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RP game where I can worship divine female body

Don't forget: if you want to add pic/gif to action through enhancement with all 10 available slots already full - just post link to pic/gif in comment section.


Dark side

Shy-girl may be coy in public but behind closed doors, alone with me she turn in entirely different person. It will be our little secret~


Light side

First⁣ wor⁣shipper of the Slut-Goddess Valeria. Couldn't resist her plump ass~

Bellow - is information about me as a person if you want to know me a little better and my preferences.

Hello! My namy is Pavel, Pasha, Pavlik - choose whatever you like. Love this site because here I can explore my kinks and fantasies, chat with awesome people and make each other horny and succumb to our dirty desires.
I like vanilla and light female domination sex. If girl is submissive I prefer cute brats. But strong willed women that has their own weakness is turning me on even more (yes as you might notice I don't like partner fully sub or dominant). I also find out that I like rough sex, especially if I am get horny and can dominate you. My favorite positions are: facesitting, girl doing oral, fucking girl from behind, girl riding on top, hugging, embracing and kissing during sex, staring in each others eyes. Also I think I developed a hypno kink.
Please don't choose me if you are going to be silent during play. I like talk and role play. I am not experienced in the sex art IRL at all and teasing works on me very good, I probably will tease you too, tho~. I like to fantasize and will go along with whatever you might set.
Winning is not important for me. Making you squirm in a bliss is what I aim for. May try to get into your head and seduce you.😘♡
The most turn on for me when girl is taking control and force to lick pussy. And when I suddenly take control, making her mind go blank from surpised, even more overwhelming pleasure. The face of cumming girl is the most beautiful sight in the world.😩♡

I can speak russian 🇷🇺.
Feel free to message me if you wanna play, just talk or ask question about game (better in this order :D).

My kinks: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                                            ---> 🤭 <---

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⁣⁣(look better in dark mode)

I was such a kinky boy that I accidentally become a game master of classic mode.
Want your action being added to the game? I am your guy!



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