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Lesbian / Switch


Hello, my name is Sophie The Story Teller.
I've been here for a while and tried a thing or two, but it's time to settle down a bit. In my past life that I left behind as an Ice Mage i did a thing or two, visited couple places and met some nice people.
Thats my past tho, I am not a fighter anymore but rather lover. However some of the stories from my past like my origin might be interesting for some so thats what I ll be doing for now, sharing some nice stories in my diary for people to read and leave some comments, remembering how it once was.

I am not against some nice warm longterm detailed RP if you are interested DMs are always opened. I might not be the best but i ll put heart and soul into it. I do not plan on being in public rooms much so youll mostly you will find me here, writing some nice stories. talking out of character is also more than possible, always happy to help.

I have one rule only: ,,What happens on EF stays on EF,, meaning there is no way for IRL interactions, pics, calls or anything, please be respectful.

I am mostly interested in hentai games and hentai oriented accounts, sorry classic players if you get a bit less love from me ehe. Matches are really rare for me and probably will do only with people really close to me. In case we do have a match please be respectful, do not kinkshame and accept my rules being RP mode only, hentai only, long detailed matches used only as extension of RP, not interested in fast matches.

Most of the time I am on Discord, trying to answer as much as possible but not free all the time. For the time being my Discord is given only to those who proven worthy, once we get to know each other a bit more I might share my Discord with you.


100% Switch, meaning if you press right buttons I ll submit for you and let you hear one of my special meows hehe, but if you show me some things on yourself that I find arousing I ll not waste time to pounce haha.


Birthday: Not sure but currently +- 3020 years old
Gender: Female
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Body type: Petite//Thick
Cup Size: Good enough pouts


Both my ears and tail are really precious to me and really sensitive, not saying they are my erozones as well so please be gentle with them. Seeing newly appeared kink of breeding in EF city I have to disappoint you, due to my Ice Mage history I have a 10 000 year old curse that almost prevents me from ever being pregnant or impregnating anyone, there is a way that I ll keep to myself for now so please be respectful.


Nothing blood related, toilet play, gore, vore, extreme body modifications, age play, ncn, incest... Its hard to find something I ll nyo like besides named kinks, but you can always try, I am opened to trying new stuff. Be respectful and I ll be as well, lets have fun together.


Why dont you find out yourself? winks


PERMANENT: None so far
TEMPORARY: will be later listed in my diary
My ever first mark left by noone else than Anna in form of a purple ,,I love you" message on my belly near my womb. 3/3

Anna drew a beutiful purple collar with a lock on it with ,,I love you" message all around my neck. 3/3

Driz left a hickey and love bite on my left Side of my neck 1/3

Driz left a love bite while I was sleeping on my left Side of my neck 0/3

Neshi left a love bite on my right Side of my neck during our ,,fight for power" 0/3


Currently not interested in any of those, you cannot pick any of those ending in case we do have a match unless it fits the scene perfectly, will be removed after the game. Both my neck and private parts are already reserved for my one and only I truly love, sowyyyy.


I had enough of loud noise in my past, now prefer things a bit less crowded. I'm currently spending most of my time in my cottage behind EF city, located in a special deep forest I grew myself over the past couple hundreds years. In this forest you can find all four seasons and also many almost extinct animals and plants that I gathered from all around the world during my travels. Every season holds something special in it so everyone finds their peaceful space. In a summer section you can find an old looking cottage with couple wooden stairs, windows and bit massive doors that key is given only to special ones. Inside is everything one could ever need and where i ll be relaxing and writing my new stories for people from EF city. Let me warn you, if you hurt any of the animals or plants you find here, you might meet the guardian of this forest, Spark. Also do not go too deeply into the winter area, some of you might not like what or rather who you will find there. Thats all, see you soon.

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