Laz (Level 5) mail warning

The most ticklish switch around :P

=(/\)= I adore games of chance.=(/\)=
We pray to the RNG gods here baby.


Not looking for IRL yet, but I'm totally down to play with people here and rp.
Dm me on Discord if you wanna arrange a match when I'm not online here ;)

A loyal slave to Mistress Nathalia~

I hereby give consent to be verbally abused



I lost a 1v1 against Hitsugaya, and had to endure 27 edges.
I lost a 1v1 against the fairy called Petite and had to add another rule.
I won a 1v1 edging challenge against Sasha the Titan.



Following a match against Hitsugaya, I was punished by 4 women in the room with 27 edges. I made it to 16 before I failed and this means I now have the following 3 rules for the next 10 matches.
#1: Each match must be for a new rule to be set by the winner.
#2: Whenever I am cum testing, I must flip a coin, heads is to test, tails is to cum.
#3: If I am bound or under hypnosis I must roll a 6 sided dice, if I roll 1-4 I must skip my turn, there is no limit to rolls. (0/10)
#4: For the next 5 matches, I am not allowed to do any actions that use my cock. (0/5)



Not a big fan of hardcore BDSM pain, gore, vore or scat and thing of such nature.
Being a cuck is also not my cup of tea. Long term chastity without stimulation as well.




About me

I'm 23, a mechanical engineering student, a kick boxer and streamer.
A horrendous tickle slut, but can't really express, so I'm here to let my perverse nature run wild.
183cm tall, around 100kg.
Looking forward to meeting lots of people and having plenty of fun~

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