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drapes the purple, polishes her shoulder pad and adjustes her Diadema

So this is me, domminating like...almost all of the time. There is a little chance of me being subby (subby Mara) let her hibernate was exiled 😉.

Most likely mood: Asking you to destroy your balls for me.

Kisses 😘😘

If you want to play DM me.

(Picture obviously not me, but fitting nonetheless)

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Let us reduce them to a puddle. Squash your balls You strike a pose, showing off your sexy body for your partner! Pose for your partner Show me how strong you are. Squeeze those balls really good. Squeeze your balls She has to hold the crop for you. Hold crop with teeth Your sub made you tea. Enjoy it. Take a drink You make your sub present her leash for you. Present leash Your hunger for his cock makes you impatient. You cannot wait for him to remove his boxers and start nibbling on his cock through his underwear! Nibble on dick through underwear You make your sub remove their collar. Remove Collar Wanna play with me? Wanna be my King? My Lord and Master? Bring it on then! You wanna be my King? You let him squeeze one of his full testicles. Squeeze one nut

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