Ava (Level 15) mail warning

Looking for rp and not just a quick speechless game


After losing to Joranyth I was marked by him

No subs! I get too many messages from subs asking to dominate.

If you can beat me I'll rate your dick lol.
I do also like a good futa roleplay.

Turn ons
Praise, Corruption, Forced-Bi, Blackmail, Brat tamers, Degradation, breeding, bimbofication, hypnosis options on here have been pretty hot

Anyways...Hi I'm Ava! Some have told me that I'm a bit bratty lol. I very rarely like domming so you better come ready for me! Let me know if you have any fun RPs in mind and maybe we can have some fun!!!! If you think I'm going to call you Master or Mistress you'll have to spank it outta me.

I'm doing some personal bimbofication training but could always use some help. Here is the hypnosis file I've been using to train.

Heres a little something for you hypnosluts out there lol.

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