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A naive boy, unsure of what his quest is, easy to trick thanks to it.
He is mostly gentle and noble with everyone, but can be aggressive and maybe a bit nervous if he founds himself close to a demon

Languages I can play with: (English & Spanish)
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Born after the slay of his mother, this boy grow alone his first years of life, always close to the water.
Guided by a river, he ended up finding a forest populated by undines (Water spirits) and qilins (peaceful dragon horses), he grow between them, trying to be one more of them, living in peace, but once he got at certain age, living in peace became harder, as new thought invided his mind, one undine spirit saw his struggle, and confess him what was happening, his father was a god, the king of the sea, but also the most lustful of all, and he as his son Pegasus (Real name of him), was developing the same nature.
Scared by this new reality, he decided to leave to not hurt anyone in that forest, and even took under the name of Xolo to ignore the past he comes from, before he could leave, the same undine spirit given him a enchanted sword and tiara, to protect him.
Hi is now out, looking for a way to not be as his father, he protects everyone he finds as if he was a knight, and meditates alone, trying to control his impulses.

This is a RP centered account, if you don't like the character, here are other options.
(M)Drake, The Draconish Lamia
(F) Sticky, The Fake Dragon
(F) Comet, The Herald of the Dragon
(M)Piscis IV, The Prince

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