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Looking for bet games! <3

Lesbian / Switch

Hi there, and welcome to my profile! Thank you for taking the time to visit! I have always been in love with the idea of a power struggle for dominance, and wrestling is also a big check for me, so finding this was a godsend.
Feel free to message me, or challenge me! I love to make bets for the winner, and the bigger the bet, the better!

If you really can't win against me I do have a weakness.. If you exploit it enough, I'll probably become a lot more subby.

Ideal general match rules:
Normal hypno/bondage rules in game modes that apply. Escape on a 5/6 or after 3 turns.

Current enforced rules(Only used in rp games.):

PERMINANT Whenever a pussy is shoved in my face, I have to lick it obediently, and skip my turn.
Whenever I lick someones pussy, or they lick mine, I have to thank them, tell them I'm "Mommies good girl!" And skip the next turn I can. (For the sake of not skipping two turns in a row, this won't stack with my permanent rule. 9/10 games)
For the next 10 games, whenever I face a cum test where I'm being fucked in my pussy, I have to choose to cum. (3/10)
For 10 games, whenever I'm fingered, I must skip my turn. (2/10)

Previous rules:
Whenever a girl sucks my tits, I have to skip my turn and thank them. 3/3
Whenever I get smothered, I have to skip my turn. 3/3
I must use all submissive feet actions, and whenever my opponent used a foot action, I must skip. 3/3
Whenever an audience move is used on me, I must skip. 3/3
Chastity belt stays on until 3 wins. 3/3
When being fucked doggy-style, I must skip, and if possible my next move must be getting pleasured. 10/10
When my ass is penetrated, I must thank my opponent, tell them how much I love it, and beg for more! 3/3
For the next 5 games, I have a hypnosis weakness. I can only break out of hypnosis effects on a 6. (5/5)

Age: 28
Height: 5'10
Weight: 147lbs
Bust: 38DD

Notable games

Dani 1-3: I managed to take her down one game, but since then she has beaten me 3 times! I'm just starting now to lose my will to fight back against her.. But don't tell her that! She made me cum so many times now, but I will beat her in the end! She made me lose even as a futa, on her request!

naDine: She completely crushed me in matchmaking. I couldn't even make her cum once, and she used me! She put me in chastity until 3 wins, and until then I'm her maid~ We are now 1-2 in her favor, and we have a bet going on our next game~

Prospective Cumslut™️ Tiffany: I challenged her in her home arena, so confident in myself after a few easy wins. It was a close fight, but in the end she pounded my ass until I squirted in front of the crowd.

Rin: She kicked my ass plain and simple, forcing me to cum twice. She proceeded to fuck both my holes, then she made me eat her out while I was spanked by the ref.

Crystal: I tried to hard to beat her, but just couldn't make her cum! She resisted every attempt I made, and in the end she was the first person to ever make me give in before the match was over! She broke my mind and spirit, and made me addicted to her body and scent, and now I call her Mommy! She gave me a womb tattoo that makes me unable to resist her. I guess that's what I get for trying to take on a succubus~

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