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The Beginning of the End

Natal and Peter were last seen going together through a portal, saying they had old business to attend to. Things will never be the same for them, and they know it

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*Natal and Peter step through the other end of the portal. The purple aura around Natal instantly fading to a dark grey. They knew why they were here and it isn't for pleasantries*
*Peter took in a good view of his surroundings before turning to what he did not want to face. The entrance to Alepotrypa, the cave where his long life began. It was discovered and excavated in the Modern Era, but Peter never could bring himself to return to it, until now*
*Natal walks up beside Peter* You are sure about this? Why now?
*Peter looks down at the ground* I have been putting it off for far too long, I'm done waiting.... I have to do this *He steps forward to the entrance, pausing for a moment. Second guessing himself before reaffirming, and walking into the cave*
*Natal puts a shroud over them, making themselves invisible and unheard* Humanity has dug this place up and marveled at it. Little did they know there was something deeper within that held more secrets. Their fault for closing it off to the public *shrugs*
Most likely nobody is here today, but better to be safe than sorry *They walk through the vast cave, the entrance being different than the one Peter used so long ago. They arrived to the ancient city within from a different side. As they walked through the city, Peter kept glancing everywhere. He still remembered what he saw happen, what he heard. His steps faltering occasionally while being swept up in this memory. He fell deathly silent*
*Natal walks on behind him. She never witnessed the collapse of the city, but she knows what happened. She noticed Peter losing himself already, and tried to get him to focus* The scientest attribute the collapse of the cave to be the reason why this city was abandoned. It's the simple and easy answer that "realists" look for, isn't it?
*Peter snaps out of his memories* Yes, that is history for you. It isn't fact, it's a narrative made to curate what the society wants it to be. Often it is settled by those who weren't there. The villain can be marked as the hero, the hero the villain. The truth becomes fantasy or a conspiracy, the lie becomes the truth
*She scoffs, not in disagreement, but in annoyance that Peter is right* People like to live in a world of their own. Where reality is what they say it is, that life is what they want it to be. The irony that they live in a fantasy world themselves, while ridiculing others of doing it
*They make their way to the other side of the city. Peter halted at a certain spot outside it, kneeling to the ground. Then swiping his hand across the ground in front of him. Remembering that woman who died in his arms, and told him to get the weapon he carried with her dying breath* I had no idea what the world was like back then, I thought my previous exploration made me enlightened *He grips the earth, crushing the dirt in his hand* I knew nothing, I had no idea, but I was going to be shown
*Natal walks up to Peter, standing beside him. Uncharacteristically she put a hand on his shoulder, rubbing across his shoulder and neck to comfort him in another trip down memory lane. She said nothing the whole time, what Peter didn't realize while he was distracted by his thoughts and Natal's touch, was the Seal of Solomon was pulled from his backpack. It floated away out of the cave*
Hello dear
*Peter got back up on his feet after a few moments, patting Natal's hand. He appreciated the sentiment, but moved on without a word. They made their way deeper in the cave, until they reached a certain wall. To everyone else, it's just a wall, but to Peter, he remembers what is behind it* Natal, if you would... *steps back away from the wall*
Hiya Hana, how are you doing?
A little sleepy, just passing by u.u
How about you? u.u
Nice seeing you, hope you rest well. Doing good, I was excited to do this finally, and happy doing it
*Natal's hands glowed that dark grey, the wall was carefully torn down. Not to disturb the integrity of the cave as she uncovered the temple* The world that the modern society won't accept, right below their noses
Aw, it's nice to see you too, looks like you're doing something cool u.u
You can say that again~
*Peter walked in, he pulled his batons out, shaping it back into the spear it once was when I pulled it out of this temple. It shined it's white light on it's own as it entered it's former home* I can't blame anyone, I knew it was here, but I wouldn't come back to it until now... *He walked into the temple, up to the altar where the spear once was lodged. He thought about it for a moment, then out of pure nostalgia, he drove the spear back into it's place on the altar. It's light trailed through the ground, and lit up the markings on the wall that couldn't be seen previously. He looked around at them in surprise*
So ominous...
Hiya Maria
Yes, this is my final plot twist 😏
And to be more ominous, the moment I was talking about Hana, this is it~
Ohh I see looks like you've decided? u.u
*Natal followed Peter, then mist over to the walls when they lit up. Following from one end to the other, trying to decipher what it all means. But deep down, she knew what it was going to mean*
No, not THAT part, it's coming. This is just the intro
*Peter joined Natal this time, following along. It would take him longer than Natal to realize what each one meant, but not too long* The creation of this world... the creation of him... the primordials casting him out.... they made a weapon of some sort to counter him, but leaving it to this world to deal with him *sighs* The usual as they do nothing themselves. *Moves on to the next markings* It... was all contained into the spear *He thinks to himself for awhile* I've only used the spear conventionally, this whole time there was something else to it that I knew nothing about... is that why I failed to beat him?
Ah, so somebody knows too~
I told her a little bit about it, but I left out a lot of important stuff of course
Just a little :3
*As Peter walked ahead, the Natal that was with him disappears. By the time he notices she is gone, the cave rumbles from something being done outside the cave*
And here we go~
Hello dear
*In the confusion, Peter didn't know what to do at first, but when the rumbling started he acted. He called the spear back to him and ran back out the way he came from. Making it to the exit in a hurry to see what's going on outside*
Hiya Myra
*The Seal of Solomon is at the center of a ritualistic dark circle. Natal stands by it, casting the spell to it*
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Wrong chat? :P
(*bonks Natal* Doofus)
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*The Seal of Solomon is at the center of a ritualistic dark circle. Natal stands by it, casting the spell to it*
*Peter looks at the ritual being made, noticing quickly that the Seal is at the center of it. He frantically turned to Natal, screaming at her instantly* Natal! What are you doing?!
(*pats your head* I know, you are doing good, don't worry)
*steals lore*
Oooh we can do that? *Grabs some bits of backstory as well*
...I didn't exactly think that through
*Natal doesn't look at Peter, keeping her attention to the ritual* It's like you said Peter, I have something I must do as well
*In desperation, Peter charges to Natal, lunging at her to stop whatever she is doing. As he is about to reach her, the ritual circle bursts, sending both Peter and Natal back away from it*
Alright now I messed up by not having this ready, give me a minute
*bonks Peter* Doofus~
*Patiently waits for them to bonk each other unconscious so she can steal all the goodies*
[*The Seal of Solomon shines brightly trying to fight back against it's prisoners' attempt to break free. Woth the combined might of them and Natal's ritual, it fails. The light dies out, it shakes, cracks forming all around the seal. As the cracks grow larger dark clouds form overhead, growing constantly until it covers the whole Earth from the Moon and the Sun. The Seal breaks in sections, black spectral forms are flying out of the Seal. Finally, the Seal shatters, a tornado of specters flying out of it. Breaking off from each other and spreading across the land like the clouds did. As the tornado of dark souls grows thin, a black figure is forming from the center. At first it was only a black silhouette that can be seen, then his true appearance formed in it. The fiery light igniting over his body, he looks down at himself. Both inspecting his body, and flexing out it's new found freedom. He looked at Peter with a truimphant grin* "Feels good to have a physical form again. So what welcoming party to you got for me, my child~"]
That link is the theme song, by the way people
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/switch 1590450 1589284
*The entity that cursed Peter, walks the earth again*
*Peter froze at the sight of Daimōn, fear sweeping over him completely. His body was shaking, his thoughts telling him this was a nightmare, this couldn't be real*
*He walks out of the fading circle towards Peter. The smile not leaving his face* Aren't you happy to see me? Isn't this better than having me inside your head the whole time?
*Peter's shaking fear was slowly turning to rage. Uncontrollable rage, his body ignited fiery in the same way as Daimōn*
/switch 1437701 1452977
*Peter charged at Daimōn, spear in hand. With a fury he kept swinging it and thrusting it. The flames growing brighter and hotter with each second as the rage takes over him more*
*He only laughed as Peter attacked him. Dodging most attempts, and not even flinching to the attacks that make a mark. With each attack that lands on him, his flames grow brighter as well* Just like old times isn't it, my child?
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*Peter gives an angry grunt in response to Daimōn. He jumped up at the tall figure in front of him, in Daimōn's carelessness, Peter drives the spear into his chest*
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*Is furiously trying to sketch a chart with notes at all the changes*
*That strike catches him off gaurd and he stumbles back after pushing Peter away. He painfully pulls the spear out of his chest. His fires blazing now as he turns to Peter* Not bad, you always had fight in you *A new ritual circle appears behind Peter, Natal's second spell. He charges at Peter himself, going hand to hand with him. He catches Peter by the throat, lifting him up and chokeslamming him into the circle. The ritual binds Peter instantly, he stomps down on Peter. Knocking the flames right out of him*
/switch 1452977 1437701
/switch 1437701 1437701
/switch 1452977 1437701
*The anger was replaced by the pain and shock, not understanding what is happening as Peter is bound to the circle. He looks over at Natal, who only watches, not saying a word as she keeps the spell up*
*He places his hand on Peter's head, blocking his view of everything* I told you that you would finish what I started, my child. All those years of fighting, all those abilities you aqcuired, you did it for me. They are mine now *He rips open the ward Peter uses to guard his essence, forcfully draining it out of his body rapidly*
*Peter screamed out in agony as he felt his essence being ripped out of him, stronger than it ever had before. It didn't take long before he didn't have the strength to make any sound, he fell limp as Daimōn took what he wanted. Eventually, going cold and lifeless*
*He filled himself with the powers Peter had gained over the space of 15,000 years. Making them his own now. He stopped the draining, then turned to patting Peter's head* You were always a means to an end to me
/switch 1437701 1441935
*The circle subsided, Natal's usual color to her magic and aura being restored. She watches for a bit longer*
*He let's go of Peter and stands up. Still looking down at him* Damn it, I was never supposed to get attached to you, my child. You gathered strength for me, I take it from you, that was the plan... *He paces back and forth in front of Peter's body* But then you fought me, you captured me. That feeling of being proud parents get for their kids? I ACTUALLY FELT THAT FOR YOU! *He grabs Peter's shoulders and shakes his lifeless body with that statement. Taking a deep breath, he carfully set Peter back down* Then I was in your head for 1500 years, we felt things together, shared thoughts, even found common ground... *He shakes his head, trying to ignore the memories now* Doesn't matter, in the end I have now given you what you always wanted... an end to your suffering, the eternal sleep... *He turned his back to Peter, walking a short distance away to collect himself*
*When Daimōn walks away, Natal approaches the body of Peter herself. She kneels down to him, propping his head up on her lap* Peter... Baldur... you went by so many names, lived so long. We had a long road together didn't we? *She looks over at Daimōn, stroking Peter's hair* You weren't supposed to go on for this long, but you were too much of a fighter. *Looks back down to Peter* I'm.... sorry that you got caught up in this fight for so long. I dragged you all over the place for this. You once wanted me to leave you to die, and now I'm granting that wish. *She kisses Peter's forehead, then lays him back on the ground, standing back up* You desired Death's Kiss, and now you have it. Now it is time to take what I desire *She walks over to Daimōn, opening a portal for them to leave. Leaving behind the fallen adventurer*
Any survivors over here?
That will be all for now folks. To be continued~

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