Jilly, Only Jodie’s Wife 💍 (Level 9) mail warning

To all of EF…I know you’re all simps for me but I’m already

Bi / Switch

Don’t ask the answer is no, I’m already taken 😘

I’m Jillian or Jilly, an even Jolly to some. I’m trying something new and writing what most people think of me. I’m a sweet and loving girl. I can be mouthy, but nothing I say is meant in a mean way. I just try to be playful and have fun. I try to be kind and open with everyone. I’m not always the best at responding to DMs. Please don’t take it personally. Also, I can be a relentless tease…you have been warned 🤭

I am the wife of the most special and amazing woman in the world, my Jodie. She has been so many things for me, but most importantly, she has always been there to love and care for me. I’ve been made aware that multiple people have told her that since we’ve been together I’ve become more tame. It’s kinda true, but what I think it really is is that she has shown me a love that I have been missing. She makes my heart race, she makes me swoon, she makes me feel loved. With Jodie, I can be myself. She’s shown me that I don’t have to be a brat, I still can be sometimes like I said before, but that’s not my identity. I love my Jodie and because of her I can show more of my true self to others. I can show you all kindness and love too. Jodie is more special than I can put into words. She is my sunshine during the storms, my star that guides me in the dark, but most of all…she is mine. And I am hers. After rereading this it also appears that she has made me incredibly sappy!

If you are ever lucky enough to get the chance to play with Jodie, take it. Just keep in mind that she is mine and you have no chance of stealing her from me. Zero chance of anyone stealing me from her either. But she will give you an absolutely amazing match and you’ll see some of what I see in her. Only some though, only I get all of her :p

****Dinner with my Valentine 💗

Dinner Date

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