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Playing for bets with dice rules ;)

About myself:

Traveling a lot, I found I like to come here when I'm away from home to unwind.
Not particularly sub or dom, just a gal enjoying erotica. Found this is quite close to "the story where you are the hero" I loved to read when I was younger.
28, blond, with a some ass. Let's have fun together ;)

My dice rules

I like to play with dice rules, here is my favorite way to go:
- If you get tied up in game, you are in bondage. The text must explicitly say you are bound. You must roll /dice once a turn to get free by getting a 5 or a 6. Otherwise, you must skip your turn.
- If you get hypnotized in game, the same kind of rule applies. You must roll /dice once a turn to get free by getting a 5 or a 6. Otherwise, you must let me choose your action or make you skip. I will probably also tell you to do things IRL, you are free to act them out. They will be in link with the game (like, touching yourself like your character is doing). I only play with a single layer of hypnotization.
- If you are bound AND hypnotized, you will roll once to get out of hypnotization. If you succeed, only then can you roll again this turn to get out of bondage. No sense you'd want to get out of it while I control your mind, is there?
- I play without any limit on the number of turns under hypnosis or bondage.
- If you are gagged, you are not bound. However, you cannot use your mouth. No blowjob, no licking, but mostly, no hypnotyzing as you can't speak. You may roll to get out of this just as for bondage. Rolling out of bondage cancels any gag as well with the same roll. Consider this a protection from hypnotyzation mainly.
Obviously, all these rules apply to you, but to me as well.

Finally, I don't control my orgasm tests. The game does.

I find it very fun to play "blind mode", it makes it so much more challenging. If you would like that as well, tell me and we'll set it up at the start of the game.
I'm not hardcore in my sex practices, but I do like to really push the mind games. And as stated above, this is my favorite way to go, but we can discuss it all to suit your fantasy as well.

Lost bets & game modifiers:

As ordered by Maverick, whenever I am put in bondage, I will skip immediately and only start rolling on my next turn. This will last for 10 games. 0/10

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