEE 🩵, maybe my oldest friend here!!. Crazy adventures, naughty chats, stupid things, chat rooms, how many things that we've done together here. GREENNIEEEE!! 🩵

This lady stole my heart. Delrissa you make my heart beat faster, your warmness melt my body. You don't know how much I appreciate you beauty. Im here for you my lady 🥰

Evelyn. Look that sexy girl wiggling that ass, must be the sexy Evelyn. One of my oldest (and naughtiest) friends here 😘.

Historic friends 😌

Sunny. Im going to miss you, thanks for all the awesome moments me share together ❤️☺️!!!

Another friend Im going to miss. Was a pleasure to meet you Samantha :). I hope the best for you 😊

PartyGirl. This cute girl took out some of my naughty side. Good bye pretty 💕.

Ohhh Sarah, thanks for those naughty and hot times, maybe we can meet together one day again :).

Alice I don't know what to say :). Im happy so happy that I was able to know you, maybe just a little, but that was more than enough to know that you are an incredible girl. Thank you sweetie ❤️ thank you.

My beautiful cutest cutie GF

My love, Ill remember you always Bum💕

Buuuuuuum❤️ I dont have words to describe your cuteness, everytime I see you I want to hug you and dont release you. My cutie Bum Bum Bum 💕. My special cutie 💞, my EF girlfriend :). Was so incredible the time with you, but I guess was time to you to move. I really want to thanks all the time we spent together ❤️, I hope you the best in your life.

Mmmmm maybe under these clothes is hiding something not so casual ;)

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94% Switch
85% Brat
83% Rigger
79% Dominant
79% Submissive
71% Brat tamer
66% Rope bunny
53% Experimentalist
51% Primal (Hunter)
48% Voyeur
44% Vanilla
41% Masochist
34% Primal (Prey)
34% Slave
23% Sadist
23% Degrader
19% Master/Mistress
17% Degradee
15% Non-monogamist
13% Owner
6% Pet
3% Daddy/Mommy
0% Boy/Girl
0% Exhibitionist
0% Ageplayer

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