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Hetero / Sub

I'm a switch looking to have fun and explore my sub side. I'm always open to bets/forfeits. Whether I'm dominant or submissive changes based on my mood and my opponent's attitude in each match. I am into RP and short play, depending on the air and chemistry going into a battle. I want to play games for more than just the wins and losses. If we have a good scene, I don't necessarily care about the match's outcome; I'd rather have fun with it. I'm open to doing longer-term (multiple rounds) RP with Dom/sub-elements and running punishments/rewards.

The one thing I'm usually not into is playing against a male character. I will gladly play with anyone regardless of their orientation and gender if their character is not male, i.e., a sissy boy playing a girl or a male playing an alt-female character.

Currently in a Long term Hentai RP with Allana. She won the first game for Dominance, As my mistress, she decided I will be playing as Link from The Legend of Zelda, and she will be Urbosa. As I was asked to do, I have updated my profile and picture to the one she sent over. We will update our profiles to keep track of the story.

The story continues
Amid a scorching desert, Urbosa, the fierce Gerudo champion, faced off against Linkboy, a hero of Erofights. Their battle was not born out of hate but rather a test of skill and strength. Having lost this round, he is exhausted and can only watch as the beautiful Urbosa(Allana) shakes her ass as she walks away (Trial must keep energy above five at all times in the next 3 games.)

*********Main Story Part1: A friendly Match**************

Urbosa had issued a friendly challenge to Link. Urbosa stepped into the ring with a confident grin, her thunderous footsteps echoing through the square. Link stood in at the other end of the ring. A crowd of curious Gerudo onlookers surrounded them.

Soon, The crowd erupted in excitement, knowing that this clash would be a spectacle like no other.

As the match began, Urbosa circled Link, her powerful physique radiating confidence. flaunted her curves and teased him with her body. However, Link was no stranger to this. He deftly removed her top and suckled her breast.

The battle continued, each combatant attempting to outmaneuver the other. Link attempted to use his sensual teasing and submissive personality to build her lust. At the same time, Urbosa relied on her incredible body and stamina to attempt to drain Link dry. The Gerudo crowd watched in awe as the two exchanged lew acts, neither willing to give an inch.

Finally, after an epic struggle with both fighters drenched in sweat and exhausted, Urbosa saw her opportunity to mount Link and bring him to orgasm. Link's stamina was depleted, and he could no longer muster the energy to resist. Urbosa had won the match.

As Urbosa stood triumphant over Link, the crowd erupted in applause. Urbosa takes Link's defeated cock in her mouth, having a taste of victory. She invites the audience to join in, letting them savor the flavor of victory as well.

to be continued

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93% Switch
91% Voyeur
88% Submissive
84% Primal (Prey)
76% Rope bunny
75% Experimentalist
73% Rigger
67% Slave
66% Brat
64% Dominant
62% Master/Mistress
62% Vanilla
58% Owner
56% Non-monogamist
52% Brat tamer
49% Primal (Hunter)
38% Degrader
33% Degradee
32% Exhibitionist
30% Pet
13% Masochist
9% Daddy/Mommy
4% Sadist
0% Boy/Girl
0% Ageplayer

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