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Hetero / Dom

Creator of "Bad End Battle" 😇
(Don't hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions about the mode!)

Co-owner of the house on Crimson Route 40. Come visit! Talk, chill and interact with the guests in... other ways too... wink

The Edging Brainwash Game~

Wanna try my edging game on Pick a difficulty and be ready to brainwash your mind for me~

Easy task is to get a feel for what you are getting into. Orgasms not guaranteed!
Medium difficulty is where you will get properly brainwashed, edging your mind away and replacing it with... proper thoughts for a Pet~
The hardest difficulty is where you will struggle with edges and pleasure. If you can't concentrate while being fucked over and over again, you probably won't finish it. Then again - it has the best reward for the hardest working pets ^^

Mood: Drake - One Dance ft. Wizkid & Kyla 😌
Mood for the car :D Darci ー On My Own Remix

Welcome to my profile!

Wanna know who am I? Well now... let me tell you... 😏

Funky jazz music starts playing in the background... (youtube link)

I'm that guy who was bored one night and decided to make a fantasy mode for fun. The one you play to fuck your mind silly. You can win it... 😉

I'm that nice colleague at work who is always professional and firm but casual with you. The one you secretly want to crawl for like a good little kitten. Let him have control...

That hot guy at the club you had a great time with, making you feel all sexy and wanted? Yeah that's me. The one you ended up bringing back home and had passionate drunk sex with. 😎

Or that kinky demon in your head you wanna please so much. The one that makes you edge over and over again, making you humiliate yourself for his entertainment. 😈

Your good friend who you can rely on and will always be there for you. The one that will tease you silly, because he knows you so well. You trust him right?

And even that werewolf you accidentally came across that night. He wants to breed you, but maybe you can tame him ; )

I'm the luckiest guy ever for being Maya's soulmate ❤

And last but not least… I'm a good boy for Goddess Silvena 😌

This… and much more…

But to put it simply - chill guy who enjoys a good sex fantasy. 😏

Iona is my partner in crime, figuring out new ways to use and abuse the Bad End fans. When I first saw her she was this innocent, well dressed girl looking for intense experiences. Slowly she succumbed to my corruption, obeying my commands until I finally broke her. She completely relinquished control over her body and mind, molding her to be my cute little obedient kitty...
a mean fucking succubus for everyone else. 😈

I was preying, in my Big Bad Wolfie form, on some adventurers who were getting ready to fight in the Bad End. When Isa and Kaylie suddenly ganged up on me and using their cuteness managed to subdue me into a tame, pussy eating pet, happy that it's being fed and taken cared of. Kaylie then put a collar on me that dissappears into a cute little fox mark on my neck, whenever I want to roam free and wild. And reappears around me neck when she wants her good boy...nnnnhhhg o.o


Dom side
If you want to be subjected to rough sex, bondage, edging and being played like a good little toy, I can do that for you. But don't be afraid to ask for a more gentle approach either. I love playing with horny sluts and little kittens alike 😏

Sub side
Bondage, edging, licking pussy and feet. Make me fuck you without being allowed to cum and I go nuts. If you are nice and sweet I might give in. Not really a fan of mean abusive play, unless I'm deep into subspace 😉

RP sessions are mostly done with people I know. Let's play a game first, see if we click and then we can invest ourselves in more. I'm genuinely curious to try new things. Also not many know, but I'm a mean werewolf that only one girl has tamed so far. If you wanna experience that fantasy - be my guest 😇😈

Turn offs: denial, hard brats, toilet play, blood

Want to play Bad End with some cool IRL rules? You can use the following:

Heroes - match fucking actions with a dildo for about a minute or till you edge. Ultimately, it's your decision how long the fucking will last 😉
Collars, cuffs, plugs etc.- any items that you obtain during the fight should be on you as well.

Evil Lords - for every life point you lose to an attack, you slap your balls that many times.
For every life point you lose during a fucking action, you edge that many times.

Enjoy the mindfuck 😵


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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Vibrator, Nipple clamps, Cockring, E-Stim, Collar, Leash, Shackles, Rope, Chastity belt/cage, Crop, Paddle, Full-length mirror


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Proven that she is nothing more but a slut to fuck, she is sent back to her village with holes full of cum. Naturally, the villagers are not happy that one of their warriors has proven to be a huge whore, so they decide to fuck her silly until she gets sated and then send her back to the frontline. Your village is not happy! As soon as the slime gets a hold of the brat, it brings notices the jiggle of her bust. Soon after, the heroine's breasts are being suckled while gooey tentacles penetrates her moist insides. Such delightful screams! (Action available since the heroine rested!!!) Suction-enhanced fucking (She Rested) After the bandits put her in a vulnerable position on her back, they make use of her holes. Spit-roast her on her back Suddenly, she is ambushed from behind! One of the bandits holds her tight as the rest strip her armour off. Oh yes!!! Surprised stripped! Just kneel down and start worshipping their cocks. It's obvious you can't win this. Worship cock She is way too frisky to keep her swinging weapons and throwing spells around. Some slimy tentacles will hold her down. Tackle her with tentacles After the "fight" you notice a chest and decide to take a look... It's a Chest! You lost control and started cumming on their cocks, creaming the ones inside your pussy and drooling over the others in your mouth. Good slut! She came! "Why should I even bother?" That thought was going through your head as you realized just how difficult this quest of yours would be. You are already bruised and sore, your mind muddled from all the rough fucking. You are barely holding together. How sweet it would be to admit you are bested? To allow yourself to be fucked like this without resisting? To finally let go and surrender to the evil you sought to destroy? So, you knelt and offered yourself to the mercy of your enemies. You Decide to Surrender! You feel the magic energy of the collar forcing you to kneel on the ground... it's much easier if you just submit. (Collar action) Give in to the collar

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