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Hi there! My name is Honoka. Don't let my cute appearance fool you. I love to fight and I especially love making guys lose control and blow their loads. I'm here to prove I'm the strongest both in the ring and in the bedroom. Think you can take me on? I sometimes like to make wagers regarding rules that player must follow in game.

Special rules/wagers:

After losing to Steev, for the next 3 games when an opponent resists my cum test, I have to roll a dice. If I roll a 1, I have to skip! (3/3)

After losing to Tsion, I have to skip my turn after making my opponent cum because I'm so cocky, I think I've already won (4/4)

After losing to Joshua, I must use my mouth every chance I get. (10/10)

After losing to BoobLover69, I must use the highest energy consuming action I can do (3/3)

After losing to Jordi, the first time I'm penetrated either from my pussy or ass, I must skip my turn (5/5)

Hard limits: Piss/scat, blood, gore, hard pain

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