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Bi / Switch

Age: 21
Weight: 110 lbs
Blonde hair, hazel eyes, and petite body with B cup breast and small ass

Solara: I challenged her once more and got my revenge. Now she spends the rest of her days worshiping my feet as my Foot Slut. Unless she or someone else wants to try and free her.
Foot slut

Tiffany: I had a match scheduled at the club with you. I told her it was going to be a bunny match up. I couldn't believe it when she actually showed up in a bunny suit. Everyone laughed at her as she was the only one in a bunny suit. She says so mad she slapped me across the face hard across my face. I fought back and gave her a wedgie. We exchanged moves back her forth. I sear I would have got the upper hand if she didn't kick me in my cunt twice. Once I tapped out she dominated my ass with a strap on and then I pinned her down and took her strap on and used it against her. I took a break to run my self and took off the strap on that's when I made my biggest mistake because that's when she started dominating me. We exchanged being in top until the end when she force me to lick her pussy while she finger me hard until I squirted my juices everywhere. She left the ring and came back with a collar that said Tiffs bunny bitch I told i'm not wearing that and start to crawl away. She grab me by my hair and layed on top of me and force the collar on my neck. She then fisting me by fingering my pussy and fingering my ass until I started squirting again and layed there exhausted and dominated.
Tiff's bunny bitch

-------My Outfits--------
SchoolgirlVibePinkBlack catCammyRed topWorkoutWhite dressPink topRed dress

-------Submisive Side-------
From behindDoubled teamedFinger in mouth

-----Dominate Side-----
From behind
Sit on face

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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