Toby~ (Level 9) mail warning

Carefull, i bite~ Easter kitten

Hetero / Switch

grrr~ you scared me!
Be more carefull next time!
hrmpf~  ̄へ ̄

Why is everyone so rude nowadays? grrr~~


One day a tired and exhausted boy walks home in the rain.
Tired of work...coworkers...and all those other anyoning people around him.
The rain drips form the gutters around him as he walks throuh a dark alley. Rusty grabadge cans are stadning next to him and the sweet smell of applepie is in the air.
He closes his eyes, enjoiing the sweet aroma for a worries after bad thougths....just silence.....the dripping water....the cars driving on the road nearby and......HIZZZ!!!
The boy jumps to the side as a black cat hizzes at him and runs away.
He stepped on its tail on accident while he was lsot in his mind.
"Poor thing...hope i didnt hurt it...."
The boy continues his way home and finaly reaches his apartment.
An old motel, not much, but who cares?
He drops into his bed and stares at the celling. The music in his headphones still playing. He closes his eyes and dozze off.....


yawn ---- strech----ears flick----claws extend.....CLAWS EXTEND????????
His eyes widen and he stares at his fingers....there are claws....for real....

"What in the????" He jumps into the bathroom and stars into the way....he has ears.....what happend???
"Its just a dream....its just a dream".....
He panics a little and keeps staring into the mirror.
In his panic he didnt even realice a black cat is sitting on the toilet, swaing its tail and looks at him interested.
He turns his head as he realices it.
"Please dont say that you did that to me!!!"
He stars at the cat......she licks her paw and then under her legs, ignoring him completly.
He sinks to the ground.....buries his face in between his arms and hopes to awake from this nightmare soon.....

yeaa....thats my story! now stop asking so many dump questions!
lick my paw
And stop staring at me while i clean myself!!! give me some space!!
Hrmpf...... 😤

Now better be carefull! i will bite you!!

It seems that the cat was the pet of a powerfull witch...not happy to see her little baby beeing hurt.
And in return...she made him a cat least to some point....
His appearance changes to have a balck tail, flicking if happy.
Black catears, that twich when excited.
Claws that extend when frightend.
A hunger for milk and the temper of a hunder men.
As well as a high sex drive....making him horny 24/7

Things that discust him are:
Bathroom plays, gore, blood, feminization, harsh pain

If you are nice to him you may find him to trust you and like you in the end....maybe even accepting your collar....

Got a little curiouse and may found out that I am pansexual or bicuriouse.... Will see where this goes.
For a few reasons i sometimes feel interested in blues, but only under certain conditions.
But not always!
So for some of them i might turn bi temporarily!

Have you ever met a vampire befor?
Well i didnt and i thought i never would or even want to....bloodsucking demons....doesnt sound very inviting.
But when i saw Julie...well... i was drooling over her amazing body bevor i could even introduce myself properly.
And the lovely person she is, she gave me a chance, which i took.
Her divine body and teasing and naughty nature made quick work with my mind... and now...i am blessed with this~
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She marked me with this on my back after infecting me with an aphordisiac.
Now i will follow her call whenever and whereever i hear it~

Not long after i became part of Julie's harem, she, Amber and i spent a very dirty time toghter.
Both decided to bite my neck and infect me to turn me into a vampire (cat) as well
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(old me)

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