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Hey there!
I'm pretty new here so i don't really know what to say here?
I just hope to have nice and good games here :)

I'd say I'm pretty tall (around 1,90m) but pretty thin (around 65kg)
I have long hair colored purple and I'm 19 years old

I speak:
A bit Polish🇵🇱
I also know basic Spanish and Russian but i don't know them enough to have a proper conversation

The fight with Isabel

I may have lost but it was a great fight and i got to practice on hypnosis a bit :)
Such a good slut

For my kinks:
I like feet a lot, especially smell of these (sweat and musk in general) as well as being kinda owned by someone and restricted in some way
I'm also really into humiliation and collars :)
Hypnosis is also super hot, especially if it's not a kind of hypnosis that just makes me blindly behave but there is also still some struggle left

Also i didn't draw my profile picture

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