Felicia - The Slutty Black Cat πŸ’‹ VS Officer poc : History listed publicly (55 turns)

🦜 ❀️ πŸˆβ€β¬› : Officer Poc gets a little visit from the Black Cat πŸ’‹β€οΈ

(Warning, no plot, kinky material, sexual language and a complete broken RNG, for a change ...)

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Mmmmm ... finally ... Sorry I kept you waiting for so long πŸ’‹
I can agree with this.
*Grabs your hair and throws you against the wall.* That wasn't a request anyway ...
So ... Where does my sweet babe want to start ? πŸ’‹
ay! *thrown against the wall with your crotch dry humping my ass before take the initiative by turning over and hurriedly removing some of your unnecessary attire*
I'm thinking we start with me on top and finish with you in cuffs.
Awww ... so rude ... *Slaps your face before grabbing the collar I made specially for you from my belt and snapping it on your neck ...* Way ... better .... ❀️
*startled flustering expression as that collars locks around my neck.* I shouldn't feel surprised and yet I still do.
redrew a set of actions
*scooting a few feet away I jump up onto a table, legs spread wide to expose my crotch were a hand slowly trails over it in ever growing smaller circles*
Come closer felicia, show me your bite after all these months.
Mmmm ... *Bites my lips as I want you ... walking to you and kissing you while I pull your pants down sensually ... my hands gliding on your thighs ... kneeling between your legs, I kiss your thighs and bite your thigh just near your crotch ..* Mmeeeooww ... So tasty ...
*the tip of a boot taps you on the head as I lay back and simply allow you to carty on with kissing and teasing. A smile on the face as I even ruffle up your hair* that's a good kitty, stay there and I'll even leash you before taking you in.
redrew a set of actions
Raawwrrr really ?! Awww you are so fucking sweet! *Slapping your clit hard, I dive on it, sucking it eagerly as my fingers stretch slowly your wet slit, one slowly rubbing deeper and deeper before fully entering inside ...* Mmmm you taste so fucking good ... Mmmm don't melt too soo Baby ...
*a hand grabs you by the back of the head, it forces your head right against my ever wetting sex, it grinds you against it as my boot covered feet ever so skillfully tug down your useless pants from around your waist*
Oh dear I would never in a million years melt so quickly jsst because a hottie like you licked me on the xlit and fingered me in the pussy.
*I keep lapping on your clit, pulling my pants totally off before arching my ass up and twerking it sideways while I keep moaning like a horny slut in your crotch ..* Mmmahhh fuuckkk yeessss ! Ohhh you taste so good ! Mmm you like that big ass ? Mmm good ... Wonder how good you take hands in your ass ...
Pfftt that's a question for your dreams. *boots press against youtr chest were they shove you away, I jump off from the table and join you so soon. Lips wrap around one of your perky nipples, slowly sucking and kissing it as the tongue slathers over it in greedy fashion while a gloved hand takes it's time with slowly stroking your cock with deep long strokes*
Now let's get you focused on the more important task of getting fucked like a good bitch kitty in heat.
Awwww mmmm yeesss ... worship me ... so nice ... mmm wish everyone had your tastes in clothing .. *I grab your head and smother you against boob while my other hand slides between your legs, rubbing your wet pussy, focusing on your clit with faster circles ...* Mmmm I would love that Baby ... But first .. you have to moan for your Miss ... Mmm I want you all needy for my cock and my attention ! ❀️
mmmhh.. If only the world did agree with proper fashion. I'm not looking to being a needy cockslut though black cat so I'm gonna have to decline. *lips move onto the next untreated deprived nipple, the hand around your cock fixates on the head were it's fabric touch tingles it's sensitive nerves as groans and gasps are muffled.*
*the one hand left remove my vest and apparel to expose pale soft handsized tits with hard perked up nipples*
Mmffhh ... fuuck .. s-slower .. on the head .. ahhhh .... *Suddenly, my hand tightens in your hair and yank you back, throwing you on the ground as I jump on you, choking you with my legs as I tie your hands to the bed pole before moving down and pushing two fingers back inside you pussy, my hard cock rubbing on your nipples ...* Mmmmmm ... You were getting a little too rough Sweetie ... Now I'm going to play with you ... Make you moan ... and beg πŸ’‹
And I'm still being nice, for you, it's "Miss Felicia" ... for now ...
** Officer poc rolled 1d6: 3! **
eeep! *thrown to the ground, choked out by legs as a distraction while hands are tied to the foot of the bed pole. Helpless as two fingers plunge into my pussy, dragging out with them a gasp whimper as I squirm and shuffle*
fuuck.. not so sure about that fel unless you ask nicely for it to appear on your file.
Awwww ... You need something more convincing huh ? *Grabbing your legs, I flip you on your belly, your hands still tied on the pole and pull your hips up, my tongue going straight for your ass while two fingers dive deep in your needy pussy.* Mmmmm ... how does that tongue feel Slut ... mmm *Slowly pushing against your rim ..* Mmm Miss ... Felicia ... Say it ... before I get mean with you ...
** Officer poc rolled 1d6: 2! **
*lip biting moans pairing up with fluttery coaxed whimpers that just can't be helped. Legs squirm against your grip as they uselessly kick about. *ooooh~christ.. miss.. Felicia. Aaahh fuck that's the spot.. Mmmhhh
(how much did you bribe rng;P)
Mmmmm yeesss say it again baby ... louder ... I love hearing it ... *I move higher, kissing your lower back and caressing all inner thighs, slowly working a trail to your neck, giving you all my attention ...* Mmmmm yeesss you are so good, I love to hear you moan Baby ...
(Oh just twerked a little for it ;) )
** Officer poc rolled 1d6: 6! **
(should have twerked a second longer~)
*shivers that can be watched erupt over my lower back as tingles shoot up the spine. When your tongue reaches the neck there's an embarrassing blushing squeak that turns to a chuckle as I lunge at you, the ziptie having broken from the friction of flipping me over. Reaching out to my bag I pull out this girthy thick strap which I prep with lube before forcing you onto knees and half bent over the bed, it's tip coaxing your hole with slow teasing presses*
*griped by the hair I'm whispering filthy little nothings into your ear that would make even a whore blush as with a single thrust of my hips I force it into your ass were I start with hard deep thrusts that reach and press against your walls*
Awww ... what is it .. don't want -mmm you brought some to- MMMWAAAHHHHH OHHH GOD !!! *I scream in delight as you push impale me with your strap, my mind turning all needy for more as I hear your sweet words!* MMMM FUUCK YEESS OH GOD ! *I throw a hand back, gripping your collar and pulling you against my back!* OH yeesss fuck me Baby ! Hard !! Yeeeesssss !!
*tugged on by the pull of my collar, I go quiet as I fixate my mind into perfecting the art of just fucking you into a mushy puddle who's sole activity is to just drip and moan over and over. The slapping of skin against skin is the second only nosie from the moaning by you and creaking of the bed from the force*
MMmwaaahhhh fuuckkk ... oh god ... d-do you have .. a thicker ... strap ... ? *Suddenly, I slam my ass back into you, just enough to escape you and come back on you, one hand forcing it's way in your mouth while the other rubs on your clit, under the harness ... I look deep in your eyes, biting my lips ..* I didn't hear "Miss Felicia ..." Mmmm I gave you my asshole bitch ... and that's how you thank me ? *I pull my sloppy fingers and slap your face ..* Anything to say before I get angry with you ?!
Your a really good fuck felicia, definitely should keep you plugged for your stay with a vibrating anal plug*a smirking expression as I go down and wrap my lips over the head of that fat hard cock, suckling it with light bobbing movement going down and up its length.
Mmmm with pleasure honey ... *Grabbing your hair, I shove all my length down your throat, biting my lips ..* Mmmm fuck yeess ....
*shoved into my throat I gag and sputter but carry on with endless determination to see it through. Hands fumble about looking for a toy before grabbing the dildo from before and fucking my ass as I deep throat your cock*
Mmmmm awwww so needyy ! *I grab your hair and throw you on your belly, pulling out your dildo and sliding myself in you ...* Mmmmm fuuckk .... *I pull on your collar, slowly fucking you from behind ..* Why use a toy when you have me bitch ?!
*a hearty groan as my head leans back while I pull you in for a deep dominating kiss as I try to wrap a blindfold over your eyes as my ass and hips bounce eagerly back against your every single thrust with a shake and jiggle of my cheeks*
Nnnnhhh s-so you do.. Wanna.. Be fucked li~nnghhhhh.. fuck~fuck~fuck.
Awwww oh no, not with me ! *I grab the blindfold with my teeth, grabbing your dildo and stuff it in your mouth while I fuck you back slowly ...* Mmmmmmm ... *My moans and groans are the only answer ...*
mmhhpp! *sputtering around that fake dick, saliva dripping out as I still keep my attention on fucking your cock*
Mmmm fuuckkk ... *I spit out the blindfold ... Feeling myself get closer and closer ... Pulling out the dildo from your mouth, I grab you in my arms and flip you on top, my hand only holding your collar while the other pinches your nipples, encouraging you to ride me harder.* Mmmm fuckk you wanted to be on top huh Baby ?!?! Mmmm now ride that cock, show me how needy you are and I may give you my load to gulp down !!
*arms kept by my side. Hips moving up and down as my ass jiggles with every bouncing riding thrust, the walls clenching over your hard cock from purr arousal for more. Face skewered in pleasure as I fixate on soley this one task*
Mmmm fuuckkk ... *Suddenly I push you away, almost edging as I got too close ...* Mmmmm oh god ... Mmmm guess you are a real buttslut for taking this for so long ...
Mmmhh fuck me, did you get taken by surprise even?
Because I'm not done with you.
*straddling you on the lap, pussy lips glistening your cock in wetness as I plunge it in, your hands held above the head. It's a slow enticing ride as I keep a cocky eyed smirk *
Are you tired 'miss felicia', did you get worn out soo soo by me? Because you may have to just swallow your pride and keep going because I'm really not finished with you.
Mmmmm ohh god ... I-I ... mmmmm ohhh yesss ... *I lean, trying to breathe deeply as I keep my eyes fixed in yours, feeling my orgasm slowly build up ...* Mffhf yeesss your ass is so fucking good Baby ... mmmm don't stop ... keep riding my cock Slutty Officer ! Mmmm show me what they teach you at this whore academy !! OHhhhh fuuckkk yeessss harder BABY HARDER !! ❀️ *I throw my head back, screaming and moaning hard, my tongue out as I love the feeling of losing control ...*
Such a dirty fucking whorish mouth you have fel, it could make even a slutty whore blush like a virgin. *your unique form of begging for more is happily accepted and I speed right up, your cock is buried deep down to the base inside my pussy, it's stuffing me full and only happily being fucked even further*
Mfffhhhh .... t-thank you ... Mmmffhhh ... Baby ... Can I lick my cum out of your holes after ? πŸ’‹
Of course... Oooohh may miss felicia..
*Giving you a hard hip thrust, I suddenly pinch your nipples hard and make you fell on the side, jumping between your legs and hungrily assaulting your clit and lapping on your juices!* MMMMM FUUCKK !! YOU TASTE SO FUCKING GOOD !! Mfffhhhf ... Ahhh s-sooorryyy ! I just wanted to taste your fucking juicesss mmmmhhhh I'm getting fucking drruunkk ! πŸ’‹ Don't fucking cum yet baby !! Hold it !!
is resisting cumming (74% chance of cum) => Came!
*My hands slide up to grab your nipples, rolling them in my fingers, making sure you don't escape ..:* Mmmffhhf fuuckk yeesss ... mmmffhhh make me your fucking throne later Baby !!
*gasping in mewsls as I bite at the back of my hand desperately trying to hold on and resist your tongue oral fucking my pussy. The pathetic bodily shivering and shaking as legs spread wide try to keep spread*
Ff-fuck! Fucking wreck you... Ffuuck...
Mmmfffhhhh fuuckk you bitch !! HOLD IT ! FUCKING HOLD IT !! *I bite your clit as I feel your legs start to shake but it's too late and I keep sucking you throat your orgasm, my arms wrapped on your thighs to hold you.* MMMFFHHHHFHHHHHHH !!! ❀️
Sh-shit! *it can't be helped as an orgasm is just too worked up to be resisted this late. It shoots out my nerves in a bliss of orgasmic pleasure while my pussy squirts out fat droplets of slick arousal*
Mmmfffhhhh fuck ... You bitch ... Disobeyed me ... I'm not stopping now! *My arms stay wrapped on your thighs as I keep tonguing your pussy and sucking on your clit, moaning like a needy whore, swallowing every drop of your juices, trying to overstimulate you as much as I can!* Mmfffhhhhfhhhhh ! ohhhh god, you are leaking so fucking muucchhh !! Mmfffhhhhfhhhh !! *My mouth even moves down to your asshole, eating it like a maniac, fucking it with my tongue ...* ❀️
is resisting cumming (2% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*eyes roll in their sockets from overstimulating pleasure that's tingling my nerves all over. Thighs shuddering out of the desperation to close, toes flexing and spreading while I stay stuck beneath you*
*it takes a while to move but eventually I can squirm out from beneath and stand on shuddering legs. I bend over to get my strap, it's harness over my waist as I pluck you back onto the bed, force you into a mating press and pound your tender needy hole while your raptured into a dominating kiss that I refuse to let you leave*
(i have my moments)
is resisting cumming (75% chance of cum) => Resisted!
MMmmmmm FUUCKKK YEESSSS !!!! *I moan like a whore in your mouth before throwing my head back, screaming in pure pleasure!* Good girl, fuck meeeeee !! *I wrap my legs in thigh-high boots around your waist, taking your full length in my ass...* MMMM FUUCKKK YEESSS !! Ohhh god ! Yeeesss fuck me fuuuckkk meee OFFICER !! *I lick my lips, my eyes shining with lust and madness!* FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE YEESSS !!! ❀️❀️
Awwwww if I b-become t-the Police kitty d-do I geeet fuckkked like thiiis everryyy dddaayyyy ??!! OHHHH Mmmmm !!
aaww of course you do, your gonna be my stress relief toy and you'll be getting a proper good fucking like this everyday. *mouth ravages your neck were hickeys are bitten and sucked in so many spaces that you wouldn't be able to hide them all. Tirelessly I keep fucking that hole without a break as sweat starts to trail over streaking patches over my thighs, chest and head*
Awwwwwww fuuuckkkk yeeesssss !!! Mmmmmm so glad you came for me ! *As you head is so close, I hold you against me, biting your ear savagely and making us roll on the side, your strap popping out as I lie on your body, whispering in your ear and rubbing your needy clit under the harness ...* Mmmmmm fuuckkkk ... d-do you also do g-gangbangs ... mmmffhhhh you are soo good at this ... If the others too ... Mmffhhh ahhhh fuuckkk I'm going to just cum thinking about it !!
*i smirk and nod as an answer, subtly putting a vibe cockring around the base of your dick~it's joined shortly by me plopping myself back on it and riding it to a waiting anticaped climax that you wouldn't be able to resist after so long*
is resisting cumming (94% chance of cum) => Resisted!
MMMMMM FUUCKKK YEESSSS !!!! OHHHH GOD !!! *I just scream in delight, the vibe alone making my arch my back in pleasure, your sweet pussy swallowing my cock in a hot and wet heaven!* OHHH GOD FUCK ME FUCK MEEEEE !!!!!!!! ❀️❀️
*fingers pluck and squeeze my tits and nipples for your enjoyment, and I even smack and grope those small tight cheeks of my ass for squeak slutty whimpers.*
*Drools start to leak from my open mouth, my tongue out in a fucked up ahegao face as I'm just feeling like a toy for you, lost in pleasure ...* OHHh yeeesss yeessss yeessss don't stoooooop Babyyyyy ! Hurt me ! PLEASE ME FUCK ME ! ANYYYYTHHHIIINGGG OHH YEESSS SO CLOSE !
(Okay I lied .. I didn't miss the RNG's birthday .. that's why .. πŸ˜‚)
*clicking on a black lead to my collar, I hold it between my teeth as I put those hands behind my back. Renewed smirking joy as your cock gets ridden for the greatest time in your life as I don't put in any half ass work*
(damm.. Didn't know it had a birthday and now it decides to take it's revenge)
*As I rarely got to ride the edge so long, all reason leaves my mind as I only feel the need to pound you, drill your pussy and forget about everything else, my orgasm slowly rising like a volcano, ready to errupt at any second as I grab your hair and throat, pinning you down and fucking you mindlessly, forgetting everything else!* MMHH OH MY GOD OHH FUCKK YEESS YEESSS I WANT TO CUM !! FUCK I WANT TO FILL THAT PUSSYY OHHH GOD OFFICER !!!! YEESSSS TAKE MY FUCKING LOAD IN YOOOUUUUU !!!!!! AHHHHHH GOD !!! *I don't even give a thought about you at this point ...* πŸ’‹β€οΈβ€οΈ
is resisting cumming (34% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*legs wrap around your waist trapping you in as I moan unashamedly at this point, knowing that you'll burst into a fire of bliss that I have dragged you into*
Cum for me fel, cum fucking deep inside me. Don't pull out. Just fucking cum In me.
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
OHHHHH FUUCKKK YEESSS YEEESSSS !!!!! *I lose all control, shooting deep inside you, feeling you to the point of loosing my mind as my whole body tenses and finally gives up* OHHHHH GOD YEEESSSS CUUUUMMMIINNNNGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!
*I fell on you, blabbering and panting hard, cum leaking out of your pussy ...* mfffhhh ohh fuckk god t-thank you ohhh yeess bitch mmm you love thhatta ahhh yeess mmm you soo good ahhhh my god Pocc ... mmahhh yeess e-eeverydaaay ...
*satisfied groan as I feel the warm goey cum oozing out in thick long strands that fill and stuff my pussy*
This really has gotten so passionate and energetic huh.
*Reality slowly comes back after a few seconds and I crawl up on you, kissing you passionately, getting all sloppy with you ...* Mmmmm ... Some people call me maniac ... Others ... They call me Goddess. *Not waiting for you to answer, I jump on your face, smothering you under my ass ...* Mmmmm baby ... It's been so long I haven't cum like this ... I can't let you walk out without losing your mind too ! *A sharp slap on your clit shuts up your protesting moans and I move down to sit on your throat, pinning you down as I pull out cuffs and bind your legs ... The vibe comes right after this ... teasing your clit while I take care of your nipples ...*
Mmfh ... God, I wish I could let you drain me again .. but I'm not even sure you left anything in me .. πŸ’‹β€οΈ
is resisting cumming (63% chance of cum) => Came!
*muffled moans squeal from beneath your ass as I'm trapped against a unavoidable vibe pressing against the defenceless clit. Beneath you I break with a second orgasm flooding the nerves and and screaming out a yell moan*
Mmmmm yeeesss that's it ... good girl deserves rewards ... mmmm fuuckkk yeesss yeessss cum for meeeeee AHHHH YEESSS !! ❀️❀️❀️
*I slowly move away from you ... Kissing your face ...*
Mmmmm you did good ... I love when you lose your mind like this ...
*shaking and shuddering to escape the binds and vibe, moans a pitch whimpering mess.*
Ffffucking christ! Nnnnnghhh! aahahh god!
Mmmmm I just don't know what to give you now ... *I wrap my legs on yours, rubbing my body on your as my hand tease you ... The vibe still on your clit ...*
What ... do you ... want ... to beg ... from your Mistress Felicia ? πŸ’‹
A collar ? ... A mark ? ... Maybe IRL orgasm ? ... Tell me baby ...
(fucking hot)
(What ? In your room ?)
(this match is fucking hot;p)
Aw. Bad answer. *I sit on your chest and cuff your arms up before leaning on your face, spitting right in your mouth.* You bitch don't even have the minimum respect for me !!! *A sharp slap hits your cheek as I move down between your legs, grabbing one used dildo and shoving it in your pussy, the vibe back on your clit!!!*
(Ohhhh ... I'm not done, bitch.)
*I fuck your pussy hard with the dildo, not caring if I hurt you or not, the vibe crushed on your clit as you can only moan and scream!*
*sensitive pussy trembles as a third orgasm crashes a overstimulated body and mind, aching hurting pleasure shudders every inch of me, words are fumbling moans dragged helplessly out* YOU ARE!
Aww ... *I remove the vibe and dildo ... but soon you feel the wand's head press against your ass .. slowly pushing it ... turned on ...* Say it ... all .. together ... Bitch.
Who ... is ... your ... Mistress ... ? *I keep pushing, your juices more than enough to lube all your crotch as the vibe enters your ass progressively, two fingers still rubbing on your aching clit ...*
You.. Nnnnnghhh.. M-mistress's... Are... Mmmmghhhh... *voice crys out as legs and thighs tremble as if escape from all this overstimulation is still possible. Poor tender clit still being rubbed spasms my eyes into rolling around their sockets*
MMMM FUUCKK YEESSS !! *I manage to stretch you enough as the vibe almost enters your ass but I pull out at the last moment ...* Mmmmm good girl πŸ’‹
*I crawl on your exhausted body ... kissing you deeply ...* Mmmmm good girl πŸ’‹ I love your taste ... and your moans ...
Nnnnnnnnghhhb... Fuck...
*I uncuff you and take a picture of your broken body on the bed with the toys around ...* Mmmm wonder if Alicia will like this ...
Next time, if you are a bit less bratty, I will shove whatever you want in your holes Babe 😘
So ... now ... Would you like to make this public so everyone can see how competent the EF Police is ? 🀭 Looks like a good punishment for losing this ...
*exhausted I just nod my head as an answer for yes*
Uhh sure?
*a flick to the head of your cock*
*Another slap hits your face before I grab your hair and drag you out of the bed, making you crawl until throwing you against the window, three fingers sliding back in your pussy from behind!!* Anything ... you want to fucking discuss now BITCH ?!?!
aaaargghh! *arched against the window, tits pressed up against it, head leaning mushed against it on the side as hands press against it.*n-no! Nothing to say!
*I keep fingering you hard from behind, crushing your face against the window!!* So ! Ready to fucking put this game in public logs BITCH ?! Or should I shove the vibe up your ass !!?!!? *My thumb slides in your asshole ...*
(Don't want to force it, just a proposition 😊 I like chocolate cakes too otherwise)
(i prefer a minty carrot cake over a chocolate one:p)
(Damn, you will end up with three vibes stuffed in each holes with nipples clamps one day πŸ˜‚ Tho I've never tasted that flavour ..)
(why such a response for such a delicious meal!? You don't see me mating press you till the bed is break next morning because you like bacon and eggs with black pepper;p)
(Because you haven't answered my punishment offer xD After this, I should be the one making you breakfast tho)
(my answer is that I shall make this public. Although there's no need for breakfast or I'll just sit on you if you try)
(maybe even forcibly latexify you in a full body suit~)
(Good. Hey, I would love to be your throne Baby 😘 But after the pancakes okay ?)
(I'm already wearing a full catsuit, not enough ?)
(I'm not talking a catsuit, I'm talking a full body coverage, from the head to the toes😁)
(Mmmm I have to say I prefer this on others 🀭 Can be quite kinky)
(Now if you want to get just fucked by a full black latex domina, that's also possible but it will be quite one-sided, not sure if I can stop before you cum 3-4-5 times)
(im willing to take that risk!)
(XD You kinky little bratty fucktoy πŸ’‹)
(i own two pairs of a fully bodysuit of latex and I would be ready!)
(Wear them and I'm coming with burgers)
(Otherwise .. will try to find that carrot mint thingy cake)
(chicken fillet burgers or a KFC?)
(Homemade burgers. Come on, if you are bringing full bodysuits, I can at least make you a nice burger)
(how far would you go with that? Are you making the dough or buying factory buns?;P)
(You are making the buns Poc ! XD)
(i already have buns~)
(Time for me to go, have a meeting later and I can't just present your body tied up with a vibe stuck in your ass)
(then off I go back to the station in latex:p)
(enjoy your meeting and may it be absolutely not extended😁)
(hehe 😘 Thanks for the game Poc)
(your welcome my dear and a have a good day, thank you for such a Erotica match.)
(Yaaayyy ... Will see ;) Hehe :D Take care Sweetie ! πŸ’‹)

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