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19 years old, college student and hornier than i' like to admit.

Hello, darling! I think you might want to know a lil more about your girlfriend. In IRL i'm a dark-haired slim girl with light-brown eyes, very proud of the size of my butt. My breast size is C and i'm brazillian, so don't expect a flawless english from me, as i don't will expect from you.

You can often find myself playing "Classic", but like the other game modes as well. I love dirty talking and roleplaying during matches, it makes the whole thing so real. I'm into a lot of things, some examples are anal, face-fucking, cnc, but if you have something specific in your mind, all you have to do is ask, i'm always discovering more kinks to put in the list.

Thanks for reading my profile, but now you will be my boyfriend for doing that. Good lucking taking care of me! You will not find anyone more slutty and needy in real life.~<3

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