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EU Tournament Semi-Final: Daliah vs Morky

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Hello there!
(give me one minute and we start)
Take your time!
(Ok i'm here)
(wanna start with the RP?)
(Have fun!)
(You too!0
(who starts first?)
(You fire ahead!)
*I enter the sex-fighting bedroom with my usual attire: a black dress, black shorts and my iconic bunny ears, preventing my hair to fall on my face. A yellow rose, and now a egg-shaped pin, helps the bunny prop to stay in position.* Hello Morky! Nice to meet you, i'm sure we will have a wooonderful time! *I give you a short bow, with a smile on my face*
*Standing in the room, I am wearing a red and black plaid shirt, black trousers hiding a decent sized package, black shoes and some iron-man socks, cause yes, I am a nerd and I show it somehow. I smile at you, enjoying the view as you enter the room.* Lovely to meet you too Daliah! I am sure you are right, we wouldn't be here otherwise! *I say with a laugh, running a hand through my jet black hair* So, anything I should know before we get started? *I say with a smirk*
Not really, if you treat me like a princess, i will treat you like the handsome man you are!* I blink at you sitting on the bed as my hand approaches your tight, without touching it for now* How will you hunt this cute, wandering bunny prey?
*I smirk at you as you sit down on the bed, feeling your hand approaching me* I don't have to hunt *I say grabbing some rope* I am just going to tie you up and have my way with you *I say with a chuckle*
*I blush a bit, eager to show how much of a good girl i can be under a rope... Maybe i'll be so hot for him while fully imprisoned inside that!* Oh! I love when men acts like that! I'll be your hungry bunny pet for today!
*I chuckle seeing you blush for me, knowing that you are excited to see the rope in my hands. Knowing how much you want to be tied up in it* I am glad you do! I think we will have lots of fun. *I say as I grip your legs, tying them to your upper body and then restraining your arms, hog tying you* looking very good already if I may say so myself
*i let you tie my short, soft body, staring at your eyes with submissive but charming eyes. As you finish with me, i crawl closer to you, with the goal of making you fall on the bed, and pressing my body over yours as i try to break free.* You're an artist, my dear! A hunter must always check how their prey's skin to see if they're good enough to satisfy them!
*As you crawl towards me I smirk, allowing you to push me onto the bed and press your body against mine. I enjoy the feeling of your supple body against mine, grinning up at you.* I learned from the best! And yes, I must check how it tastes too. *I say before leaning in, kissing you deeply, letting my tongue roll around yours*
Mmmmh! *a moan echoes inside our mouthes, your tongue feels divine inside my head and you clearly see a huge smirk painted on my face. I tease you taking the lead inside me, giggling and poking you from time to time*
*I enjoy your moan, seeing the large grin on your face as you laugh and poke at me. I smirk and take the opportunity to grip your dress, pulling it over your head, breaking our kiss for a moment. Then my hand moves to your shorts, gripping the waistband as I pull it down* There, more comfortable I am sure!
You're right! That dress was only made for you to remove it... Maybe you will proceed to reveal more of yourself! *i slide a hand inside your pants, teasing your already hard cock making sure you're all wet and ready to get my body all for you.*
*I groan slightly as I feel your hand moving into my pants, feeling your fingers wrapping around my shaft and stroking it slightly, making it twitch with more desire* Oh, you want to see more? *I say, slowly unbuttoning my shirt* as you wish!
Thank you! *i say this with a teasing tone, placing one hand on your shoulder.* Now, let's see if this handsome guy can also put the pleasure of his mate at the first place... *i gently push you on your knees, guiding you to my panties, eager to test your oral skills*
*I smirk as you push me onto my knees, right in front of your clothed pussy. I allow my tongue to sneak out, parting your panties with my fingers, letting it slide up and down your wet slit* Mmmm, think you should return the favour. *I say standing up, pushing you onto the bed. I unzip my pants, letting my cock spring free from between them, pushing the head towards your lips* That's it, suck my dick. Be the cock-hungry bunny you were born to be!
*those words turn me one even more, and i nod doing what you asked, and what i love to do. my eyes roll up, as now your sex has a small red stain due to my lipstick. I finger myself, making sure my hand becomes soaked in love juices.* You're really doing an amazing job, my man! Wanna see, or taste, the results? *I place the hand on your mouth, letting you eat my fresh wetness*
*I smirk and groan slightly more, enjoying the view of your lips sliding up and down my length, a small red stain left by your amazing lipstick. I smirk as you let me taste your fresh wetness, letting my tongue roll up each finger before sinking down, gripping your panties with my teeth and peeling them off of you* There, much less restrained now!
As you reveal my sweet, bottom lips, i slowly crawl away, opening my legs to let you admire how good you worked me without even having access on every inch of my sweet body.* Hope to make you as much horny as you got me!
*I grin as you turn around, crawling away while opening your legs to reveal your soaking wet womanhood. I love the view, my cock twitching in my pants. I place a hand on your lips, letting my finger swirl around it* Very much so, but these lips have been my favourite so far.
I'm sure the bottom ones will hypnotize you in no time! *i climb over you, sitting on your face and using both of my hands to rub all your body.* Will you accept this bunny's proposal? These dripping lips are waiting for you!* I wiggle my waist, you feel some drops on your face*
*I grunt as you crawl over onto my face, feeling you rubbing your wet slit up and down my mouth and chin, sticking my tongue out to taste your juices as they drip down onto me. I smirk, letting myself succumb for a moment to the desire before grabbing a plug from the bed. I insert it slowly into your ass, a cute little bunnytail now protruding from your pucker* There we go, much more like a bunny now!
Awww! That's so cute! And it fits perfectly inside me! Look at how fluffy it is! *i pose like a bunny, wiggling my ass and rubbing my tail, giving me a bit of pleasure as i do any movements.* Oh, feel free to remove it and put something else! If you want some ideas, i left a mark on it, before!
Don't you worry, there will be plenty of time for that later. For now, I just need a tender moment *I say, capturing your face with my hands, allowing my tongue to slide against your lips teasingly before it invades your mouth, enjoying your taste as I kiss you*
Ohh, i love tender moments... *i let you kiss me as long as you want, passively moaning as you take the lead with your tongue. I rest my body, letting you do your magic*
*As you let me kiss you, I push you down onto your knees, gripping my cock from between my zipper once more, allowing it to smack against your face a few times* Come on Daliah, don't give up that easily!
I don't give up! I will make you completely charmed by me, and then i will give you the pleasure you need! I-i... just love your cock... *i smile at you as you smack me, masturbating myself even more*
Mmmm, well if its pleasure you want....*I say before gripping your legs, spreading them far apart as you lie on the bed. I go between your legs, letting my tongue slide up and down your wet pussy, occasionally flicking against your clit as I try and bring you pleasure*
*i start moaning quite loud, enjoying your cares on my bottom.* Please more... Feed this bunny with your body... Lick and suck... lick and suck... lick... and suck... *i say this with tender and moaning voice*
*As your sultry voice makes me lick you more, licking up and down your pussy, my tongue exploring each fold and crevice, I decide I need to snap out of it. I flip you over, smacking your ass with a smooth motion a few times, leaving some red marks* There, we are even now for the red mark you left me *I say with a laugh*
Love when people paint my ass like that! But i also absolutely adore when i make men paint my face, even when we're still with their clothes on! *i take on your cock, unzipping it and giving you a sloppy, slow and deep blowjob.* Please, my man, let me take care of you!
*I throw my head back and groan as I feel your mouth around my cock, sliding up and down my length, the pleasure amazing* Mmmmmm, I will nut on your face when it is time baby, don't you worry. For now, how about I take even better care of that ass? *I ask as I spit on your pucker, letting a finger slide deeply into it, thrusting it in and out of you as I enjoy the sensations you are giving me*
Aaaaahhhh!!!! T-that's the spot... *i shake a bit, wiggling my booty as you finger my little hole. I squirm all over the bed, managing to get closer to your unzipped cock and pulling down your pants.* N-now i want that cock inside me! Give it to me, pleaseeeee......
*As you remove my pants, I just look at your feet in your high heels, taking a moment to rest as you undress me* Mmmm, all in good time my dear, all in good time
I'm a patient bunny, no worries! But let me put you in a more comfy situation... *i go on my knees, filling your abs with lip-shaped marks, and finally revealing your cock.* OMG, so beautiful... i could play with it for hours!
I am glad to hear you are! *I say with a smirk, sighing in pleasure as you kiss my abs before finally removing my boxers, my cock springing free* There we go, isn't that better? *I say before pushing you onto your back* Now, to give you what you wanted early! *I say before spitting on my cock, lubing it up more with a mixture of our saliva before sliding it into your ass, groaning as I slowly insert myself into you*
YES!!! Finally... Omg it's so huge inside me... *my hole is wide open now, the plug tail won't fit inside me anymore. As you start penetrating my butt, i remove my bra, throwing it at your face and blowing a kiss to you.* You earned this, my man!
*As you remove your bra and throw it at my face, I smirk, still sliding my cock in and out of your rosebud, enjoying the pleasure of it all. I eventually pull out, offering you a taste if you so choose* mmmm, liking that so far?
Mmmh! Lovely! I really want you to feel my lips all around your hard sex... *i push you on the bed, blocking your arms and legs with my body, making sure you cannot escape from my charm.* If you don't want to give me your manhood, i'll extract it by myself, dear! *i ride you, staring with my puppy eyes at you, moaning as you throb inside me*
*i grunt as you push me onto the bed, feeling your body blocking my arms and legs as you line up my cock with your entrance before pushing down, letting me feel your warm cave around my manhood. I groan as the walls slide up and down my length, stimulating the shaft and head* Mmmmm, feels good, but I think this might feel better. *I say as I grip your thighs, picking you up and standing us both up, still impaled inside you, thrusting roughly into you, enjoying the sensations as we fuck hard*
is resisting cumming (23% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Oh fuckk!!!!! Yes yes yessss!!!! *i let you do as you want with me, completely trusting you not to fall. I almost surrender to the pleasure... but after some seconds, i manage to escape your grip, bumping on the bed and positioning myself on my knees.* Y-you're throbbing... That's a perfect moment for me to eat! All our juices made your cock so tasty...
*i begin to suck you with all my energy*
*I throw my head back, groaning loudly as you manage to get off of me and allow my cock to enter your mouth. I can't stop my hips thrusting involuntarily, the pleasure building rapidly for us both. Still, i want to press home my advantage. I pick you back up, spinning you around and begin to thrust into you once more, my hands pinning your arms behind your back as I pound you* Just cum for me, my cock will taste even better than darling
is resisting cumming (44% chance of cum) => Came!
Nghhh!!!! I-it's too soon!!!! I- i wont- *i bend over a little, barely standing up as i slowly lose all my defences... I get over the edge, throwing strong moans, as fluids of juices are now flowing on my legs like a river*
Ngh.... T-that was so... intense... g-give me a second... *i crawl on the other side of the room, fingering myself and trying to clean my bottom lips from our wetness*
*I also need to take a moment, breathing heavily, watching as you vibrate your clit. I stick on some porn on the large tv, hoping that distracts you while I recover*
Y-you have quite a good taste for porn i see! *i remove my shoes, throwing them away and massaging my feet, slowly recollecting myself watching the video, and stealing ideas from them*
*I smirk as I move over to you, pushing you onto your hands and knees, slotting in behind you* Time to get back to the fun *I say as I slide back into you, groaning loudly as I thrust in and out of you rapidly, tying to build your pleasure and need to cum once more*
is resisting cumming (0% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Ngh... *i moan, just enjoying the pleasure and forgetting about the fight for a moment* If this wasn't a fight, i would love to have you taking on me like this... But for now.. *i crawl away, again pushing you on the bed and riding you as i'm fucking your cock for now!* please, give this bunny some delicious cum... fill me!!
oooooooo fuck, that feels amazing! *I groan out, but grit my teeth, trying to hold on*
is resisting cumming (58% chance of cum) => Came!
*Still, I am unable to do so. As you pound me into the bed, the pleasure is amazing, the sensations building. I feel the pleasurable pressure build along my shaft, getting into the point of no return. I push you off but am unable to stop it happening so I allow my cum to plaster your face, groaning loudly as I do so*
*As I recover, I grab you, grabbing the vibe you had used earlier on and applying it to your clit, kissing you deeply as I do so*
Yayyy! A bouncing bunny is quite hard to resist, glad you learned the lesson! Admit it, you liked it soooo much! *i let you relax playing with me, feeling the vibes all around my body*
*I chuckle as you laugh and enjoy it, asking me to admit I enjoyed it* Of course I enjoyed it, enjoyed everything we have done so far. All you need to do is look at my dripping, throbbing cock to know that
Oh, so beautiful... You're dripping so hard! Let me clean you with a zone of my body we haven't explored yet... *i touch your cock with my feet, then i run them all over your body and then face, giggling at your reaction*
*I groan as your soft feet touches my cock, cleaning the precum off before smearing it over my body and face. That incenses me.* No need for that you bunny slut *I say before grabbing you again, pushing you stomach first onto the bed. I begin to thrust in and out of you once more, trying to finish this fight here and now!*
is resisting cumming (6% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Fuuuck!!! It's so good!!! B-but you're still too slow to make me cum already... *i start getting faster, leading the thrusting and wiggling my ass*
*i get faster and faster, twerking with my round booty as i feel you losing your manly grip you had on me.* Please, surrender your cum to this bunny, and fill my hole! If you do that, i will reward you! Just... Be a wise man and make this woman happy!
is resisting cumming (8% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*I groan loudly as you bounce up and down on my cock, twerking your amazing ass, allowing your pussy to swallow my cock over and over* ooooo fuck....not good enough *I grunt out as I manage to take control of the situation, pounding into you as your twerking fails to make me blow*
*Instead, I pull out and flex my cock in front of you, teasing you a little bit*
*i remain still, staring at your cock bouncing and teasing you with my tongue out*
*I smirk as I push my cock back into your pussy from behind* That's a good bunny, just take my cock. You know you love it, you know you love to see how it fucks you so well. You love feeling it deep inside you, using you, working you. Just cum all over my cock like a good little bunny
is resisting cumming (22% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Y-you're right... i love your cock so much... i want it inside me for more time! *i endure the fucking, giving you a lick on your face as a taunt*
I stop your movement preventing you from fucking me as you were doing, or i would cum in a few moments. i sit over you with your cock still inside me, giggling my boobs and fixing my hair*
*I decide to pull you off, going down between your legs and licking your sweet pussy, the taste amazing as I use the chance to recover a little bit of stamina*
*as you lick me, i slide one sneaky hand on your cock, stroking it fast and pulling your head on my lips.* I told you, this bunny is hypnotic!
is resisting cumming (30% chance of cum) => Came!
*I groan loudly as you reach down, not expecting it, the pleasure amazing* OOOOO FUUUUUUCCCCKKKK *I groan out as I explode in your hand, unable to take the assualt*
*as i feel you throbbing as a cumming man can do, the yellow rose inside my hair glows up: a flower smell is all around the room as the flower's magic prevents my hand to slow down.*
Yesss!!!! Good man!!!!
Don't hold back... you did amazing and this is your reward!
A powerful orgasm, all for you <3
(Good game)
(gg to you too! amazing game, can't wait for a rematch in the future, sweetie <3)
(Same! Will be a lot of fun!)
(let's end this here? or you want to write a final reply?)
(i guess not..)
(Sorry! End it here is best haha)
(see you next time <3)

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