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Hetero / Switch

Creator of "Bad End Battle" 😇
(Don't hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions about the mode!)

Artemas - I like the way you kiss me

skeler - in my mind

New year, new profile!

It has been what? 3 years now, going for a 4th at this place. What a wild ride it has been : )

Done so much. I dont think there are many fantasies for me to be excited about... at least about doing it with random people. Nor the competition of the other modes.

So what's left for me that ef might bring? That's a good question...

Romance. Affection. Care. Companionship. Someone with whom to share a connection. And enjoy this lewd ride together. I know, I know - I sound silly. "Alex, are you out of your mind? What happened to the edging? The consensual non-consent? The humiliation and degradation? All the fun and exciting stuff?"

It is still here. Just... I'm trying to move on. And not put effort into one night stands anymore.

So if you are looking for a longterm partner, with whom you dont wanna share just your orgasms, I'm your option : )

(Not looking for real life relationships. That's a limit.)


Soft side

Cuddles and Nuzzles! If she looks for my warm embrace and nuzzle on me... I melt o.o
Best feeling evah!

Dom side

My gentle side likes obedient little kittens who follow my orders and keep themselves wet for me~😏

If you want to be subjected to rough sex, bondage, edging and being played like a good little toy, that is also very much in the menu.

Sub side
Bondage, collars, edging, licking pussy and feet. Make me fuck you without being allowed to cum and I go nuts. If you are nice and sweet I might give in. Not really a fan of mean abusive play, unless I'm deep into subspace 😉

RP sessions can be started in the DM's. Hit me up and I'll make sure I respond. We can see if we click and go on from there. Fun rp's are always welcomed : )
And we also got demon Alex. Werewolf Alex... The demon Alex that plays around with tentacles. That demon form actually has a lot of features o.o 😇😈

Turn offs: denial, hard brats, toilet play, blood

Important People

Iona is my partner in crime, figuring out new ways to use and abuse the Bad End fans. When I first saw her she was this innocent, well dressed girl looking for intense experiences. Slowly she succumbed to my corruption, obeying my commands until I finally broke her. She completely relinquished control over her body and mind, molding her to be my cute little obedient kitty...
a mean fucking succubus for everyone else. 😈

I was preying, in my Big Bad Wolfie form, on some adventurers who were getting ready to fight in the Bad End. When Isa and Kaylie suddenly ganged up on me and using their cuteness managed to subdue me into a tame, pussy eating pet, happy that it's being fed and taken cared of. Kaylie then put a collar on me that dissappears into a cute little fox mark on my neck, whenever I want to roam free and wild. And reappears around me neck when she wants her good boy...nnnnhhhg o.o

Lily is my obedient little toy, following every command with excitement. She willingly does it all for her owner. Everything to please me and to be allowed to slurp my cum from the floor or directly from my cock if I'm in a good mood. And if I'm not in a good mood? Well... she'll be slurping her leaking juices from a plate after the multiple ruined orgasm I make her do. And she will fucking love it! Of course... I'm nice to her in the mean time. Need to take care of the little sweet cutie~

I'm the luckiest guy ever for being Maya's soulmate ❤

And I'm a good boy for Goddess Silvena 😌

Elliot!!! You are the coolest gay guy I know. How the fuck can you be this awesome? : )

1-14-1 - I know I have to say something... but I'm not sure what it is. I'll remember the good times ❤️

And finally... Alie... my trip here kinda started with you. So know that you left a mark on me ; )

The Edging Brainwash Game~

This will still stay on the profile if it is your thing xD

Wanna try my edging game on writeforme.org? Pick a difficulty and be ready to brainwash your mind for me~

Easy task is to get a feel for what you are getting into. Orgasms not guaranteed!
Medium difficulty is where you will get properly brainwashed, edging your mind away and replacing it with... proper thoughts for a Pet~
The hardest difficulty is where you will struggle with edges and pleasure. If you can't concentrate while being fucked over and over again, you probably won't finish it. Then again - it has the best reward for the hardest working pets ^^


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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Vibrator, Nipple clamps, Cockring, E-Stim, Collar, Leash, Shackles, Rope, Chastity belt/cage, Crop, Paddle, Full-length mirror


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Suddenly, she is ambushed from behind! One of the bandits holds her tight as the rest strip her armour off. Oh yes!!! Surprised stripped! Just kneel down and start worshipping their cocks. It's obvious you can't win this. Worship cock She is way too frisky to keep her swinging weapons and throwing spells around. Some slimy tentacles will hold her down. Tackle her with tentacles You have specialized in a few more magic tricks than the rest of the battle mages in the Order. Hopefully, you can use them wisely and turn this sex... I mean, fight... turn this fight around! Choose Mage Specialization Loading monsters... Enjoy some Womb Tattoo lore~ Pass the First Turn Years of training have made you more resilient and even without a weapon, you can still put up a fight. At least you like to tell yourself this. You have a feeling your theory will be put to the test. Choose Warrior Specialization You dash forward and swing your weapon with such force, that you might have knocked off your opponent. Careful not to lose your balance though! (Warrior specialization) Surprise dash attack They grab her leg and lift it up, exposing her pussy for some hard fucking. That armor doesn't seem to be of much help to her. Fuck her with armor Loading monsters... Enjoy some Womb Tattoo lore~ Pass the First Turn admin boss fight

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